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  • Cave Wall Open Submissions FAQs

    Cave Wall Literary and Art Journal cover image

    Although March is coming to a close, there’s still time to make the Cave Wall: A Literary Journal of Poetry and Art March-April 2022 submission deadline. To help guide writers through the process, Cave Wall shared this FAQ with us:

  • Cave Wall Offering Fall Subscription Deal with Feedback

    cover of Cave Wall's Winter 2019/Spring 2020 issueFall Subscription Deal: The first 20 people who purchase a 2 year (4 issue) subscription OR a set of back issues may receive feedback on one poem from one of the following Cave Wall editors/poets: Rhett Iseman Trull (Editor), Sandra Beasley (Editorial Advisory Board), Sally Rosen Kindred (Contributing Editor), Renee Soto (Contributing Editor),  Lisa Ampleman, Cathy Smith Bowers, Lauren Camp, Julie Funderburk, Jennifer Grotz, Terry Kennedy, Sandy Longhorn, Amelia Martens, Dayna Patterson, Joel Peckham, Jim Peterson, Molly Spencer, Matthew Thorburn, or Lesley Wheeler.

    Visit our subscription page here, if you are interested: www.cavewallpress.com/subscribe.html.

    Once you make your purchase, we will email you to set up the details of your poem feedback. Some subscribers have taken us up on this offer but we have 12 spots remaining.

  • Maggie Smith Writes to America

    Magazine Review by Katy Haas

    In Cave Wall Number 16, Maggie Smith writes a poem to America. “Tender Age” focuses on the reality of the country, which is decidedly “not what I learned / in grade school.” Instead, this America “caged / even the babies.”

    She questions who our laws serve, questions where the country’s conscience lives, or where it’s been removed from. Reminiscing on the past, Smith writes of the street she grew up on and the church she attended, as well as the handbells played there. These memories are unburied again as she wonders whether there will be “neighborhoods / named for this undeclared war” like we’ve named ones “Lexington, / Bunker Hill, Valley Forge.” Finally, the piece ends on the images of the handbells again ins sobering stanza:

    America, when we want to silence
    the bells, we extinguish
    their open mouths
    on our chests.

    This poem is unfortunately continuously timely and relevant with the continued practice of caging migrant children and following the recent news that another 1,500 have been “lost.” Smith’s poem encourages readers to join in as she speaks to America and against the horrific, harmful systems we’ve created.

  • Cave Wall – Winter 2019 Spring 2020

    The latest issue includes poetry by Lisa Zimmerman, Sally Rosen Kindred, Jennifer Bullis, Carolyn Oliver, Andrea Potos, Michael McFee, Patricia Clark, Cathy Smith Bowers, and more. Art by Andis Applewhite. Read more at the Cave Wall website.

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