Contest Winners

Able Muse 2021 Write Prize Winners

Able Muse has just released the announcement of their 2021 Write Prize for Poetry and Fiction winners. The submissions were judged anonymously by the Able Muse Contest Committee and the final judges, William Baer (fiction) and Jehanne Dubrow (poetry).

Photos of Amina Gautier and E. D. Watson

Amina Gautier’s “We Ask Why” wins the Write Prize for fiction. Baer said the piece is “a deeply moving story that raises serious questions about personal identity and parentage.” The winning story will be published in the Winter 2021/22 edition of Able Muse.


  • Phylis C. Dryden– “Pink Eggs and Spam”


  • Amina Gautier – “You’ll Go”
  • Victoria Mac – “Shannon’s Hair”
  • Charlotte Pregnolato – “Moonless”
  • Alan Sincic – “The Book Of Naps”
  • Alan Sincic – “Not What You Think”
  • Rob Wright – “Between Worlds”

E. D. Watson’s “Twelfth of May” wins the Write Prize for Poetry. Dubrow states “What I so appreciate abut this poem is the wryness, its gift for evoking landscape…and the speaker’s sudden hunger in the early aftermath of trauma.” The winning poem and the finalists will be also be published in the Winter 2021/22 issue.


  • Stephen Gibson– “Little Dancer Aged Fourteen”
  • D. R. Goodman – “Wallet”
  • Leona Sevick – “My Mother’s Kitchen”


  • Paula Bonnell– “Black and White”
  • Partridge Boswell – “The Breakup”
  • Brian Brodeur – “Hard Water”
  • Leona Sevick – “Filial”
  • Natalie Staples – “She Looks Out over the Meadow”
  • Marilyn L. Taylor – “One by One”
  • Ryan Wilson – “Next Up”

Stay tuned for the 2021 Able Muse Book Award announcement.

Masters Review Winter Short Story Award Winner & Anthology X Finalists Announced

Phew, August has found The Masters Review making a lot of announcements.

First, they announced that Dean Jamieson is the winner of their Winter 2020-21 Short Story Award for New Writers. His winning story, “Straight to My Heart” can be read online. Plus, they also have an interview with Dean.

Corey Flintoff’s “Collection Of The Artist” took home second place. The story and an interview with Corey is also available.

Then they announced the ten finalists selected by guest judge Diane Cook for publication in The Masters Review Anthology X.

The Bird Rattle by Chelsy Diaz Amaya

Atlas, Bayonet, (War) Correspondence: An Abecedarian by Tanya Bellehumeur-Allatt

Limbs by Megan Callahan

Do Not Duplicate by John Darcy

Resurrection by Hilary Dean

Comfort Animals by Travis Eisenbise

Persimmon by Elissa C. Huang

All That Is or Ever Was or Ever Will Be by Eliana Ramage

A String of Lapis Beads by Greg Schutz

Sugar by Francis Walsh

And finally, they have announced that Nick Almeida’s Masterplans has won their inaugural chapbook contest. The book is forthcoming in Fall 2021 and you can read the titular story right now as a preview of what’s to come.

Carve Announces 2021 Raymond Carver Contest Results

Literary magazine CARVE offers the Raymond Carver Short Story Contest annually in the spring with winners appearing in their fall issue. The contest awards $3,000 across five prizes and is open to stories written in English from around the world.

The 2021 contest was judged by Leesa Cross-Smith who chose the top three prizewinners.

First – $2000: “Habits” by Morgan Green in Abington, PA

Second – $500: “The Pit” by Chris Blexrud in New Orleans, LA

Third – $250: “Field Dressing” by Mariah Rigg in Eugene, OR

Editors’ Choice – $125: “What Happened with the Librarian?” by Haley Hach in Rhinebeck, NY

Editors’ Choice – $125: “The Kingdom of the Shades” by Nina Ellis in London, UK


“Disappear” by Patricia King

“Eyrie Hours” by Stephanie Pushaw

“Mapping the New Hell” by Shana Hartmann

“Those People” by Melissa Gardea

“St. Felix Dance & Bowl” by Joshua Wales

Ruminate’s 2021 William Van Dyke Short Story Prize Winner

Screenshot of Ruminates 2021 William Van Dyke Prize Winner AnnouncementRuminate has announced the winner, runner up, and honorable mention for their 2021 William Van Dyke Short Story Prize. The final judge of the prize this year was Kelli Jo Ford whose debut novel Crooked Hallelujah made waves last year.

First Place: “The Florist” by Alex Cothren

Second Place: “A Guide to Removal” by Amber Baleser-Wardzala

Honorable Mention: “Kantingo Carried 16,980 Tons and a Gentleman” by George Choundas

These stories will be published in the Fall 2021 issue of Ruminate due out in mid-September. The issue is currently available for pre-order, so don’t forget to reserve your copy today if you aren’t a subscriber already.

2021 Jeff Marks Memorial Poetry Prize Winner and Finalists

The Spring/Summer 2021 issue of december includes the 2021 Jeff Marks Memorial Poetry Prize winner and finalists.

First Place
“Hold Tight” by John Okrent

Honorable Mention
“Disaster A/version/Re/vision” by Margaret Ray

“Voyeurs” by Joshua Boettiger
“A List of People Who Did Not Kill Me” by Tianna Bratcher
“Tower Block Twelve” by Elena Croitoru
“Mother & Son as Oyakodon II” by Michael Frazier
“Abecedarian on Hunger” by Naomi Ling
“True Story” by Chloe Martinez
“Cicadas” by Saudamini Siegrist
“My Mother’s House” by Isabelle Walker
“Back to the Body” by Alyson Gold Weinberg
“Also Be Lost” by Kelleen Zubick

You can grab yourself a copy of this issue at december‘s website.

2021 Dogwood Literary Award Winners

The Spring 2021 issue of Dogwood features the 2021 Dogwood Literary Award Winners in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

“My Hundred Years of Solitude” by Marcos Villatoro

“Ten-Foot Drop” by Maria Zoccola

“Little Black Dress” by Roberta Gates

This year’s contest judges were Sejal Shah (nonfiction), Lauren K. Alleyne (poetry), and James Tate Hill (fiction). Visit Dogwood’s website for a celebration of each of the winners with words from the judges and bios for the winning writers.

The Malahat Review’s 2021 Open Season Awards Winners

The winners of the 2021 Open Season Awards are in the Spring 2021 issue of The Malahat Review. This year’s judges were Rebecca Salazar for poetry, Philip Huynh for fiction, and Lishai Peel for creative nonfiction.

“Crossing” by Zilla Jones

Creative Nonfiction
“Mondegreen Girls” by Tanis MacDonald

“Merchant Vessels” by Matthew Hollet

Check in with The Malahat Review in August when this contest opens for submissions again.

2020 Allen Ginsberg Poetry Award Winners

Grab a copy of Paterson Literary Review to check out the writers who placed in the 2020 Allen Ginsberg Poetry Award.

First Prize
“To My Husband, Driving into Bad Weather” by Sara Henning
“What I Wanted When I Was Twelve” by Ray Petersen

Second Prize
“Augury” by Mary Crosby
“The Truth about Cats” by Jason Craig Poole

Third Prize
“I Worry about Atatiana Jefferson’s Nephew” by Rachelle Parker

Honorable mentions and editor’s choice pieces are also included in the issue.

Poet Hunt 25 Winners

“While the contest is called the ‘Poet Hunt,’ I didn’t actually have to hunt very long for worthy poems; they arrived in batches, and it was quite a literary bounty,” Matthew Olzmann says introducing the winner and honorable mentions of Poet Hunt 25 in the Winter 2021 issue of The MacGuffin.

“No Rehearsal” by Vivian Shipley

Honorable Mentions
“Bright Spot” by Rita Schweiss
“Dogs and Ominous Weapons” by John Jeffire

Following the winning poems, readers can find a selection of poems by the guest judge of Poet Hunt 26, Indigo Moor.

2021 MAYDAY Fiction and Poetry Prize Winners

photograph of a young man and womanOn June 17, online literary magazine MAYDAY Magazine announced the results of their 2021 MAYDAY Prizes in poetry and fiction. The winners each received $1,000 and broadsides of their work will be available soon.

2021 MAYDAY Poetry Prize was judged by Jacques Rancourt. He selected “Garçon,” by A. Shaikh as the winner.

Finalists included “Southern Thundering” by Gustav Hibbett; “What My Mother Never Told Me” by Michael Meyerhofer; “During the Pandemic, I Watch Caddyshack Again & Again” by  Christina Olson; and “The Cousin’s Secret” by Lindsay Wilson.

For the 2021 MAYDAY Fiction Prize, Kali Wallace selected Haley Kennedy’s “Shapeless” as the winner.

Finalists included “Paradise” by Joshua Beggs; “The Book of Rusty” by Benjamin Drevlow; “Tia Marilena’s Rainbow Eggs” by Xenia Lane; “Lolly Pop” by Toby Lloyd; and “Valley State” by Reilly Weed. Semifinalists included “Verge” by Emma Eisler; “The Management” by Ron Heacock; “Nudists” by Jeffery Long; and “A Trip to Valpo” by Mark Williams.

MAYDAY also has a listing on NewPages, so don’t forget to swing by there, too.