Sponsor Spotlight :: Grand Little Things Seeks to Promote Formal Poetry

Grand Little Things logoFledgling online literary magazine Grand Little Things is a journal that embraces versification, lyricism, and formal poetry. Founded in 2020, they feature new poems on a rolling basis. They have recently published work by Dawn Corrigan, Chris Bullard, Brian Yapko, Liana Kapelke-Dale, Peggy Landsman, Ken Gosse, Dan Campion, and P.J. Martin.

They like all formal poems from the sestina to the couplet to sonnets to villanelles and seek to feature new, established, and emerging poets. They also publish blank or free verse poems that utilize traditional poetic techniques.

They believe “language is small. It’s just markings that we’ve assigned meaning to. However, that meaning fills the entirety of our universe.”

Swing by their listing on NewPages to learn more and don’t forget they are open to submissions.

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