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Brilliant Flash Fiction 2022 Writing Contest Results

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Online literary magazine Brilliant Flash Fiction announced the winners of their Welcome 2022 Writing Contest judged by Pamela Painter on June 1. This year’s contest saw over 1,000 international entries that kept the editors busy for months.

First place was awarded to L. Michelle Souleret’s “Marsh Omen Augury” in which the narrator is called upon to figure out what thirty-three egrets appearing in an area means.

Helen Chamber’s “Granny Holds Me to Account” won second place as the judge enjoyed the humor and the surprises while A.K. Cotham’s “Driving by Moonlight” won third place for its opening dramatic ride “running full tilt into the future with another wild, and oddly life-affirming, ride.”

Read the stories and view the complete Shortlist at Brilliant Flash Fiction‘s website.

New Book :: The Man with Wolves for Hands

The Man with Wolves for Hands, a novella by Juan Eugenio Ramirez book cover image

The Man with Wolves for Hands
Novella by Juan Eugenio Ramirez
Southeast Missouri State University Press, September 2022

With panting, slobbering wolves where his hands should be, The Man with Wolves for Hands builds shelves, attends an HR meeting, gets drunk in a kiddie pool with his friend The Cowboy, and stumbles into a bacchanalian wake, held in a forest clearing, for a deceased soldier. In The Man with Wolves for Hands, Metaphor folds into allegory, folds into psychological exploration, folds into a meditation on trauma and struggle. These vignettes about a man and his lupine hands explore what it means to be compassionate in a world where perception is tenuous and morality fluid. Elements of myth and folklore anachronistically color the narrative creating a story that winds itself through both the present and some distant, primordial past. Winner of the Nilsen Literary Prize for a First Novel.

New Book :: Lost, Hurt, or in Transit Beautiful

Lost Hurt or in Transit Beautiful
poetry by Rohan Chhetri book cover image

Lost, Hurt, or in Transit Beautiful
Poetry by Rohan Chhetri
Platypus Press, June 2022

Selected as the winner of The Kundiman Poetry Prize, Rohan Chhetri’s collection of poetry Lost, Hurt, or in Transit Beautiful is a travelogue of belonging. In parts a separation, a crossing of borders and landscapes, in others the sorrow and depths of home. But ultimately, this is the journey of weary travelers making ghosts of the night. Rohan Chhetri, a writer and translator, is the recipient of a 2021 PEN/Heim Grant for translation, and his poems have appeared in The Paris Review, Academy of American Poets’ Poem-a-Day, Revue Europe, AGNI, and New England Review and have been translated into Kurdish, Greek and French.

New Book :: Coining a Wishing Tower

Coining a Wishing Tower poetry by Ayesha Raees book cover image

Coining a Wishing Tower
Poetry by Ayesha Raees
Platypus Press, March 2022

Selected by Kaveh Akbar as winner of the 2020 Broken River Prize, Coining a Wishing Tower by Ayesha Raees is both story and song, a lyrical narrative that gathers and releases. There are moments of childlike wonder and of adult meditation — oftentimes one and the same. In fragments both real and unreal, this is a book of rituals, of history, of surrender. Ayesha Raees identifies herself as a hybrid creating hybrid poetry through hybrid forms. Raees currently serves as an Assistant Poetry Editor at Asian American Writers’ Workshop The Margins and has received fellowships from the Asian American Writers’ Workshop, Brooklyn Poets, and Kundiman. From Pakistan, she currently lives between Lahore and New York City.

Story Foundation Prize Winner 2022

“Stuck” by Laura Venita Green of New York, New York, is this year’s winner of the third annual Story Foundation Prize. Her story will be featured in the Story summer 2022 issue, which will be released in June.

Story Editor-in-Chief Michale Nye says this about the winning entry: “Green’s story is about a young woman named Tess, who is struggling with alcohol (to put it mildly) and babysitting two children for the weekend while their father is out of town. Then, a mysterious and peculiar Evangelical girl comes in from the woods. It gets stranger from there. It’s a rich, peculiar story that stood out for its evocative characters and wonderful tension throughout the narrative. A truly unforgettable story that I know you’re going to love reading.”

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New Book :: The High Price of Freeways

The High Price of Freeways by Judy Juanita book cover image

The High Price of Freeways
Stories by Judy Juanita
Livingston Press, July 2022

Co-Winner of the Tartt First Fiction Award, this collection looks at the Black experience in Oakland, California, from the founding of the Black Panthers to present day. Judy Juanita is a teacher, poet, novelist, and playwright who served as editor-in-chief of the newspaper of the Black Panther Party in 1968 while attending San Francisco State and joined the nation’s first Black Student Union.

4th Annual Adrift Chapbook Contest Winners Available for Pre-order

2021 Adrift Chapbook Contest Winners banner

Driftwood Press has announced last year’s Adrift Chapbook Contest Winners are available for pre-order on their website.

Jennifer Silverman’s Bath is set to be released in May of this year. 2021 contest judge Traci Brimhall had to say this about Silverman’s collection

Jen Silverman’s poems are baptisms of desire. They’ve traveled the world and come back to tell you the pleasure to be found there, the holes of each leaving, the way it is all “drenched in light and wine.” Economical in syntax and generous in image, Bath astonishes at every turn with its heart, its wisdom, its waters.

Melody S. Gee’s The Convert’s Heart is Good to Eat is set to be released in June. Brimhall said of Gee’s collection

Melody Gee’s gorgeous poems offer both divine wounds and delicious consolations. At the intersections of the familial and the sacred, The Convert’s Heart is Good to Eat reminds us that what is created is also consumed. Beautiful, sensory, and aching, this collection reminds us that not all hungers are mortal ones.

Pre-order your copies today!

Gemini Magazine Announces Winners of 13th Annual Flash Fiction Contest

Banner with gemini magazine 13th annual flash fiction contest winners written on it

Online literary magazine has officially released the results of its 13th annual Flash Fiction Contest. First place is “Thirteen Tips for Photographing Your Nephew’s Bar Mitzvah When You Still Can’t Forgive Your Brother-in-Law” by Nancy Ludmerer.

You will be able to read Nancy’s story and five additional finalists in Gemini‘s next issue due out later this month, including second place “The Tea Taster” by William Torphy.

Honorable Mentions:

  • “Where the Dandelions Grow” by Genalea Barker
  • “Rerun,” Yvonne Navarro
  • “Santa Fe,” Dawn Burns
  • “The Light of a Nearby Moon,” Heather Pfeffer

Baltimore Review – Winter 2022

The Winter 2022 issue of Baltimore Review features creative nonfiction by Lucinda Cummings, Patricia Dwyer, Dan Hodgson, and contest winner Daniel Rousseau; fiction by Ross McCleary, Evan Brooke, Nicholas Otte, Mariah Rigg, and contest winner Robin Tung; and poetry by Francine Witte, Sara Henning, Rose Auslander, Stephanie McCarley Dugger, Lisa Suhair Majaj, and contest winner Aekta Khubchandani.

Head on over to Baltimore Review‘s website to read the Winter 2022 issue.