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Magazine Stand :: The Iowa Review – Spring 2022

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The newest issue of The Iowa Review (Spring 2022) includes a Portfolio on Poetic Black Resiliency. In the Introductory Notes (which can be read in full online here), the editors write to answer the question, Why resiliency?

First, resiliency goes beyond these repeated moments that speak to Black advocacy for justice and reiterates the continued insistence to continue, first (this has not always been a given, unfortunately). Resiliency also persists in making this world better as we are determined to thrive. This selection of poems goes beyond a buttoned-up stoicism and presents a diversity of emotions and approaches to methods of living, resiliency, and resolve. I have been astounded by the breadth of ideas, breath through the lines, and depth of emotion by the poets kind enough to contribute, some of whom are long overdue for their debut in TIR. The introspection and circumspection in this section spans a range of feelings: from the very personal to the sweepingly political reality of African-American lives over the last four hundred years.

A Portfolio on Poetic Black Resiliency features works by Tracie Morris, Joanne V. Gabbin, Lois Elaine Griffith, Yona Harvey, Nathaniel Mackey, Shelagh Wilson Patterson, Douglas Kearney, Steve Cannon, Harryette Mullen, Asiya Wadud, Janice A. Lowe, Yolanda Wisher, Delali Ayivor, Duriel E. Harris, Terrance Hayes, Jo Stewart, and Tracie Morris. Also featured in this issue is Poetry by Maria Zoccola, Brian Simoneau, Sara Elkamel, Susan Leslie Moore, Mariano Zaro, translated by Blas Falconer, Alice Turski, Jared Joseph, Kevin Norwood, Daniel Barnum, and Colin Kostelecky; Nonfiction by Steffan Triplett, Liza Cochran, and Julia LoFaso; Fiction by Dessa, Danica Li, Aleyna Rentz, Marian Crotty, Su Tong, translated by Ting Wang, Daisy Hernández, Kirsten Vail Aguilar, and Jackson Saul; and Artwork by Tim Fielder.

The Iowa Review – 51/1

In this issue: a shrinking house, winter ticks, COVID, Burning Man, Alexander Pope, crisis, spies, a plane crash, wars, Sandy Koufax, and more. Poetry by Stella Wong, Gilad Jaffe, Camille Guthrie, Maxine Scates, Steffi Drewes, and more; and nonfiction by Carol Guess & Rochelle Hurt, Ellis Scott, Greg Wrenn, Amy V. Blakemore, and Andrea Truppin. Find fiction contributors at The Iowa Review website.

Lynne Nugent Named Editor of The Iowa Review

picture of a woman with short hair and glasses, smilingOn July 27, it was officially announced that Lynne Nugent will be officially taking over the editorship of literary magazine The Iowa Review. Nugent is the seventh editor in the journal’s half-century history and is the first nonwhite person to hold this position.

Nugent was the acting editor for the past year before being officially moved into the position. Katie Berta will now be taking Nugent’s vacated managing editor position.

The Iowa Review produces issues three times a year and has been in continuous publication since1970. Don’t forget to support the journal by subscribing or purchasing single issues.

The Iowa Review’s Veteran’s Writing Gallery

Literary magazine The Iowa Review, whose Fall 2020 issue was released last month after unexpected delays due to the pandemic, offers a web-home for veterans’ writing as well as resources for veteran writers with their Veteran’s Writing Gallery. In it they feature all work in its entirety by veteran writers who were published in the Spring 2013 and Spring 2015 issues.

Screenshot of The Iowa Review's Veteran's Writing Gallery

They also offer a biennial writing contest for veterans, the Jeff Sharlet Memorial Award for Veterans. The winners and runner-ups of the 2020 contest will be published in the Spring 2021 issue. First place was James Janko’s “Fallujah in a Mirror”; second place was Jerri Bell’s “He Said, She Said”; and runners-up were Erik Cederblom, Ashley Hand, and Brian Kerg. Their next contest is slated for a May 2022 deadline.

If you are a veteran writer, do check out their resources page which offers a guide to publishing venues, workshops and classes, and writing contests devoted to veterans and active duty military and reservists.

The Iowa Review – Winter 2019

Iowa Review - Winter 2019/2020

The latest issue of The Iowa Review is out. In this issue: toes, 362.28 in the card catalog, a portfolio of fantastical and surreal writing and artwork, a tenure review gone awry, and the winners of the 2019 Iowa Review Awards. Contributors include Julie Gray, Derby Maxwell, Elizabeth Dodd, Andes Hruby, and Laura Crossett in nonfiction; Joyelle McSweeney, Brian Sneeden, Philip Metres, Maggie Millner, and Stephanie Ellis Schlaifer in poetry; and Chloe Wilson, Sherry Kramer, Terrence Holt, Analia Villagra, and Bruce Holbert in fiction.