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Magazine Stand :: MoonPark Review – Spring 2022

MoonPark Review A Quarterly Online Journal of Short Prose cover image

The editors of MoonPark Review: A Quarterly Journal of Short Prose open this nineteenth online issue by commenting, “we were struck by the threads of longing that weave through every story. Longing for those lost, those taken, for a larger meaning, to be special, or understood, to be recognized, simply remembered, or the longing for someone to be other than who they have always been. Perhaps it is this particular moment in time, or perhaps it is a universal truth — that we all long for something, sometime, or someone.” Contributors to this issue include Abbie Barker, Vince Montague, James Mattise, Jonathan Weisberg, Lucinda Trew, Dan Hodgson, Christie Wilson, Sarp Sozdinler, Jill Witty, Kenneth M. Kapp, Rachel Lastra, Kevin Brennan, and Kip Knott. All content is free to read online, so head on over!

Magazine Stand :: Chinese Literature Today – 10.2

Chinese Literature Today literary journal cover image

Xue Yiwei is the featured author in the newest issue of Chinese Literature Today, published by the University of Oklahoma, which includes an interview by Lin Gang translated by Stephen Nashef and half a dozen works in translation. Also included in this issue is the special section, “Chinese Women Migrant Worker’s Literature,” with works such as “Caring for the Small: Gendered Resistance and Solidarity
through Chinese Domestic Workers’ Writings” by Hui Faye Xiao, “Gender, Class, and Capital: Female Migrant Workers’ Writing in Postsocialist China and Zheng Xiaoqiong’s Poetry” by Haomin Gong, “‘In the Roar of the Machines’: Zheng Xiaoqiong’s Poetry of Witness and Resistance” by Eleanor Goodman and more. “Women Migrant Worker’s Poems: A Collection translated by Tammy Lai-Ming Ho” is also featured in this tremendous volume. 2022 Earth Month & Poetry Month Online Reading

Online literary magazine is hosting an online reading on Monday, April 25 in honor of Earth Month and Poetry Month. The reading kicks off 5PM PT/8PM ET and will be hosted by Derek Sheffield.

Enjoy listening to award-winning poets Joe Wilkins, Scott Edward Anderson, and Betsy Aoki. A Q&A session will follow the reading.

Register today! It’s free.

Magazine Stand :: Cherry Tree – Number 7

Cherry Tree annual print literary journal cover image

The seventh issue of Cherry Tree annual print journal produced by the Literary House Press features work by Anum Asi, Sandra Beasley, Jan Beatty, Katie Berta, Caleb Braun, Susan Briante, Elijah Burrell, Marci Cancio-Bello Calabretta, Marianne Chan, Jennifer Chang, Victoria Chang, Christopher Citro, Nicole Cooley, Paul H Curtis, Jeff Ewing, Blas Falconer, Andra Emilia Fenton, Tanya Grae, Saúl Hernández, James Hoch, Todd Kaneko, Urvi Kumbhat, Kabel Mishka Ligot, Anthony Thomas Lombardi, Andrea Marcusa, Tom McAllister, Shane McCrae, Rahul Mehta, Philip Metres, John A. Nieves, Sarah Rose Nordgren, Carolyn Oliver, Matthew Olzmann, Donald Quist, Deon Robinson, Adam Scheffler, Charlotte Seley, Paige Sullivan, David Trinidad, Michael Walsh, Jieyan Wang, Adam Webster, John Sibley Williams, and M Jaime Zuckerman, with cover art by Gerardo Villarreal.

Magazine Stand :: Molecule – Issue 6

Molecule online literary and art magazine cover image

“A Tiny Lit Mag” – Molecule online journal publishes artwork and written works of 50 words or less, and their latest issue is proof that less can indeed be much more. The journal is packed with enough to satisfy readers until the next biannual issue comes out. Even though the entries are brief and can be quickly read, I found myself savoring in re-reading and the moments after reading when I just wanted to look away from the screen and allow the well-crafted work to resonate. This installment includes interviews with Cynthia Bargar and David Kirby, drama by Will Cordeiro, Ben Stanford, and Tony Targan, and art, prose, and poetry from many others, including Adebisi Amoriis, Shell Birdis, Karina Borowicz, MJ Bujold, Jeff Burt, Robin Cantwell, Dallas Crow, Steve DeMont, Doriane Feinstein, Mae Fraser, Jeff Gately, Emilia Getzingeris, Ellery Haney, Niki Hatzidis, Larissa Monique Hauck, Doug Holderis, Santosh Kalwar, Hilary King, Joe McGurn, Ariya Mamun, Ivan de Monbrison, Chad Parenteauhas, Palline Plum Remi Recchia, Fabio Sassi, Joel Savishinsky, Scott T. Starbuck, Bill Teitelbaum, Peter Urkowitz, and Allison Whittenberg.

Magazine Stand :: bioStories – April 2022

bioStories online literary magazine logo

As we come out of this pandemic – or learn to live with the endemic – we lament that we may have ‘forgotten’ how to live more communally with others. bioStories is a wonderful way to keep ourselves in tune to the lives of others and how we interact both locally and globally. Publishing nonfiction prose only, bioStories offers submission guidelines that help writers focus their craft on what the editors are looking for, and express the understanding that “real life is messy,” yet acknowledge: “human nature is idiosyncratic and frequently contradictory, and, quite often, when you look close enough, it is downright graceful.” The publication features a weekly essay on its homepage and prints two issues each year. Recent online contributions include Neil Cawley “Speech and Debate in the Time of Covid,“ Al Czarnowsky “Buck,“ Nancy Deyo “Naked Facebook Friday,“ William Keiser “A Postcard from the End,“ Jae Nolan “Better Left Unsaid,“ Kristen Ott Hogan “Give that Dog a Bone,“ Gretchen Roselli “Aunt Aggie, Bobby Kennedy, and My Parents’ Summer Theater,“ Nancy Smith Harris “Ida Ziegler,“ Aminah Wells “The Ballet Barre.“ and Andrew Yim “Grammy’s Secret.“

Magazine Stand :: Wordrunner eChapbooks – April 2022

Wordrunner literary magazine cover image

The prose and poetry in the 12th anthology and 45th issue of Wordrunner eChapbooks is themed “Up Ending” and offers both heartache and hope, wonderfully nuanced characters, and mostly upbeat endings. Read online or download as a PDF with fiction by Nancy Bourne, Frank Diamond, D.B. Gardner, Joyce Goldenstern, Natascha Graham, Mary Lewis, and Fabriana Martinez; nonfiction by Rachel Cann, Sarah Mullen, and Mary Cuffe Perez; and poetry by Iris Dunkle, Mark Heathcote, and Christopher Rubio-Goldsmith. Wordrunner notes that “ALL AUTHORS ARE PAID and have been since this series was launched in 2010.”

Magazine Stand :: Flash Frog – April 2022

Flash Frog online literary magazine logo

Featuring stories under 1000 words, Flash Frog says they like their stories like they like their dart frogs: “small, brightly colored, and deadly to the touch.” Publishing a new story every Monday, recent contributors include Maria Poulatha, Courtney Clute, Sage Tyrtle, and Dri Chiu Tattersfield, with artwork by MarieJulie Lafrance and Rob Kaniuk. Submissions are on a rolling basis, with July being reserved for “ghost story submissions only.”

Magazine Stand :: Bennington Review – Issue Ten

Bennington Review literary magazine cover image

Housed at Bennington College, Bennington Review is a diverse treasure trove of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and film writing shared with readers in print twice a year with many contributions available to read online. While editing the Winter 21-22 issue, Michael Dumanis, with Katrina Turner, references Robert Duncan’s “Often I Am Permitted to Return to a Meadow,” and writes, “we kept considering the simultaneous fragility and power of the open field, the purity of nature and the purity of the imagination, environment and memory. As a consequence, much of the poetry and prose in our new issue offers meadows of nature and nature of thought, literal meadows and figurative ones for us to wander into, clearings with flowers and refuges from noise, everlasting omens of what is.”

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Magazine Stand :: Prime Number Magazine – Issue 223

Prime Number Magazine logo

The April-June 2022 issue of Prime Number Magazine features winners of their free, monthly 53-Word Story Contest selected since the last issue. In each issue, PNM asks guest editors to select their favorite poems or stories from those submitted during our open submission period. Submissions are free and only accepted the first two months of each quarter. In this issue, guest editor Adrian Rice selected poetry from Rick Campbell, Stephen Gibson, Mercedes Lawry, and Emily Townsend. Guest editor Dennis McFadden selected short fiction by Jonh Fulton, Mary Taugher, and Treena Thibodeau. The publication also showcases four authors from their publisher, Press 53. This issue includes works by Ray Morrison, Sean Sexton, Jacinta V. White, and Rhonda Browning White.