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  • Magazine Stand :: Months to Years – Spring 2022

    Months to Years Spring 2022 online literary magazine cover image

    It is the mission of Months to Years to “cultivate a beautifully designed online space to share compelling and original nonfiction, poetry, art, and photography that explores mortality and terminal illness.” As Editor Renata K. Louwers writes in this issue’s introduction, “We think things are going along a certain way with certain predictable events. And they are. Until suddenly, they’re not. What can we do besides surrender to the moment, maybe use the Calm app, and hope for the best? Some of us pray, some of us meditate or exercise, and some of us write. Others take photos or create visual art. Art – via the written word or visually – has served as a crucial coping mechanism for humans through the centuries.” We are no different than our ancestors.

  • Magazine Stand :: Months to Years – Winter 2022

    Months to Years literary magazine cover image

    Months to Years is an online literary journal for nonfiction, poetry, photography, and art that explores grief, death, and dying. “The arc of grief is long,” writes Editor and Co-Founder Renata Louwers, “but it does bend toward healing.” The newest issue features works by Nicole M. Wolverton, Kara Knickerbocker, Janina Karpinska, Betty Naegele Gundred, Lise Kunkel, Tiffany Amoakohene, Lawrence Bridges, Meg Freer, Aaron Sandberg, Tracey Dean Widelitz, and more. Months to Years can be read online, via visual magazine mode, and can also be purchased in print.

  • Months To Years – Summer 2021

    The Summer issue offers work by Ann Willms, Jamie Azevedo, Denise Rue, Melissa Mulvihill, Rebecca Villineau, Jesse Crosson, Justin Teopista Nagundi, Jack Bordnick, David Capps, Christine Andersen, Lawrence Bridges, Jessica Gould, Danny Rebb, Kristina Gibbs, Kathie Giorgio, Guilherme Bergamini, Walter Weinschenk, Karen Storm, Asha Edey, and more. Find a full list of contributors at the Months to Years website.

  • Months To Years – Spring 2021

    We have a gorgeous spring issue of Months To Years for readers. Thirty-two writers, poets, photographers, and artists have entrusted us with the privilege of sharing their creative work with the world.

  • Read for Months To Years

    Quarterly journal Months To Years is currently looking for volunteer nonfiction and poetry readers. The work in Months To Years explores death, loss, and grief.

    A degree in creative writing or English is helpful but not required. Gain experience working with a small nonprofit lit mag. Apply via their Submittable by April 1.

  • Months to Years – Winter 2021

    A journal of personal stories exploring mortality, death, and dying related topics. This issue of Months to Years features work by Gaye Brown, Helen Bowie, Patti Santucci, Briana Gervat, Mari-Carmen Marin, Michael Biegner, Bethany Bruno, John Timothy Robinson, Mary Ann Noe, Patricia Miller, Mara Lefebvre, Lee Landau, Sherri Levine, Susan Robison, Jeremy Gadd, and more.

  • Months To Years – Fall 2020

    The latest issue of Months To Years is out. It includes yet another fantastic roster of talented writers reflecting on grief and loss from diverse perspectives. Work by Zan Bockes, John Q. McDonald, Nancy Morgan, Rosa Angelica Garcia, Co Bauman, Susan Rothstein, Megeen R. Mulholland, Paul Sohar, Stewart Lindh, Bruce Gorden, Michal Mahgerefteh, Karen Storm, Linda Ankrah-Dove, Charlene Stegman Moskal, Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld, Elizabeth Haukaas, C.T. Holte, Beth Hope-Cushey, Kim Malinowski, Liza Bernstein, Lucy Meynell, and Charlie Morris.

  • Sponsor Spotlight :: Months To Years

    Months to Years Summer 2019 IssueFounded in 2017 by Renata and Tim Louwers, Months To Years is an online literary magazine exploring mortality and terminal illness. Both editors experienced the loss of their first spouses due to bladder cancer and early onset Alzheimer’s, inspiring them to co-found this journal. They wanted to create a literary space where those experiencing grief can reflect on their experiences through literature and art. The name of the journal is a phrase often used with terminally ill patients as the doctor’s best estimate of expected life span.

    Months To Years publishes nonfiction, poetry, photography, and art that explores grief, death, and dying on a quarterly basis. They are now back after a brief hiatus and accepting submissions on a continuous basis whether you are a terminally ill person, a doctor, someone who suffered a loss, a caregiver, or someone simply contemplating mortality.

    Stop by their listing at NewPages to learn more about this journal.

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