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  • Poetry – November 2021

    The November issue is centered around collaborative poetry and prose with work by Nilufar Karimi & Eliseo Ortiz; Miriam Karraker; Gabrielle Bates & Jennifer S. Cheng; She Who Has No Master(s); Jan Dennis Destajo & Kabel Mishka Ligot; Kim Seong Eun & Cindy Juyoung Ok; Traci Morris, Harryette Mullen, Jo Stewart, & Yolanda Wisher; Kimberly Blaeser, Molly McGlennen, & Margaret Noodin; Cindy Juyoung Ok on the collaborative process; and Noam Dorr & Cori A. Winrock. See what else you can find in this issue at the Poetry website.

  • Good River Review – Fall 2021

    The second issue of Good River Review is out. Prose by K.B. Carle, Whitney Collins, M Shelley Conner, Melissa A. Domjan, and Quinn Grover; poetry by Chelsea Dingman, Elizabeth Dodd, Naoko Fujimoto, Beth Gordon, Kinshuk Gupta, Jacob C. Harris, Kaylor Jones, Kiki Petrosino, Jeremy Radin, Mark Lee Webb, and Nicholas Yingling. Katy Yocom interviews filmmaker Skye Wallin, as well as ATL’s Robert Barry Fleming. Plus, three book reviews. More info at the Good River Review website.

  • Boulevard – Fall 2021

    This issue includes the winning story from the 2020 Short Fiction Contest by Seth Bockley, a Boulevard Craft Interview with Best Show host Tom Scharpling, new fiction from Joyce Carol Oates, Melissa Chadburn, Angela Ma, Liwen Xu, and Roy Parvin, new poetry from Michaela Carter, Michael Hettich, Lee Ann Roripaugh, Brooke Sahni, and Alexandra Teague, and essays by Stephen Benz, Anne Kenner, and Jessica Weatherford.

    More info at the Boulevard website.

  • The Blue Mountain Review

    In the latest issue of The Blue Mountain Review: Faylita Hicks on the fierce divine feminine. Life, love, music, and famous pants of David Shaw. Introducing the truth of K. Iver. Swing in the joy of Sammi Garrett. Finding faith and success with the Edwards Sisters. Featured from Athens, GA: Jittery Joe’s & The Georgia Tehatre. See what else is in this issue by visiting The Blue Mountain Review website.

  • Bennington Review – Issue 9

    “The Health of the Sick.” Many of the pieces in this issue of Bennington Review display a keen awareness of the vulnerability of the human body, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Poetry by Michael Bazzett, Kelly Moore, John Sibley Williams, Eryn Green, Rebecca Zweig, Chris Dahl, Elisa Gabbert, Sandra Simonds, Holly Amos, Sarah Barber, Benjamin Landry, Tom Paine, Suphil Lee Park, K.A. Hays, John Blair, Anna Leahy, Stella Wong, Toby Altman, Cynthia Cruz, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Angela Ball, Mary Biddinger, Leah Umansky, and more. See what you’ll find in prose at the Bennington Review website.

  • Contest :: 2022 Colorado Prize for Poetry

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    Deadline: January 14, 2022
    $2,500 honorarium and book publication: Submit book-length collection of poems to the Colorado Prize for Poetry by January 14, 2022 (we will observe a 5-day grace period). $25 reading fee (add $3 to submit online) includes subscription to Colorado Review. Final judge is Gillian Conoley; friends and students (current or former) of the judge are not eligible to compete, nor are Colorado State University employees, students, or alumni. Complete guidelines at coloradoprize.colostate.edu or Colorado Prize for Poetry, Center for Literary Publishing, 9105 Campus Delivery, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523-9105.

  • Anomaly – No 33

    ANMLY #33 is out. The journal is back with translations, fiction, poetry, comics, and CNF! International, intersecting, always interesting. Comics by Wild Iris, Kathryn Smith, and Halo Lahnert; poetry by Tori Ashley Matos, Sage Ravenwood, Rachel Lee, Nora Rose Thomas, Maya Salameh, KT Herr, Jae Nichelle, Fox Rinne, Dorsía Smith Silva, and more; fiction by William Dempsey, Ray Levy, Diane Glancy, and others; and nonfiction by Lauren Scheer and Josie Lê. More info at the Anomaly website.

  • The Adroit Journal – 39

    Welcome to Adroit 39 featuring words and art by Stephanie Chang, Ngoc Pham, Eliza Brownig, Julian Guy, Nur Turkmani, Amy Woolard, Paul Tran, Ari Banias, Lory Bedikian, Jack Goodman, Matilda Lin Berke, Robin Gow, Despy Boutris, Kate Lee, So Eun Kim, Seungmin Kang, David Kirby, Sharon Lin, Kyle Wang, Enshia Li, Amal Haddad, David Emeka, Sofia Montrone, Kate Wisel, Andrew Grace, the students recognized by our Adroit Prizes, and more! Cover art by Veronika Vajdova. More info at The Adroit Journal website.

  • Call :: Sky Island Journal: Issue 19 (Winter 2022) Call for Submissions

    Deadline: December 31, 2021
    Sky Island Journal is an independent, international, free-access literary journal dedicated to publishing the finest poetry, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction. We publish accomplished, well-established authors—side by side—with fresh, emerging voices. We provide over 90,000 readers in 145 countries with a powerful, focused, advertising-free literary experience that transports them: one that challenges them intellectually and moves them emotionally. We publish quarterly, and our average response time is 9 days. Every submission receives a prompt, respectful response detailing what we appreciated. Enjoy our previous issues, and submit to our stunning Issue 19 before midnight on December 31st, at www.skyislandjournal.com.

  • 2021 Auburn Witness Poetry Prize Winner

    The Fall 2021 issue of Southern Humanities Review features the winner of the 2021 Auburn Witness Poetry Prize, judged by Jericho Brown.

    “Slouching like a velvet rope” by Elizabeth Aoki

    “Dorothy Dandridge on White Men in Hollywood” by Maurya Kerr
    “I Left the Church in Search of God” by Darius Simpson

    Aoki will receive $1000 and travel to Auburn, Alabama to celebrate the seventh annual poetry prize where she will read her work at an event headlined by Jericho Brown. The Fall 2021 issue is sold out in print, but you can still check out the winning poem online.

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