Magazine Stand :: Ruminate – Issue 61

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After hurdling the pandemic paper shortage and understaffing at the printers, the Winter 2021-2022 issue of Ruminate is in the mail! Themed “Beginnings and Endings,” the issue features poems by Arah Ko (the 2021 poetry-prize winner), Christine Swint (runner-up), Jane Medved (honorable mention), and work from four additional finalists: Brian Holmes, Jed Myers, Bethany Swann, and Margaret Wack, as well as poems from Kim Garcia, Londeka Mdluli, Tyler Smith, Sarah Snyder, and Phillip Watts Brown. Fiction includes works by Catey Miller, Tega Oghenechovwen, and Fei Sun, and nonfiction “Friendship: A Haiku” by Cynthia Gralla. Some content is available to read on the Ruminate website. There’s also still time to make the May 1 deadline for their 2022 annual poetry contest. Maybe it will be your name here next year!

2021 William Van Dyke Short Story Prize Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 William Van Dyke Short Story Prize in Issue 60 of Ruminate.

First Place
“The Florist” by Alex Cothren

Second Place
“A Guide to Removal” by Amber Blaeser-Wardzala

Honorable Mention
“Katingo Carried 15,980 Tons and a Gentleman” by George Choundas

Finalists include Nina Gaby, Elizabeth Paley, Lauren Loftis, Skye Anicca, Catherine Miller, Alberto Daniels, and Suphil Lee Park.

Read comments on the winners from Judge Kelli Jo Ford inside the issue as an introduction to the pieces.

Ruminate – Issue 60

The writers and artists whose work makes up Ruminate Issue 60 probe the imagery and metaphor of being at sea. Included are Devon Miller-Duggan’s poem, “Perhaps a Prayer for Surviving the Night” and Peggy Shumaker’s “Gifts We Cannot Keep.” George Choundas’s engrossing story, “Katingo Carried 15,980 Tons and Gentleman,” transports us to the world of those who live and work on cargo ships. And O-Jeremiah Agbaakin’s poem, “landscape with broken ekphrasis,” muses on the image of the last ship that brought enslaved people to the United States. This issue features the winning story from our 2021 William Van Dyke Short Story Prize.

More info at the Ruminate website.

Ruminate – Fall 2021

The writers and artists whose work makes up Ruminate issue 60 probe the imagery and metaphor of being at sea. Whether it is being at sea in the waiting to find out if a beloved will survive, as in Devon Miller-Duggan’s poem, “Perhaps a Prayer for Surviving the Night. Or as in Peggy Shumaker’s “Gifts We Cannot Keep.” See what else you can find in this issue at the Ruminate website.

Ruminate Announces Inaugural Flash Prose Winners

screenshot of The Waking: Ruminate OnlineIf you didn’t know already, print literary magazine Ruminate has an online component known as The Waking. They recently held their first Flash Prose Contest with the winners being published online.

Nathan Long’s “Summer of Joy” won in the fiction category and Kianna Green’s essay “Sitting Quiet” won the nonfiction prize. Both pieces are available for your reading please on The Waking right now.

Congratulations to the winners! And don’t forget that Ruminate‘s VanderMey Nonfiction Prize is officially open to submissions through October 15 (with a 3-day grace period).

Ruminate Announces New Editor

photo of Jess Jelsma Masterson
Photo from Ruminate‘s July 31 newsletter

If you aren’t subscribed to Ruminate‘s newsletter (you probably should be), they announced in their July 31 edition that Jess Jelsma Masterton is joining their team as Editor. She was unanimously elected to the position due to her “compelling vision for the magazine” and care for the staff, readers, and their mission.

Masterton has previously worked on the Cincinnati Review where she served as an Assistant and Associate Editor. She has also recently completed her PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Cincinnati. Her own fiction, nonfiction, and audio works can be found in recent issues of The Arkansas International, The Southern Review, and The Normal School.

Interim Editor Jen Stewart Fueston will work with Masterton to ensure a smooth transition before returning to her board position later this fall.

The team at Ruminate are committed to being an independent magazine with the freedom to cultivate their authentic selves through nourishing conversations, actions, and art that spiritually sustains and are excited to continue their united journey with Masterton at the helm.

Ruminate’s 2021 William Van Dyke Short Story Prize Winner

Screenshot of Ruminates 2021 William Van Dyke Prize Winner AnnouncementRuminate has announced the winner, runner up, and honorable mention for their 2021 William Van Dyke Short Story Prize. The final judge of the prize this year was Kelli Jo Ford whose debut novel Crooked Hallelujah made waves last year.

First Place: “The Florist” by Alex Cothren

Second Place: “A Guide to Removal” by Amber Baleser-Wardzala

Honorable Mention: “Kantingo Carried 16,980 Tons and a Gentleman” by George Choundas

These stories will be published in the Fall 2021 issue of Ruminate due out in mid-September. The issue is currently available for pre-order, so don’t forget to reserve your copy today if you aren’t a subscriber already.

Ruminate Poetry Prize Bundle

Ruminate Poetry Prize Bundle coversLiterary magazine Ruminate has curated a Poetry Prize Bundle. These three issues contain past winning poems and finalists from their Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize. Issues included are Issue 53, Issue 49, and Issue 36.

Ruminate poetry editor Kristin George Bagdanov writes:

We need poems that exist in the space between the crumbs of hope that keep us writing and reaching, poems necessitated by gnawing stomachs that tell us there is so much left to devour, that there is so much left we cannot.

The poems gathered in these three issues are reaching toward just that. Plus, you’ll also find art and prose. The bundle saves you 20% off the cover price of each issue. It’s available for only $21.

It’s a great time to grab this bundle for an idea of what they like as their Broadside Poetry Prize is currently open to submissions through August 15 (+3-day grace period).

Ruminate – Summer 2021

Our summer issue includes many examples of lives forged by experience. The characters in these poems and stories are shaped and revealed by what they endure. There is heat and pressure in Alex Pickens’ “Derecho.” Shamarang Silas’s poem “The Weight of Trains,” inquires, “What is worship if not the desire to offer yourself to the fire / & everything you have ever loved?” Find out more at the Ruminate website.

Job Opening :: Ruminate Seeks Editor

Ruminate is currently seeking an editor! Founded in 2006, Ruminate is dedicated to “cultivating authenticity through nourishing conversations while spiritually sustaining life together through action and art.” Besides the award-winning quarterly literary magazine, they also have the online publication The Waking and serve the local and broader community with online and in person events.

They seek an editor who will uphold their mission of supporting their community of artists, seekers, and readers seeking spiritually nourishing conversations as well as one who can expand the range of editorial and contributor voices to “reflect a growing and changing audience” and help them grow beyond their original roots in the Christian community.

Learn more about this opportunity here.