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  • New Book :: Henry Hamlet’s Heart

    Henry Hamlet's Heart by Rhiannon Wilde book cover image

    Henry Hamlet’s Heart
    YA Fiction by Rhiannon Wilde
    Charlesbridge, October 2022

    Henry Hamlet doesn’t know what he wants after school ends. It’s his last semester of high school, and all he’s sure of is his uncanny ability to make situations awkward. Luckily, he can always hide behind his enigmatic best friend, Len. They’ve been friends since forever, but Len is mysterious and Henry is clumsy, and Len is a heartthrob and Henry is a neurotic mess. Somehow it’s always worked. That is, until Henry falls in love. Hard. How do you date your best friend? Rhiannon Wilde’s first novel invites readers to explore this passionate story of growing up, letting go, and learning how to love.

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