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  • Driftwood Press Extends Application Deadline for Online Seminars

    Good news! If you missed the April 30 deadline for Driftwood Press’s 2020 Online Seminar Series, you’re in luck! They have extended the deadline to apply to May 30. These seminars will run for five weeks starting on June 1 and ending on July 3.

    The Erasure Poetry Seminar instructor is Jerrod Schwarz who teaches creative writing at the University of Tampa. This seminar features an in-depth look at the history, practices, and importance of erasure poetry. Every week students receive a video lesson, tailor-made writing prompts, and detailed feedback. The course will culminate in a Showcase Booklet of students’ work which will be made available for free download on Driftwood’s website.

    The Editors & Writers Seminar is targeted towards three types of writers: writers submitting to magazines and wanting to fight through the slushpile, writers who wish to be editors of short fiction or run a magazine, and writers who wish to become better editors of their own and others’ work. The instructor will be Driftwood Press Fiction Editor James McNulty. Students receive weekly video lessons, a writing or revision assignment, a reading assignment, and detailed feedback on writing assignments.

    Don’t forget that the biannual journal is open to submissions year-round and the publishing arm is currently open to submissions of novellas, graphic novels, and comic collections. They do charge a reading fee. Expedited response options available for journal submissions.

  • Driftwood Press Wants Your Graphic Work

    Any graphic novelists or comic creators in the house? Driftwood Press is eager to hear from you! They currently accept short graphic works (one image up to 22 pages of comic art) for publication in their biannual, online journal. They’re open to serializing longer graphic works with presentation of the work’s first chapter and a series outline. The editors also seek graphic novel manuscripts for publication consideration. Submit full or partial manuscripts via Submittable.

    Comic submissions to the magazine and graphic novel manuscript submissions are both free. Learn more about what they’re looking for at their website.

    But if graphic work isn’t for you, the magazine is still accepting submissions for two of their contests until July 1.

  • Event :: Driftwood Press Erasure Poetry Seminar

    Event Location: Online Only
    Application Deadline: April 30, 2020
    Applications are now open for the “Erasure Poetry” seminar! This seminar is offered completely online. The “Erasure Seminar” is perfect for poets looking to explore the history and techniques behind erasure poetry. Deadline to join is April 30th, and all students will be admitted on a first come, first served basis.

  • Event :: Driftwood Press Online Editors & Writers Seminar

    Event Location: Online Only
    Application Deadline: April 30, 2020
    Applications are now open for the “Editors & Writers: The Path to Publication” seminar. This is offered entirely online. The “Editors & Writers: The Path to Publication” seminar is perfect for short fiction writers who are submitting to magazines; come see the process and the craft from an editor’s point of view. Deadline to join the class is April 30th, and all students will be admitted on a first come, first served basis.

  • Reader, Writer, Editor – Driftwood Press Has You Covered

    Village of Knives by Helli FangDriftwood Press has plenty on the horizon for both readers and writers.

    Writers looking to hone their craft can benefit from the two seminars Driftwood Press offers—Editors & Writers: The Path to Publication, and a seminar for Erasure Poetry. These are both conducted online and have plenty of information to help guide writers and editors better their work. The deadline to apply for each of these is April 30.

    Readers can now order copies of Helli Fang’s new chapbook Village of Knives from the press. Chen Chen says of the collection, “The poems here listen to immigrant life and dream, to gendered expectation and subversion, to desire, to the body’s surging, briny rhythms.”

    If you’re interested in having your own poetry read by the editors, consider submitting your full-length manuscript. Submissions are currently open for the rest of the month, so act fast! If you do end up missing this submission period, there are still two contests currently open until July.

    Whether you’re looking to learn, read, or submit, Driftwood Press has you covered!

  • Driftwood Press 2020 Seminar Series

    In 2020 Driftwood Press will offer two courses in its Seminar Series. The first is an Erasure Poetry Seminar instructed by Jerrod Schwarz. He is an instructor of creative writing at the University of Tampa and his own erasure poetry has appeared in PANK, Entropy, Poets Reading the News, and the Plath Project. Applications open through April 30. This course will run five weeks from June 1 through July 3. The course is entirely online.

    The next course is the Editors & Writers Seminar. This is a five week online class designed for writers submitting to magazines, for writers who want to be editors of short fiction or literary magazines, and writers who want to become better editors of their own work and others’. The course will be limited to 20 students. Applications are open through April 30. Managing fiction editor of Driftwood Press, James McNulty is the instructor. The course will run from June 1 through July 3.

  • Call :: Driftwood Press

    Driftwood Press January 2020 issueDriftwood Press is not only a biannual digital and print literary magazine, but also a book publisher.

    Submissions are accepted year-round with expedited response options available. Besides general submissions for their journal, they are currently open to submissions of novellas, graphic novels, and comic collections.

    Many of their authors are offered editorships and interviews.

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