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Magazine Stand :: Sleet – Summer 2022

Sleet online literary magazine summer 2022 issue logo image

Summer Sleet 2022 is now online! It’s a beautiful, especially moving edition featuring student poets from Thunder Mountain and Yaakoosge Daakahidi high schools in Juneau, Alaska, in a “By Invitation Only” category. David Buck, Nakima Budke, Joseph Cavanaugh, Elizabeth Djajalie, and Savanna Tisher offer readers a view of the Alaskan landscape and what it means to “be from” this vast northern community. Summer Sleet 2022 also hosts Poetry by Samir Atassi, Nancy Botkin, Jack Chielli, E.J. Evans, Marsha Foss, Scott Gardner, Mom’s Dementia, Paul Ilechko, Kathryn Kysar, Debbie Laffin, John Palen, Joan Roger, Dan Sicoli, Suzanne Swanson, Matthew A. Toll, Cody Triplett, Jay Wittenberg; Creative Nonfiction by Mary Casey Diana, Mariana Navarrete, Anthony J. Mohr; Fiction by Vicki Addesso, Scott Gardner, Mike Herndon, Jerry Kivelä; and a fun section called “Irregulars” with unique contributions from Melanie Alberts, Kathryn Kysar, Mary Lewis, Colette Parris, Holly Pelesky, Edwina Shaw, Tee, and T. Wallace. Sleet is free to read online, and Sleet is currently open for submissions until August 31, 2022. All work, all topics welcome with a special theme for the winter edition: TATTOOS. Visit their website for more information.

July 2022 :: Issue 85 of Kaleidoscope Available Now! Accepting Submissions Year-round.

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In this issue you’ll find nuggets of contentment as authors share stories of disability and the connections they experience with those who travel this journey with them. A pioneer in its field, Kaleidoscope magazine publishes literature and artwork that creatively explore the experience of disability. Submit your best work to us today! Visit our website or view our flyer for more information.

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July 2022 eLitPak :: Divot Poetry Reading for Issues 5 & 6

Screenshot of Divot Poetry's flyer for the June 2022 eLitPak
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Rolling submission deadline
Divot Poetry wants to read your poems for Issues 5 and 6. We value fresh imagery and startling ways to describe the human condition. See our submission guidelines for full information. We look forward to reading your poetry; you inspire us. View flyer or visit website to learn more.

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Magazine Stand :: Otis Nebula – 17

Otis Nebula online literary magazine Issue 17 cover image

Otis Nebula Editor Andrea Perkins writes that the newest issue (#17) “features the work of thirteen writers ranging from the deeply established to one who is debuting in our ‘pages.’ We also invited our contributors to participate in the creation of an ‘otis,’ which is a linked poem form generated by a simple prompt.” Eleven contributors collaborated, “donating” seed words for each other, the editors chipping in, so that each writer had twelve words to incorporate. Otis Nebula provides full guidelines for this form on their site here. Otis Nebula is a digital magazine with all issues available for free online. Contributors to Issue 17 include Peter Cole Friedman, Nathaniel Kennon Perkins, J.D. Nelson, Cameron Morse, Andrew Haley, Maria Berardi, Jennifer Ruth Jackson, Ken Meisel, Martine van Bijlert, Rebecca Pyle, Mark DeCarteret, Julia Wendell, and Chey Chesser.

Magazine Stand :: The Missouri Review – Spring 2022

The Missouri Review literary magazine Spring 2022 issue cover image

The Missouri Review Spring 2022 issue (45.1) features the 2021 Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize Winners: Alix Christie (fiction), Matthew Wamser (essay), Jennifer Perrine (poetry), as well as a special feature with Michale Millner on the Jack Kerouac Archive and a portfolio of artwork by Kristine Somerville in full color, “Boxed In: The Art of Assemblage.” The issue also includes Poetry from Kelli Russell Agodon and David Moolten, Fiction from Joy Baglio, John Fulton, and Peter Mountford, Essays by Susan Neville and William Roebuck, plus: “America’s Left Bank: Jessie Tarbox Beal’s Greenwich Village Photographs.”

Magazine Stand :: The Lake – July 2022

The Lake online magazine of poetry and reviews logo image

The July 2022 issue of The Lake online poetry magazine is now available and features Frank De Canio, Agnieszka Filipek, Jeff Gallagher, Kasha Martin Gauthier, Sarah James, Yvonne Higgins Leach, Beth Mcdonogh, Mark Parsons, Tim Taylor, and Rodney Wood. There are also reviews of George Bilgere’s Central Air and Peter Roberts’ Night Owling, and “One Poem Reviews,” which is one poem from a collection to help writers get the word out about their publications. This month features works by Joanne Durham, Estill Pollock, Susan Taylor, and Melody Wang.

Magazine Stand :: The Woven Tale Press – July 2022

The Woven Tale Press issue 10 number 5 literary magazine cover image

The July 2022 issue of The Woven Tale Press Literary and Fine Art Magazine promises “haunting portraiture, the surreal, architectural mixed media, poetry, fiction, and more!” The Woven Tale Press “strives to grow the online presence of noteworthy writers and visual artists” and encourages readers to visit contributors’ websites. Featured this month are works by Simon Berson, Ann-Marie Brown, billy cancel, Brut Carniollus, Lawrence F. Farrar, Chuck Fischer, David Mason, Robert Garner McBrearty, David Provan, Carolyn Schlam, and Elizabeth Searle. Readers can subscribe for free email delivery and view the publication online. Cover image by Carolyn Schlam.

Magazine Stand :: The Tiger Moth Review – Issue 8

The Tiger Moth Review online literary magazine Issue 8 cover image

The Tiger Moth Review Editor Esther Vincent Xueming’s introduction to Issue 8 begins: “This issue celebrates life. // This issue celebrates love. // This issue celebrates joy. // This issue celebrates and sings of the light that continues to shine on endlessly, even after death. This issue celebrates the infinity of time, of love as bending time. This issue chooses to celebrate death as a transition from the physical into the spiritual, as a carrying on rather than an ending of.” Fully online, The Tiger Moth Review features art and literature “that engages with nature, culture, the environment, and ecology.” To carry out this celebration and engagement are works by a global cast of contributors:

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Magazine Stand :: Poetry Magazine – July/August 2022

Poetry Magazine July August 2022 issue cover image

The July/August issue of Poetry Magazine is guest-edited by Esther Belin, a Diné (Navajo) multimedia artist and writer, and is dedicated to the topic of  Land Acknowledgments. In the “Dear Reader” introduction, she writes:

“One of the biggest take backs is the re-territorializing of language. In this issue, quite a number of Indigenous writers are expanding poetics, resuscitating tribal languages, refashioning the English language with tribal meter, rhythm, and sound. I hope more than a few readers will understand the significance of this feat. Little more than fifty years ago, many of these writers would have been overlooked, misunderstood, or questioned about the legitimacy of their poetics. This volume acknowledges the history of racism and privilege in how access to publishing has been extended and the selection process of those eventually published. This volume acknowledges that the represented writers merely hint at the momentum of literary sovereignty occurring in Indian country, in addition to Indigenous writers throughout the globe.”

Writers included in this seminal issue are Allison Akootchook Warden, Manny Loley, Beth Piatote, Dean Rader, Abigail Chabitnoy, Valerie Wallace, Elise Paschen, Gabriel Dunsmith, Anthony Cody, Max Early, Franklin K.R. Cline, Michael Thompson, Megha Rao, Jayant Kashyap, Hao Guang Tse, Micaela Merryman, Halee Kirkwood, Ariana Benson, Arthur Sze, Michelle Whitstone, Tina Deschenie, Majda Gama, Ibe Liebenberg, Carol Moldaw, Toni Giselle Stuart, Jake Skeets, Laura Da’, Jay Wieners, Yvonne, Jennifer Militello, Krysten Hill, Jessica Kim, Khải Đơn, Yaccaira Salvatierra, Bai Juyi, Tim Tim Cheng, and Adedayo Agarau. There is also an interview with Arthur Sze. Poetry Magazine and its many wonderful resources are free online.

Magazine Stand :: Superpresent – Summer 2022

Superpresent magazine of the arts Summer 2022 issue cover image

Superpresent magazine of the arts Summer 2022 issue is themed “Signs and Symbols,” and the editors comment that “works selected seem both grounded and abstract. Some of the works are mysterious and some surprisingly direct.” Most assuredly, there is a lot to choose from to enjoy, with works from over fifty contributors – prose, poetry, art – and the ever-cool film section with links/QR codes to a unique selection of short art films. Superpresent is available to download as a PDF or by subscription, mailed four times per year.