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New Book :: The High Price of Freeways

The High Price of Freeways by Judy Juanita book cover image

The High Price of Freeways
Stories by Judy Juanita
Livingston Press, July 2022

Co-Winner of the Tartt First Fiction Award, this collection looks at the Black experience in Oakland, California, from the founding of the Black Panthers to present day. Judy Juanita is a teacher, poet, novelist, and playwright who served as editor-in-chief of the newspaper of the Black Panther Party in 1968 while attending San Francisco State and joined the nation’s first Black Student Union.

4th Annual Adrift Chapbook Contest Winners Available for Pre-order

2021 Adrift Chapbook Contest Winners banner

Driftwood Press has announced last year’s Adrift Chapbook Contest Winners are available for pre-order on their website.

Jennifer Silverman’s Bath is set to be released in May of this year. 2021 contest judge Traci Brimhall had to say this about Silverman’s collection

Jen Silverman’s poems are baptisms of desire. They’ve traveled the world and come back to tell you the pleasure to be found there, the holes of each leaving, the way it is all “drenched in light and wine.” Economical in syntax and generous in image, Bath astonishes at every turn with its heart, its wisdom, its waters.

Melody S. Gee’s The Convert’s Heart is Good to Eat is set to be released in June. Brimhall said of Gee’s collection

Melody Gee’s gorgeous poems offer both divine wounds and delicious consolations. At the intersections of the familial and the sacred, The Convert’s Heart is Good to Eat reminds us that what is created is also consumed. Beautiful, sensory, and aching, this collection reminds us that not all hungers are mortal ones.

Pre-order your copies today!

Gemini Magazine Announces Winners of 13th Annual Flash Fiction Contest

Banner with gemini magazine 13th annual flash fiction contest winners written on it

Online literary magazine has officially released the results of its 13th annual Flash Fiction Contest. First place is “Thirteen Tips for Photographing Your Nephew’s Bar Mitzvah When You Still Can’t Forgive Your Brother-in-Law” by Nancy Ludmerer.

You will be able to read Nancy’s story and five additional finalists in Gemini‘s next issue due out later this month, including second place “The Tea Taster” by William Torphy.

Honorable Mentions:

  • “Where the Dandelions Grow” by Genalea Barker
  • “Rerun,” Yvonne Navarro
  • “Santa Fe,” Dawn Burns
  • “The Light of a Nearby Moon,” Heather Pfeffer

Baltimore Review – Winter 2022

The Winter 2022 issue of Baltimore Review features creative nonfiction by Lucinda Cummings, Patricia Dwyer, Dan Hodgson, and contest winner Daniel Rousseau; fiction by Ross McCleary, Evan Brooke, Nicholas Otte, Mariah Rigg, and contest winner Robin Tung; and poetry by Francine Witte, Sara Henning, Rose Auslander, Stephanie McCarley Dugger, Lisa Suhair Majaj, and contest winner Aekta Khubchandani.

Head on over to Baltimore Review‘s website to read the Winter 2022 issue.

2021 Far Horizons Award for Short Fiction Winner

Congratulations to Ben Lof, winner of The Malahat Review‘s 2021 Far Horizons Award for Short Fiction. Lof won with his piece “Naked States.”

The story begins:

In January, Frank said to April, No more alcohol. This was not a New Year’s resolution. The vermouth pancakes tasted only of vermouth.

April said, Who the heck is named “Frank” anymore? I mean, what is this, the 1960s?

Frank said, That’s the booze talking, that kind of meanness. You used to be witty.

Oh? said April. I’m still witty, pal. Got buckets and buckets of wit.

So they dropped alcohol.

Lof was also interviewed for this issue, and you can check out the interview on The Malahat Review‘s website.

2021 William Van Dyke Short Story Prize Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 William Van Dyke Short Story Prize in Issue 60 of Ruminate.

First Place
“The Florist” by Alex Cothren

Second Place
“A Guide to Removal” by Amber Blaeser-Wardzala

Honorable Mention
“Katingo Carried 15,980 Tons and a Gentleman” by George Choundas

Finalists include Nina Gaby, Elizabeth Paley, Lauren Loftis, Skye Anicca, Catherine Miller, Alberto Daniels, and Suphil Lee Park.

Read comments on the winners from Judge Kelli Jo Ford inside the issue as an introduction to the pieces.

Robertson Prize Winners in Glass Mountain Volume 27

Glass Mountain hosts their annual Boldface Writers’ Conference. Attendees are invited to enter the Robertson Prize after revising their work. Winners of this free contest (one per genre) receive $100 and publication in Glass Mountain. This year’s winners are included in Volume 27.

“Four Yelp Reviews (After J. Bradley)” by Robin Burns
“The Masseuse” by John Cai
“An Obituary for the Ginko Berry Tree in Drexel” by Coutney DuChen

Learn more about the Boldface Conference here.

The Greensboro Review – Fall 2021

Featuring the Amon Liner Poetry Prize winner, “Pygmalion” by Megan Gower, an Editor’s Note from Terry L. Kennedy, and new work from Dan Albergotti, Talal Alyan, Ricky Aucoin, Joseph Bathanti, Ronda Piszk Broatch, Grant Clauser, Whitney Collins, Beth Dufford, Susan Grimm, Paul Guest, Julie Innis, Mary Elder Jacobsen, Justin Jannise, Julia Kenny, Mary Ann Larkin, Trapper Markelz, Joy Moore, Tomás Q. Morín, Elle Napolitano, and more. Find more contributors at The Greensboro Review website.

2021 Raymond Carver Contest Winners

The Fall 2021 issue of Carve is out now and features the winners of the Raymond Carver Contest, guest judged by Leesa Cross-Smith.

First Place
“Habits” by Morgan Nicole Green

Second Place
“The Pit” by Chris Blexrud

Third Place
“Field Dressing” by Mariah Rigg

Editors’ Choice
“What Happened With the Librarian?” by Haley Hach
“Kingdom of the Shades” by Nina Ellis

You can learn more about each story by checking out the author interviews following each piece. Print and digital issues are available at Carve‘s website.