Magazine Stand :: Alaska Quarterly Review – Spring/Summer 2022

Alaska Quarterly Review Spring Summer 2022 literary magazine issue cover image

The Spring/Summer 2022 Alaska Quarterly Review was ‘slightly’ delayed due to what are now typical supply chain issues compounded with a cyber-attack – as in “you can’t make this stuff up,” but nothing, and I mean no thing will stop great literature from getting into the hands of the people! This issue is primed and ready for your beach bag or summer vacay getaway with Stories by Andrew Porter, Mark Jacobs, Molly McNett, Paulette K Fire, Jessi Lewis, Karen Nicoletti, Cary Holladay, William Weitzel; Essays by Heather Lende, Allison Field Bell, Joyce Dehli; Poetry by Patricia Hooper, Michael Waters, Kelli Russel Agodon, Jane Zwart, Laura Foley, Teresa Ott, Chloe Honum, Francesca Bell, W J Herbert, Eloise Klein Healy, Martha Silano, Kate Lebo, Jody Winer, Olena Kalytiak Davis, Anne Coray, Kathleen A Wakefield, Susan O’Dell Underwood, Vivian Faith Prescott, Francine Merasty, Allison Albino, Andrew Koch, Mike Seid, Huan He, Donald Platt, Maria Zoccola, Mercedes Lawry, Didi Jackson, AE Hines, and Jane Hirshfield,

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