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Magazine Stand :: Kenyon Review – Sept/Oct 2022

Kenyon Review print literary magazine September October 2022 issue cover image

The Sept/Oct 2022 issue of Kenyon Review includes fiction by Sena Moon, Matthew Neill Null, and Adam Wilson; poetry by Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, Jenny George, Rochelle Hurt, and Shelley Wong; and nonfiction by Tan Tuck Ming. Plus, readers will enjoy works from the winner and runners-up of the 2022 Patricia Grodd Poetry Prize for Young Writers:

First Prize: Sophie Bernik’s “Come Closer”
Runner Up: Madison Xu’s “For My Father Who Lives Alone”
Runner Up: Myra Kamal’s “Diptych on Getting from Point A to Point B”

Magazine Stand :: Kenyon Review – July/August 2022

The Kenyon Review literary magazine July August 2022 issue cover image

The Climate Issue of the Kenyon Review includes a folio called “Angry Mamas,” guest edited by Emily Raboteau, featuring essays, stories, and poems by mothers discussing the climate crisis and environmental justice. The folio contains contributions from writers around the world, including Humera Afridi, Aliyeh Ataei, Camille T. Dungy, Patricia Engel, Genevieve Guenther, Anya Kamenetz, Debora Kuan, Cleyvis Natera, Deborah Paredez, and Sadia Quraeshi Shepard. In the rest of the issue, readers will find climate-themed work by Samuel Amadon, Mary Kuryla, Diane Mehta, Michael Metivier, Genta Nishku, Jane Wong, and many others.

Magazine Stand :: Kenyon Review – May/June 2022

Kenyon Review literary magazine May June 2022 cover image

The May/June 2022 issue of Kenyon Review features the annual “Nature’s Nature” poetry portfolio selected by former KR poetry editor David Baker, with work by Elizabeth Arnold, Marilyn Chin, Grant Clauser, Linda Gregerson, Brenda Hillman, Strummer Hoffston, Tricia Knoll, Jesse Nathan, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Maya C. Popa, Paisley Rekdal, Evie Shockley, D. S. Waldman, Rosanna Warren, Corrie Williamson. Also in this issue is drama by Sherod Santos, fiction by Renée Branum, Nolan Capps, David Crouse, Calvin Gimpelevich, Arinze Ifeakandu, Uche Okonkwo, nonfiction by Melissa Seley, and “We Sang Every Morning After Breakfast: A Cento In Memory Of Nancy Zafris” with contribution from over fifty poets, crafted by Cristina Correa. Cover image: Razi Mohammad (16) by Ambreen Butt.

Magazine Stand :: Kenyon Review – March/April 2022

Kenyon Review cover image

In September 2021, Kenyon Review invited writers to contemplate the subject of work, leaving the invitation open wide to interpretation. The texts represented in this issue, culled from the 1,408 submissions they received, ask readers to interrogate definitions of work and the value we ascribe to different kinds of work. These poems and narratives also require that readers be attentive to labor often uncredited as work. In their way of bearing witness, in their generosity and urgency, the pieces in this issue consider the ways work engages both public and private selves, and the ways it holds us, if only temporarily, to particular circumstances, geography, and each other. Read more on the Kenyon Review website.

Kenyon Review – Jan/Feb 2022

The Jan/Feb 2022 issue of the Kenyon Review features the winners of our 2021 Short Fiction Contest: Ted Mathys, Sam Zafris, Rachel L. Robbins, and Malavika Shetty; stories by Vanessa Chan, Lan Samantha Chang, Drew Johnson, and Joanna Pearson; essays by Melissa Chadburn, Beth Ann Fennelly, and Alice Jones; and poems by Ruth Awad, Cameron Awkward-Rich, Traci Brimhall, Katie Hartsock, Cate Marvin, Maggie Millner, Michael Prior, Natasha Sajé, and Joan Wickersham. Now at the Kenyon Review website.

Kenyon Review Short Nonfiction Contest Winners

Grab a copy of the November/December 2021 issue of Kenyon Review to check out the winners of the Short Nonfiction Contest.

“And We Inherit Everything” by Brigitte Leschhorn Arrocha

“Blue Whale Challenge” by Christian Butterfield
“Translating” by dm armstrong

The contest was judged by Roxane Gay, who writes of the winning essay, “[ . . . ] we are taken on a lyrical journey about grief, yes, but also the wounds of family and the myths of the people to whom we belong.” Grab a copy of the issue to read the winning essays, and see what Gay says about the runners-up.

Kenyon Review – Nov/Dec 2021

The Nov/Dec 2021 issue of the Kenyon Review features the winners of our 2021 Short Nonfiction Contest: Brigitte Leschhorn Arrocha, Christian Butterfield, and dm armstrong; stories by Bennett Sims, Morgan Thomas, Robert Travieso, and Hananah Zaheer; an essay by Paula C. Brancato; a short play by Kemuel DeMoville; and poems by O-Jeremiah Agbaakin, Kai Carlson-Wee, Lindsay Stuart Hill, Richie Hofmann, Dayna Patterson, Colin Pope, and Arthur Sze.

More info at the Kenyon Review website.

2021 Patricia Grodd Poetry Prize for Young Writers Winners

The winners of the 2021 Patricia Grodd Poetry Prize for Young Writers are in the September/October 2021 issue of Kenyon Review.

“Golden” by Daniel Zhang

“Dr. Freud’s Magic 8-Ball” by Blair Enright
“Ghost Town, Ohio” by Gaia Rajan

Judge Emily Nason introduces the three pieces, saying, “What I am most impressed by in Zhang, Enright, and Rajan’s poetry is their deep generosity toward their subjects. These are poets with a deep grasp on humanity and empathy.”

Get your own copy of this issue at Kenyon Review’s website.

Kenyon Review – July/August 2021

The July/August issue of the Kenyon Review features work by two poets who piercingly explore race and historical memory at a time when these issues seem more urgent than ever before. The noted writer Paisley Rekdal offers three poems from the online project “West: A Translation.” The issue also includes two poems by Bryan Byrdlong, whose work interrogates the figure of the zombie as it relates to Blackness and Black precarity in the face of white supremacy, and as a general symbol for those struggling with marginalization. Plus work by Betsy Boyd, Perry Lopez, Christopher Blackman, Kelsey Norris, Austyn Gaffney, and more. Read more at the Kenyon Review website.