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  • Valley Voices – 21.2

    This issue’s Special Feature is “Beyond Illusory Space” by Albert Wong, who is also interviewed by John Zheng. Lauri Scheyer interviews Lenard D. Moore. In Haibun & Tanka Prose: Rich Youmans, Keith Polette, Ce Rosenow, and Terri L. French. Poetry by Elizabeth Burk, Ambrielle Butler, Andrea DEeken, Theodore Haddin, Charlene Langfur, Ann Lauinger, George Looney, Ted McCormack, Adam Moore, Steve Myers, Dan Pettee, Margo Taft Stever, and Jason Visconti. Find prose contributors at the Valley Voices website.

  • Still Point Arts Quarterly – Winter 2021

    The Winter 2021 issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly is available digitally and in print. The theme of this issue is Ruins. It includes the work of roughly fifty artists and writers from around the world. Work by Beebe Bahrami, Sandra Fees, Barbara Haas, J. R. Solonche, Zach Murphy, Jen Mierisch, Catherine MacKenzie, Jane Hertenstein, Mercury-Marvin Sunderland, Cici Grove, Terry Allen, Bob Royalty, Martin Willitts Jr., Kiss Moon, Andrew Ilachinski, Diane Danthony, Hall Jameson, and Carol McCord. More info at the Still Point Arts Quarterly website.

  • Missouri Review – Fall 2021

    How Did I Get Here? Inside: Poetry by Jessica Garratt, Rebecca Lehman, Maggie Queeney, and Joe Wilkins. Stories and essays by Jason Brown, Morris E. Hartstein MD, Kristen Iskandrian, Judith Claire Mitchell, Devin Murphy, Clare Needham, and David M. Sheridan, with features on Barbette and Duchamp, and a review of new and recent Southern writing from Sam Pickering. Now at the Missouri Review website.

  • New England Review – 42.4

    Last year at this time we released our first issue dedicated to emerging writers, and now with 42.4 we’ve done it again. While this issue offers up the range of voices, genres, and styles New England Review promises every quarter, this time that mission is accomplished by writers who won’t be recognizable to most readers, that is, they’ve not yet published a book or full-length collection. Find a selection of this year’s contributors at the New England Review website.

  • The Louisville Review – Fall 2021

    The Louisville Review, Volume 90, Fall Edition is the 45th anniversary issue! It features poetry, fiction, non-fiction and children’s poetry from grades K-12. Poetry: Susan Ayres, Christopher Buckley, Claudia Buckholts, Elsa Cross, Olga-Maria Cruz, Angela D’Ambra, Andrea Doll, Regina Derieva, Marcia L. Hurlow, and more; nonfiction by Sarah Gorham, Corie Neumayer, and Jonathan Weinert; fiction by Jeff McLaughlin, Neema Muneer, Tony O’Keeffe, Erik Peters, Seth Brady Tucker, Nadeem Zaman, and others. See the K-12 contributors at The Louisville Review website.

  • Glass Mountain – Fall 2021

    Volume 27 is out with art by Isabella Celentano, David Dodd Lee, Weining Wang, Emily Fannin, Nicole Choi, and more; poetry by Jose Wilson, Tom War, Tobias Tegrotenhuis, David Romanda, Riley Morrison, Annie Martin, Delaney Kelly, Ambrose Day, and Lorelei Bacht; and prose by Amber Barney, Nicole Collingwood, Devan Hawkins, Haley Herzberg, Hannah Lindsay, Khalid McCalla, Adia Muhammad, Elena Negrón, and Beatrix Zwolfer. Plus the winners of the Robertson Prize. More info at the Glass Mountain website.

  • Cutleaf – 1.23

    Cutleaf celebrates the end of our first year with this all-nonfiction issue featuring three must-read essays. Elise Lasko speculates on the potential for relapse into old habits while imagining her mother’s death and funeral, in “Relapse Fantasy.” Carter Sickels realizes that “the universe keeps moving, surprising you with what it drops in your path,” in “Rescued.” Greg Bottoms recounts how his father and grandfather expressed—or didn’t express—emotion, in “One Summer Morning.” Learn about this issue’s images at the Cutleaf website.

  • Sleet Magazine – Winter 2021-2022

    Sleet‘s Winter 2021-2022 Infrastructure Edition is out. Read about art, bears, snow, fatherhood and more as infrastructure! Featuring new work by poet/professor Deborah Keenan; Lucia Cherciu; Trevor Moffa; Christian Chase Garner; Daniel Edward Moore and Yun Wang. New sweetest fiction from Astrid Egger and Ryan Love. Irregulars by Howie Good; Raphael Kosek; Steven Ostrowski; Elizabeth Kerlikowske; Guillermo Rebollo Gil and Timothy Pilgrim. AND CNF from Kathryn Ganfield, Susan Petrie and Sara Dovre Wudali.

    More info at the Sleet Magazine website.

  • The RavensPerch – Dec 2021

    RavensPerch this month: poetry by Joseph D. Milosch, Diana Raab, Barbara Schweitzer, Wally Swist, Giuseppe Ungaretti, Hoyt Rogers, and Margaret Krusinga. Fiction by Anne Hosansky. Nonfiction by Edgy Sack.

    More info at The RavensPerch website.

  • Poetry – Dec 2021

    In this issue: Suzi F. Garcia, Taylor Johnson, Tamara Panici, Bryan Byrdlong, John Lee Clark, Angelo Mao, Simon Shieh, Kelan Nee, Lilly Bechtel, Eleanor Stanford, Paul Hlava Ceballos, Aurielle Marie, Julian Randall, Diannely Antigua, Alexis V. Jackson, Ugochukwu Damian Okpara, Steven Espada Dawson, and Camille Carter. See “Respect the Mic” contributors at the Poetry website.

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