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Magazine Stand :: Still Point Arts Quarterly – Summer 2022

Still Point Arts Quarterly literary magazine Summer 2022 cover image

Published by Shanti Arts, the Summer 2022 issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly has been released! The theme of this issue is “Gardening: An Instrument of Grace.” It includes the work of roughly fifty artists and writers from around the world and includes essays, poetry, fiction, art, and more. The digital edition is free for anyone who signs up to receive it via email, and print copies are available by subscription or single-issue purchase. Still Point Arts Quarterly is one of the most beautiful, high-quality production art and literary journals on the market. You can view the current art feature here to see for yourself: Art Exhibit. Readers can also download many past issues as well as other art exhibits.

Still Point Arts Quarterly – Winter 2021

The Winter 2021 issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly is available digitally and in print. The theme of this issue is Ruins. It includes the work of roughly fifty artists and writers from around the world. Work by Beebe Bahrami, Sandra Fees, Barbara Haas, J. R. Solonche, Zach Murphy, Jen Mierisch, Catherine MacKenzie, Jane Hertenstein, Mercury-Marvin Sunderland, Cici Grove, Terry Allen, Bob Royalty, Martin Willitts Jr., Kiss Moon, Andrew Ilachinski, Diane Danthony, Hall Jameson, and Carol McCord. More info at the Still Point Arts Quarterly website.

Still Point Arts Quarterly – Fall 2021

“Living on the Water.” Featured writers this issue include Jennifer Novotney, Tricia Gates Brown, Patricia B. Carley, Susan Emeline Bills, Marc Eichen, Jennifer Fearon, Katherine Hauswirth, Barbara Cole, Anthony Cordasco, Karen Bowers, Felecia Babb, Rachel Racette, Debbie Cutler, and Russel Rowland. See this issue’s featured artists at the Still Point Arts Quarterly website.

Still Point Arts Quarterly – Spring 2021

This issue’s theme is “My Deep Love of Place.” Featured writers include Melodie Corrigall, Suzanne Finney, Catherine Young, Amy Cotler, Jeri Ann Griffith, Lawrence Gregory, Sue Schuerman, Cayce Osborne, Penny Milam, David Denny, William Bless, Barbara Cole, Rosalie Sanara Petrouske, and Teresa H. Klepac. Featured artists include Catherine L. Schweig, Walt Hug, Birgit Gutsche, MJ Edwards, and Barbara Anne Kearney. Find more info at the Still Point Arts Quarterly website.

Shanti Arts :: Spring Leaves Chapbook Series

I love a good chapbook—something slim and short and perfect for my pandemic-shortened attention span. With this in mind, I was excited to find out Shanti Arts, publisher of literary and art journal Still Point Arts Quarterly, has begun to publish the Spring Leaves Chapbook Series.

The first chapbook in this series was released back in August. The Vermeer Tales by Gail Tyson is “[i]nspired by A. S. Byatt’s The Matisse Stories and Johannes Vermeer’s exquisite paintings of women,” and was written “during a transition from a demanding career to full-time writing in 2017, and finished the last after [Tyson’s] beloved’s brief, terrifying illness and death.”

The chapbook is available now at the Shanti Arts website. There, readers can also have a sneak peek at the contents before purchasing.

Overlooked Beauty

Magazine Review by Katy Haas

Now more than ever it’s important to find the beauty in whatever is around us. As writers, as artists, and as humans struggling through a traumatic period of time, it’s necessary to find bright spots. The Fall 2020 issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly puts this into practice, the theme of the issue being “The Secret Life of Objects.”

Throughout the pages, writers and artists look at what’s around them and capture their beauty. Adrienne Stevenson writes an ode to a “Kitchen Timer,” an appliance one doesn’t have to think much about until it’s gone. Kathleen Miller draws pared-down sketches of telephones, boats, pitchers, eliminating the details to follow Georgia O’Keeffe’s sentiment of “get[ting] at the real meaning of things.” Most of MJ Edwards’s compelling photography focuses on treasures of trash found on the beach, as they wonder about the “untold stories” the objects carry with them.

Art can be found in the everyday items around us, the objects easily overlooked. Don’t forget to look around you and find the beauty and inspiration they can hold.

Still Point Arts Quarterly – Summer 2020

This issue’s theme is “Making a Mark,” and the current art exhibition explores this theme. Featured artists include David Sapp, Mary Macey Butler, Cary Loving, and others. Featured writers include Karla Van Vliet, Wally Swist, Paula Penna, Dave Gregory, Bethany Bruno, Gergory Stephens, Mary Lane Potter, Roudri Bandyopadhyay, Sarah Brown Weitzman, Mark Tulin, Joe Kowalski, and more. Find more info at the Still Point Arts Quarterly website.