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Magazine Stand :: Fictive Dream – November 2022

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Fictive Dream is an online magazine for short stories (500-2500 words) that give an insight into the human condition. The publication features stories “with a distinctive voice, clarity of thought, and precision of language. They may be on any subject. They may be challenging, unsettling, uplifting, cryptic but, above all, they must be well-crafted and compelling.” The publication accepts submissions on a rolling basis and publishes one story every Friday and Sunday. Recent contributors include Gary Duncan, D.P. Snyder, Mike Fox, Len Kuntz, Douglas A. Wright, Sandra Arnold, A. J. Ashworth, and Jo-Anne Cappeluti. Fictive Dream also hosts the annual Flash Fiction February, featuring new flash throughout the month. Submissions are open to works 200-850 words until December 31, 2022.

Magazine Stand :: Fictive Dream – August-September 2022

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Fictive Dream is an online magazine for well-crafted and compelling short stories “that give an insight into the human condition.” Publishing several features on a rolling basis monthly, it’s a good idea to sign up for their email notifications so you never miss out on what’s new. Recent additions include “House Porn” by Francesca Leader, “Hangar Straight” by Emily Macdonald, “Now We Are Things” by Joanna Theiss, “The Vocabulary Builder of Utopia Gardens” by Roberta Beary, “Divine Intervention” by Mary Carroll Moore, “Vivana’s Aunt” by Gay Degani, as well as stories by Melissa Llanes Brownlee, Chris Haven, DS Levy, Mary Grimm, Sara Dobbie, Michelle Panik, Kerry Hadley-Pryce, and Gary Fincke. Each story is accompanied by an original artwork or photo.

Magazine Stand :: Fictive Dream – March-April 2022

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Open to year-round submissions, Fictive Dream publishes short stories “with a contemporary feel that give an insight into the human condition” in a beautiful, easy-to-access web format. Stories are posted regularly throughout the month based on contributions with e-mail updates sent to notify subscribers of updates (it’s free!). Recent stories include works by Kevin Brennan, David Butler, Gary Fincke, V.J. Hamilton, Gay Degani, Phil Cummins, Steve Cushman, Pamela Painter, Jo-Anne Cappeluti, and Cole Meyer.

Fictive Dream – Flash Fiction February 2022

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February was Flash Fiction month for online literary magazine Fictive Dream. Every day they featured one piece of flash fiction. You’ll find stories by Fiona J. Mackintosh, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Sandra Arnold, Cath Holland, Jude Higgins, and more. Stop by Fictive Dream‘s website to catch up and to start reading their March pieces.