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Sponsor Spotlight: Leaping Clear

Leaping Clear - logoOnline magazine of the arts and literature Leaping Clear features artists and writers from around the world who work from dedicated meditation and contemplation practices. These include formal meditation, spiritual inquiry, prayer, integrated mind-body spiritual disciplines, dedicated communion with nature, philosophical reflections, and beyond.

Readers can enjoy an ad-free experience, and writers do not have to pay any submission fees to have their work read. Writers, take note: submissions open on May 1 and close at the end of the month, so you have some time to polish your work and send it over.

Sponsor Spotlight: New Online Lit Mag Hole In The Head Review

Hole In The Head Review is a new online literary magazine founded in 2020 “on the perilous coast of Maine” where the “sun rises on the United States and darkness falls first.” Their debut issue, published earlier this year, features new works from Michael Hettich, Larkin Warren, Frankie Soto, Andrew Periale, Amy Young, Julia Wagner, Richard Heckler, Mawi Sonna, and Nancy Jean Hill.

Hole In The Head Review May 2020They are enthusiastic about publishing both new and established poets together on a quarterly basis. In fact, their next issue is slated for release on May Day. They listen for a strong voice and look for a clarity of vision.

“You need another literary journal like you need a hole in the head.” Yes, yes we do.