The Florida Review 2019 Editors’ Awards Winners & Finalists

The latest issue of The Florida Review includes the writers who placed in the 2019 Editors’ Awards. There are plenty to sink your teeth into.

“Skin the Bunny” by Kirk Wilson
“To Trace the Sky” by Cherie Nelson

“Father-Son & Holy” by Aurielle Marie
“Bridal Suite” by Joanne Dominique Dwyer
“Culture Shock” & “The Cycle” by Lani Yu

“In Loco Parentis” by Eleanor Bluestein
“Americana” by Jennifer Buentello
“All the Guessing Gets Us” by George Looney

“Bedweather” by Angelo R. Lacuesta & Roy Allen Martinez
from “My father is housed inside a whale” by My Tran

There’s even more to check out within this issue, so be sure to grab a copy for yourself.

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