Magazine Stand :: The Courtship of Winds – Winter 2022

The Courtship of the Winds online literary magazine cover image

There’s still a little winter left before we turn the corner, plenty of time to catch up on the newest issue of The Courtship of the Winds online literary and art journal. New to the staff with this installment are drama editors Bill and Judy Plott. This issue is packed with poetry by Margaret B. Ingraham, Lowell Jaeger, Ken Poyner, Joseph Hardy, Hannah Jane Weber, Gordon Kippola, J. Tarwood, Sam Ambler, Gail Nielsen, DS Maolalai, Eleanore Lee, Charles Elin, Esme DeVault, Don Thompson, Jay Carson, J. R. Forman, Frederick Pollack, Alise Versella, Stephen Mead, Doug Van Hooser, and Murray Silverstein; essays by Robert F. Harris, Madhurika Sankar, Fabrizia Faustinella, David Sapp; fiction by Christie Cochrell, Benjamin Harnett, Tom Eubanks, Anne Michaud, Alex Clermont, Rin Kelly, William Hayward, David Obuchowski, Catherine Parilla, P. C. Allan, Geoffrey Heptonstall; Drama by David Brendan Hopes and Judy Klass; and artworks in concrete [including cover image] by Mario Loprete.

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