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Contest :: Driftwood Press Extends Deadline of 2022 Adrift Contests

2022 Adrift Contests deadline extended

That’s right! Driftwood Press has announced a deadline extension for its 2022 Adrift Contests. This means you now have until July 31 to submit unpublished poetry collections to the Adrift Chapbook Contest and or unpublished fiction to the Adrift Short Story Contest. Stop by their ad in the NewPages Classifieds to learn more.

Magazine Stand :: Driftwood Press – Issue 9.2

Driftwood Press online literary and art magazine Issue 9.2 cover image

Driftwood Press will be switching to an annual anthology structure, so this is the final “biannual” issue for readers to enjoy. The latest short stories “Winged,” “Sore Vexed,” and “The Great Fall” show off the versatility of Driftwood Press like no other issue: readers are moved from a war-torn country to a Norweigian countryside, then to a global pandemic of missing memories. This issue also includes numerous poems investigating the paranormal, gun violence, familial strife, and more. Driftwood Press also offers readers interviews with most of their contributors, with this issue featuring Chad Gusler, Caroline Bock, Kate Griffin, Daisuke Shen, Samantha Padgett, Emily DeMaio Newton, Danae Younge, Kindall Fredricks, Roben Gow, Danielle Shorr, Laura Goldin, Adriana Stimola, Kelly Gray, Amanda Hartzell, Austin Sanchez-Moran, Daniel Ferreira, and Amanda Ngo and Kendall Krantz, and additional works by Maxime Cousineau-Pérusse, Triin Paja, and Sofia Sears.

Contest :: 1 Week to Enter 2022 Adrift Contests from Driftwood Press

2022 Adrift Contests

That’s right! There’s only one week to submit unpublished poetry collections to the Adrift Chapbook Contest and short fiction to the Adrift Short Story Contest. The chapbook winner receives $1,000 and publication while the short story winner receives $500 and publication in literary magazine Driftwood Press. Enter by July 15, 2022. View their ad in the NewPages Classifieds to learn more.

Driftwood Press Announces Annual Anthology

Driftwood Press Annual Anthology release date logo image

The Driftwood Press editors just released this news: “We’re so excited to announce that Driftwood Press is transforming from a bi-annual literary magazine to an annual anthology. This change has been in the works for a long time, and we can’t wait to bring our readers over 200 pages in full color on a yearly basis, with our first anthology due out March 7, 2023!” The editors promise status quo on great content, just more of it, including stories, poetry, comics, interviews, and more. Subscription options will also reflect this change, and there is still one more biannual issue due out on July 1, which can be preordered here.

Contest :: Driftwood Press 2022 Adrift Contests Are Open

This year, Carl Phillips is leading the charge on the Adrift Chapbook Contest, and Allegra Hyde is tackling the Adrift Short Story Contest! The deadline for both contests is July 15th!

Our Adrift Chapbook Contest is our biggest contest of the year, so we’ve been able to up the award money to $1,000 for a single chapbook and $400 for any runners-up. On the fiction side, a single short story could nab you $500 as a winner or $200 as a runner-up. Folks loved how we increased our response speed for the In-House Short Story Contest, so we’re doing something similar for the Adrift Short Story Contest; check out the guidelines for more details. For our last fiction contest, we selected five stories for publication. That’s a lot of runners-up! Head over to our submission portal to get your work in soon!

New Book :: The Convert’s Heart is Good to Eat

The Convert's Heart is Good to Eat
Poetry by Melody S. Gee book cover image

The Convert’s Heart is Good to Eat
Poetry by Melody S. Gee
Driftwood Press, June 2022

Melody S. Gee’s The Convert’s Heart is Good to Eat meets at the intersection of cultural and spiritual identity, culminating in a set of harrowing poems that investigates how belief defines us. Melody S. Gee is the author of The Dead in Daylight (Cooper Dillon Books, 2016) and Each Crumbling House (Perugia Press, 2010), winner of the Perugia Press Prize. She is the recipient of Kundiman poetry and fiction fellowships, two Pushcart Prize nominations, and the Robert Watson Literary Prize. Her poems, essays, and reviews appear in Commonweal Magazine, Blood Orange Review, Lantern Review, and The Rappahannock Review. She is a freelance writer and editor living in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband and daughters. An excerpt from the collection:


Her mother’s first lesson
was chew your wants and spit
the pulp, grow skinny feeding everyone else your flesh.
A heart’s cargo is sometimes oil, sometimes crude. A spill can undo
the waterproof of any surface.
And still the diving birds must feed,
must point their beaks past the slick that seals the cornea to eternal blur.
Does the Lord ask her what she wants when he already knows its name?

New Book :: Bath

Bath, poetry by Jen Silverman book cover image

Poetry by Jen Silverman
Driftwood Press, May 2022

Winner of the Driftwood Press 2021 Adrift Chapbook Contest, Silverman’s work was selected for its geographical and lyrical style, with poems that “communicate harrowing insights into the landscape of relationships.” Jen Silverman is a New York-based writer and playwright. She is the author of the debut novel We Play Ourselves and the story collection The Island Dwellers (Random House) which was longlisted for a PEN/Robert W. Bingham Prize. Jen also writes for TV and film.

New Book :: Big Gorgeous Jazz Machine

Big Gorgeous Time Machine by Nick Francis Potter book cover image

Big Gorgeous Jazz Machine
Graphics and Poetry by Nick Francis Potter
Driftwood Press, March 2022

This is a collection of experimental graphic works and comics poetry. It includes more traditionally-minded comics (with a lyrical bent) with abstract and conceptual works, including text-based comics and comics inspired by modernist abstractions. Taken together, the work finds kinship with contemporary avant-cartoonists like Warren Craghead, Aidan Koch, and Simon Moreton, while striking out toward something altogether new. Nick Francis Potter is a writer, cartoonist, and educator who holds an MFA from Brown University and a PhD in English from the University of Missouri, where he currently teaches writing and theory in the Digital Storytelling Program.

New Book :: O

O by Niki Tulk book cover image

Poetry by Niki Tulk
Driftwood Press, July 2022

Chosen as one of three manuscripts for publication from their 2020 poetry collection reading, writer and performance artist Niki Tulk’s O explores the aftermath of sexual assault, unearthing myths, folklore, and profound truths about our collective history of violence, womanhood, and justice. Niki Tulk is an ex-pat Australian and experimental theatre-maker, improviser, writer, poet and author of Performing the Wound: Practicing a Feminist Theatre of Becoming (Routledge, 2022).

New Book :: One Person Holds So Much Silence

One Person Holds So Much Silence by David Greenspan book cover image

One Person Holds So Much Silence
Poetry by David Greenspan
Driftwood Press, March 2022

Chosen as one of three manuscripts for publication from their 2020 poetry collection reading, Greenspan’s work explores the intersection of physical and emotional traumas and was selected for its “surprising, jaw-dropping language from poem to poem.” Simultaneously lush and bizarre, the poems culminate in a striking deep dive into the pain and experiences of existing within a body. From self-harm to suicidal ideation, Greenspan tackles these topics through writing brimming with original language and wrought empathy. David Greenspan is a PhD candidate in Creative Writing at the University of Southern Mississippi and earned an MFA in Poetry from UMass Amherst.