Magazine Stand :: Superpresent – Summer 2022

Superpresent magazine of the arts Summer 2022 issue cover image

Superpresent magazine of the arts Summer 2022 issue is themed “Signs and Symbols,” and the editors comment that “works selected seem both grounded and abstract. Some of the works are mysterious and some surprisingly direct.” Most assuredly, there is a lot to choose from to enjoy, with works from over fifty contributors – prose, poetry, art – and the ever-cool film section with links/QR codes to a unique selection of short art films. Superpresent is available to download as a PDF or by subscription, mailed four times per year.

Magazine Stand :: Superpresent – 2.2

Superpresent literary art magazine cover image

The spring 2022 issue of Superpresent: A Magazine of the Arts is available for reading online, PDF download, or print purchase. Responding to the theme “private/public” were over three dozen contributors, including writers Duncan Forbes, Leah Halper, Gemini Wahhaj, Carole Glasser Langille, Sarah Legow, Heikki Houtari, Luke Roe, Timothy Resau, Jennifer Moses, and Audra Burwell, artists Kelly Wang, Hau Huang, Wanyu An, Mariana Jimenz, and Jessie Cunningham-Reid. There are also films by Hanna Henson and Michael Henderson, viewable via embeds, links, and QR codes.