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Magazine Stand :: Jewish Fiction .net Issue 30

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The newest issue of Jewish Fiction .net is the Pesach issue, which contains the publication’s first stories translated from Greek and Portuguese to add to the numerous other language translations they have featured over the years, and now publishing over 500 stories! This issue also includes 16 stories originally written in Greek, Portuguese, Czech, Yiddish, Hebrew, and English. To honor the recent holiday, 3 stories are about Pesach: “The Bread of Freedom,” “The Passing of Passover,” and “Leaving Egypt (Passover 5752).” Readers can find works by Nurit Zarchi, Richard Zimler, Ida Maze, Michel Fais, Luize Valente, Anne (Hannah) Viderman, Eldad Cohen, Irena Dousková, and many more. All available to read free online.

Jewish Fiction .net Reaches 18th Language

Jewish Fiction .net features contemporary Jewish fiction, in English, from across the globe. On February 18 they celebrated reaching 18 languages in which a story published in their journal was originally written in. The 18th language is Portuguese.

In honor of this happy occasion and milestone, they have released a preview of three novel excerpts that will be featured in their next issue, including the translation from Portuguese. Enjoy these tidbits while you await the release of the full issue.

  • Sonata in Auschwitz” by Luize Valente (translated from Portuguese by Claudio Bethencourt)
  • Dineh” by Ida Maze (translated from Yiddish by Yermiyahu Ahron Taub)
  • Don’t Ask” by Gina Roitman

Jewish Fiction .net – September 2021

Jewish Fiction .net announces a beautiful new Rosh Hashana issue! Here you’ll find 12 delightful stories, as refreshing as apples and as sweet as honey, originally written in five languages: Czech, Hungarian, Yiddish, Hebrew, and English. The Czech story, “Luck,” is the first one we’ve published translated from that language, and this brings to 17 the number of languages represented in Jewish Fiction .net. See what else is in this issue at the Jewish Fiction .net website.

Jewish Fiction . net – Summer 2020

Thrilled to announce the new summer issue of Jewish Fiction .net! A gift to imbibe this summer along with your favourite cool drink: 10 beautiful stories, originally written in Hebrew, Yiddish, and English. We invite you also to join Jewish Fiction .net on July 13 for an online program in celebration of our 10th anniversary year: “Jewish Fiction Written in 16 Languages: Stories as Reflections of Jewish Life Across Time and Place.”

Jewish Fiction .net – #26

Jewish Fiction .net is thrilled to share something joyful in these challenging times: our beautiful new issue (#26)! 23 marvelous stories originally written in Yiddish, Hebrew, and English, including one about Purim (“The Feast of Esther”), two about Passover (“What Elijah Brought” and “Plagued”), and a story that is intentionally set in between these two holidays (“Serah”). The first two of these four stories also take place during Covid. We hope all of these 23 wonderful works bring you insights, solace, and pleasure.

See What People Are Saying about Jewish Fiction.net

Have you had a chance to check out the 10th Anniversary issue of Jewish Fiction.net?

People are talking about it! The issue has been covered by The Jerusalem PostDetroit Jewish NewsOpen Book, and the Canadian Jewish Record, among other publications.

Since the journal’s first issue in 2010, they have published over 400 works of fiction never before published in English. These were originally written in sixteen languages (Italian, Spanish, French, Danish, English, Hungarian, Russian, Romanian, Serbian, Turkish, Polish, German, Croatian, Hebrew, Ladino, and Yiddish). This current issue contains 18 works of fiction, so don’t miss out on your chance to read exceptional Jewish fiction from a unique online journal.

Jewish Fiction .net – #25

This Rosh Hashana marks exactly ten years since the founding of Jewish Fiction .net! Since our first issue came out on Rosh Hashana 2010, we have published over 430 works of fiction never before published in English, which were originally written in sixteen languages. We are a truly international journal with readers in 140 countries. Our new, 10th-anniversary issue of Jewish Fiction .net is now out and features 18 first-rate works of fiction originally written in Spanish, Yiddish, Hebrew, and English. We hope this special issue brings you pleasure, intellectual delight, entertainment, and comfort during this challenging time.

Congrats on 10 Years to Jewish Fiction .net

Congratulations to Jewish Fiction .net for ten years of publication!

From their website: “Since our first issue came out on Rosh Hashana 2010, we have published over 430 works of fiction never before published in English, which were originally written in sixteen languages.”

You can see this writing at their website, starting with their newly released tenth anniversary issue. The new issue offers 18 pieces of fiction originally written in Spanish, Yiddish, Hebrew, and English, including “The Old Days” by David Regenspan in honor of Rosh Hashana.

Lise de Nikolits Interviews Nora Gold

The Dead Man by Nora GoldFind a newly posted interview with Nora Gold at Lise de Nikolits’s blog. The two discuss Gold’s 2016 novel The Dead Man, her writing process, and her favorite ways to relax and unwind.

Gold is the editor of Jewish Fiction .net which just produced its 24th issue this past March. Visit their social media for curated lists of work relating to a similar theme that the journal has published in previous issues if you’re looking for even more good reads.