Call :: Jay Lit Review Issue 1

Deadline: Rolling
Jay Lit Review call for critiques, commentary, research, essays, and translations. Fields of interest: African (youth) literature and literacy; African (youth) culture and language studies; African language education; feminist/gender, post/decolonial, reader-response, linguistic, comparative, etc. analysis; translation into/from African languages; related areas of study. Topics: African youths, youth culture and literature; reflections on teaching African languages; multilingualism in Africa, linguistics, related subjects. Educators, academics and translators invited to showcase knowledge and skills in their professional field. Postgrad essays on a variety of African youth concerns will be considered. Double-blind peer review. Visit africanyouthliterature.art.blog/the-jay-lit-review for more info. Email africanyouthliterature@gmail.com.

Call :: Journal of African Youth Literature Issue 2

The Journal of African Youth Literature Issue 1Journal of African Youth Literature issue 2 call for submissions of creative writing and artworks open now. Poetry, fiction, visual stories, plays, essays. Artworks of all kinds, including front cover. Criteria: Must be created by, about and/or for African youths (15-35 years). ‘African’ definition is, generally, born-in-Africa and of African heritage. Includes the diaspora, and not related to race or colour. Our mission is ‘Preserving African Youth Identities’ through creative expression. Visit africanyouthliterature.art.blog for more info. Email africanyouthliterature@gmail.com. See issue 1 at bit.ly/2SxiOI8.

Call :: Fleas on the Dog is Still Open for Issue 6

Reaching out takes many forms. We seek short fiction, poetry, plays, screenplays, and nonfiction for our upcoming Issue 6. You might be isolated but the world is at your keyboard—let’s connect. No, this isn’t a cheeky call like our previous ones. We don’t think that’s appropriate given the pandemic. But our enthusiasm and love of GOOD WRITING is unchanged and yes, we are still the crazy Dude Sextet. We want your junk and we want it now. See fleasonthedog.com for guidelines. Runs April 2-30.

Call :: BALLOONS Lit. Journal Seeks Work to Bring Warmth to Young Readers

Deadline: April 11, 2020
Many parts of the world have shut down under the threats of COVID-19. Schools are suspended, gatherings are discouraged. In this difficult period of time, BALLOONS Lit. Journal is seeking poetry, short stories, and artwork that brings warmth to our young readers. Works may praise the medical officers, mourn for the deceased, encourage the infected, cheer up the children staying home, show support to educators, reflect love and humanity or anything that brings out positive energy, the energy everybody needs now. Visit www.balloons-lit-journal.com for submission details. Stay healthy, stay happy!

Call :: Fleas on the Dog Issue 6

We’re the site your teacher warned you about! The no frills brown bag in your face thumb your nose online psychotropolis for the literarily insane. Get committed today! The infamous dude sextet is bustlin’, hustlin’, itchin’, and twitchin’ for QUALITY short fiction, nonfiction, poetry, plays, and screenplays that smell ripe and kick ass for our hopefully offensive upcoming Issue 6. If we like what you submit we’ll be all over you; if we don’t we promise to be gentle, especially if it’s your first time. See our Guidelines for details: fleasonthedog.com. Submissions open March 1-April 30.

Chinese Literature Today – Winter 2020

Chinese Literature Today - Volume 8 Number 2

In the latest issue of Chinese Literature Today, find a special feature on Twenty-First Century Chinese Theater with work by Liu Hongtao, Zhang Xian, Li Jing (including an interview with Li Jing by Liu Hongtao), Zhai Yueqin, Ding Luonan, Chen Jide, and Song Baozhen. Also in this tenth anniversary issue: a tribute to Jin Yong with work by Liu Hongtao, Paul B. Foster, and Weijie Song; work by Xiao Fuxing; and featured scholar Charles A. Laughlin.

Chinese Literature Today Celebrates 10 Years

Chinese Literature Today - Volume 8 Number 2Back at the end of August 2019, Chinese Literature Today celebrated its tenth anniversary. During the past ten years, the journal—a sister publication to World Literature Today—has published sixteen issues of Chinese work and culture. With their latest issue, the editors have chosen to celebrate by publishing “the first ever CLT special section on contemporary Chinese theater.”

In this feature, readers will find over fifty pages of work, including “Boundary-Crossing Experiments: Ecology of the Shanghai Avant-Garde Theater in the New Century” by Zhai Yueqin, translated by Josh Stenberg; an examination of experimental theater by Ding Luonan, translated by Nienyuan Cheng; an interview with Li Jing by Liu Hongtao, translated by David N. C. Hull; and more.