Smorgasbords Don’t Have Bottoms

nplus1-article.jpgSmorgasbords Don’t Have Bottoms. N+1 magazine. A long read touching on Borders, Amazon, the Kindle, indie bookstores, ebooks, audiobooks, Barnes & Noble, conglomerate publishing, Trump books, the end of fact-checking and editing, Goodreads, indie publishers, and more.

“… there is a giant constellation of books being produced by America’s independent publishers, carefully edited and intelligently marketed, that are worth reading. Though they face long odds and ghastly profit margins (n+1 barely breaks even on books we sell through Amazon), in a destabilized media environment, books published by independents often get the same degree of press as those with six-figure marketing budgets, their impact on the culture wildly disproportionate to their authors’ and publishers’ limited means.”




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