Magazine Stand :: Plume – August 2022

Plume online poetry magazine August 2022 cover image

I enjoy Plume‘s clean and easy-to-navigate online format, with a manageable selection of works that can be fully enjoyed by the time the next monthly issue arrives. There are even a few selections that include audio for a different experience. The August issue (#132) includes poems by Tania Langlais, R.T. Smith, Rebecca Lehmann, Scott Withiam, Sophie Cabot, Tom Sleigh, Martha Collins, Marianne Boruch, James Pollock, Ellen June Wright, Bruce Beasley, Alice Friman; a section called The Poets and Translators Speak in which each contributor offers notes on their work; a Book Review of Headless John the Baptist Hitchhiking by C.T. Salazar; the Featured Selection, “On Muse Found in a Colonized Body, lovemaking, and activism”: Interview with Yesenia Montilla by Mihaela Moscaliuc; and Essays and Comment: “So I Would Move Among These Things: Maya Deren and The Witch’s Cradle” by Fox Henry Frazier.

Magazine Stand :: Plume – #128

Plume online poetry magazine issue 128 cover image

Plume is an easily accessible and beautifully formatted online poetry magazine comes out monthly, and you’ll want to keep up with each issue of Plume. The April 2022 installment features poems by Cecilia Woloch, Tomaž Šalamun in translation by Brian Henry, Rigoberto Paredes (includes audio) translated from Spanish by Frances Simán, Olya Kenney, Nin Andrews, Maurice Manning, Louis-Philippe Dalembert (includes audio) translated from French by Nancy Naomi Carlson, Linda Bierds, Katherine Soniat, Jane Hirshfield, Garrett Hongo, and Adam Tavel, as well as an interview with Gregory Orr by Nancy Mitchell.

Magazine Stand :: Plume – #127

Plume literary magazine cover image

There’s still time to catch the Plume: A Journal of Contemporary Poetry March 2022 online issue featuring works by Jules Jacob and Sonja Johnson, Ron Smith, Martha Rhodes, Carol Moldow, Shao Wei, Elena Shvarts, Adélia Prado (with audio), David Wojahn, Radu Vancu, Sandy Solomon, Betsy Sholl, Alan Shapiro, and Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva. The issue also includes an interview with Dana Levin about her new book, Do You Know Where You Are, along with an audio recording of her discussing and reading the title poem and another, “For the Poets.” So sweet to hear her voice and laughter.

Plume – Feb 2022

This month’s featured selection: “On Long Poems, Lyric Sequences, and ‘Cop’”; An interview with Connie Voisine by Amanda Newell. Mark Wagenaar reviews Carmine Starnino’s Dirty Words. In nonfiction: “Reading the Qur’an with Rumi” by Amer Latif. This month’s poetry contributors include Ira Sadoff, John Hodgen, Katja Gorečan, Pablo Piñero Stillmann, Bhisham Bherwani, Kelli Russell Agodon, Brendan Constantine, and more. Find this issue at the Plume website.

Plume – No. 124

This month’s featured selection: “Jewish American Women Poets” by Sally Bliumis-Dunn featuring Jennifer Barber, Jessica Greenbaum, Judy Katz and Nomi Stone. In nonfiction: “All These Red and Yellow Things: Short Papers on Art by Lesle Lewis.” Jeri Theriault reviews Devon Walker-Figueroa’s Philomath. See a selection of this month’s poets at the Plume website.

Plume – November 2021

This month’s featured selection: “On Peach State and crafting ‘the raw materials of circumstance’”: an interview with poet Adrienne Su by Mihaela Moscaliuc. In nonfiction: “Truscon, A Division of Republic Steel, 1969-70: A Prose-Poem Sequence Disguised as a Lyrical Essay, Itself Aspiring to Be a Fictional Memoir” by Peter Johnson. Jane Zwart reviews Kasey Jueds’s The Thicket. Poetry contributors are at the Plume website.