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  • Magazine Stand :: Still Point Arts Quarterly – Summer 2022

    Still Point Arts Quarterly literary magazine Summer 2022 cover image

    Published by Shanti Arts, the Summer 2022 issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly has been released! The theme of this issue is “Gardening: An Instrument of Grace.” It includes the work of roughly fifty artists and writers from around the world and includes essays, poetry, fiction, art, and more. The digital edition is free for anyone who signs up to receive it via email, and print copies are available by subscription or single-issue purchase. Still Point Arts Quarterly is one of the most beautiful, high-quality production art and literary journals on the market. You can view the current art feature here to see for yourself: Art Exhibit. Readers can also download many past issues as well as other art exhibits.

  • Magazine Stand :: The Hunger – Issue 11

    The Hunger online literary magazine Spring 2022 cover image

    The Hunger promotes itself as “a journal of visceral writing” published online annually in the spring. The Hunger Press is also home to the Tiny Fork Chapbook Series which holds a yearly chapbook contest in the Summer. The Spring 2022 issue provides a wealth of great content, with Poetry by Nisha Atalie, Kristen Holt-Browning, Byron Xu, Sara Ryan, Anastasia Waid, billy cancel, Allison Blevins & Joshua Davis, Chrissy Martin, Benjamin Bartu, Geula Guerts, Melissa Eleftherion; Fiction by Monica Wang, Sarah Brokamp, Andrew Cusick, Divya Maniar, Sabrina Small, Anastasia Jill; Nonfiction by Abby Hagler, Brittany Ackerman, Stephanie Couey, E.N. Walztoni, Rebekah M. Devine; Hybrid works by Sarah J. Sloat, Sarah Carson, Jennifer K. Sweeney, Gianna Marie Starble, Kylie Gellatly; and Artwork by Bill Wolak, Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad, Janelle Cordero, Sherry Shahan, Arden Hunter, Silas Plum, and Afresh Frankincense.

  • Magazine Stand :: Dark Matter: Women Witnessing #14

    Dark Matter Women Witnessing online literary magazine cover image

    Dark Matter: Women Witnessing is an online publication of art and writing created in response to this “age of massive species loss and ecological collapse.” But in addition to cataloging these atrocities, the editors seek works “with a message for how we might being to heal our broken relationship to the earth.” Edited by the team of Lise Weil, former editor of the US feminist review Trivia: A Journal of Ideas (1982-1991) and Trivia: Voices of Feminism (through 2011); Kristin Flyntz, whose area of expertise is Literature of Restoration as taught by Deena Metzger; and Metta Sáma, founder of Artists Against Police Brutality/Cultures of Violence and a Senior Fellow of Black Earth Institute. Dark Matter: Women Witnessing accepts all forms and genres of writing as well as artworks in all mediums, in response to the issue’s theme, with special features “Dreams and Visions” and “After•Words” responses to other media. Reading for the newest issue began this month. The current issue (#14) features works by Pam Booker, Suzette Clough, Jojo Donovan, Perdita Finn, Kristin Flyntz, Hilary Giovale, Kathleen Hellen, Chez Liley, and Shante’ Sojourn Zenith. All back issues are available to read online.

  • June 2022 eLitPak :: Divot Wants to Read Your Poems! You Inspire Us!

    Screenshot of Divot Poetry's flyer for the June 2022 eLitPak
    click image to open PDF

    Divot Poetry is reading for Issues 5 and 6. We value fresh imagery and startling ways to describe the human condition. See our submission guidelines for full information. We look forward to reading your poetry. Rolling submission deadline. View flyer or visit website to learn more.

    If you’re not subscribed to our weekly newsletter, view the full June 2022 eLitPak here.

  • Magazine Stand :: The Light Ekphrastic – Issue 50

    The Light Ekphrastic online literary art magazine Spring 2022 cover image

    Pairing writers and artists, each issue of The Light Ekphrastic online creates a space for a new poem, story, photograph, painting or other piece of artwork inspired by work previously submitted by their partner artist. Contributors typically have about six weeks to create their new work. Founded by editor Jenny O’Grady in 2010 as a way of inspiring friends who hadn’t written or made art in a while to get back into practice, the newest issue features works in conversation by Marlayna Demond, TS S. Fulk, Lela Hannah, Mary Huddleston, Layla Lenhardt, Timothy Nohe, Keleigh Norman, and Beth Schabb Williams. What a beautiful, poignant, and playful venue! Submissions are open year-round.

  • New Lit on the Block :: The Muleskinner Journal

    The Muleskinner Journal online literary magazine logo image

    Started as a “pandemic passion project,” The Muleskinner Journal is an online publication of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry that publishes “journal entries” (individual pieces) throughout their submission period as well as a quarterly journal.

    While The Muleskinner Journal name comes from the nickname of Editor in Chief, Gary Campanella, the mission of the journal is in keeping with the muleskinner – or mule-driver – a profession that requires its animal companion to get the job done. “We look for writing of all kinds that uses skill, wit, and determination to deliver the goods,” which speaks to the clear partnership between writers, readers, and the publisher. “We accept and publish poetry, short fiction, flash fiction, short scripts, excerpts from longer works, memoir, criticism, craft essays, artwork, journalism, and shopping lists.” And for both new and established writers, the guidelines are clearly inviting: “We don’t care who you are, as long as you are the author of what you submit.”

  • June 2022 eLitPak :: Submit to CARVE Year-round!

    screenshot of Carve's flier for the NewPages June 2022 eLitPak
    click image to open PDF

    Carve accepts submissions all year round, from anywhere in the world. We pay the writers we publish ($100 for fiction; $50 for nonfiction/poetry) and have generous word count limits: up to 10,000 for fiction/nonfiction and 2,000 for poetry. We publish all three genres in print, and fiction is also published online. Submit your best work todayView flyer for more details.

    If you’re not subscribed to our weekly newsletter, view the full June 2022 eLitPak here.

  • Magazine Stand :: The Mantle Poetry – Issue 18

    The Mantle Poems Issue 18 Spring 2022 online literary magazine cover image

    The Mantle Poetry online literary magazine welcomes poetry for its quarterly publication, with the next deadline coming up July 7, 2022. The editors encourage writers to “Send your odd, poignant, beautiful poems. Send poems you’re proud of, whether raw, refined, or jagged.” Up to three previously unpublished poems any style or length per submission period. Check out the current issue with works by Suhrith Bellamkonda, Kyle Seamus Brosnihan, Lori Lamothe, Rebecca Macijeski, Juanita Rey, Maryfrances Wagner, and Elana Wolff.

  • Magazine Stand :: The Mercurian – Spring 2022

    The Mercurian A Theatrical Translation Review Spring 2022 cover image

    Hailing from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, The Mercurian publishes translations of plays and performance pieces from any language into English, theoretical pieces about theatrical translation, rants, manifestos, and position papers pertaining to translation for the theatre, as well as production histories of theatrical translations. The most recent issue includes “1948” by Mara Parkhomovsky, translated from Hebrew by Atar Hadari; “atlas” by Thomas Köck, translated by Marc Silberman; “CyranA” adapted from Edmond Rostand, by Doug Zschiegner; and “The Girl Who Was Cyrano” by Guillermo Baldo, translated by LuisDa Molina Rueda. This issues as well as back issues can be fully accessed online.

  • Magazine Stand :: Rattle Young Poets Anthology 2022

    Rattle Young Poets Anthology 2022 cover image

    If I was on a desert island and could only have ONE literary journal, I would choose the Rattle Young Poets Anthology. This publication always gets my jaw to drop with the first poem and the rest just compound my being impressed, humbled, and motivated to read works by writers all under the age of fifteen. “As always,” the editors write, “this is not a book of poems for children, but the other way around—these are poems written by children for us all, revealing the startling insights that are possible when looking at the world through fresh eyes.” The anthology comes bundled with the companion issue of Rattle for subscribers but can also be ordered separately online. Submissions for the next anthology are open until November 15 annually. The 2022 edition includes poems from Melody Maxfield Cortez (10), Alenka Doyle (15), Lyla Foster (6), Daphne Frank (13), Sloane Flaherty Getz (15), Holly Haeck (15), Lucille Healy (4), Elizabeth Kerr (9), Sophia Liu (15), Anna Meister (15), Vitek Mencl (8), Evie Pugh (6), Reagan Rafferty (13), Kashvi Ramani (15), Skyler Rockmael (14), Syazwani Saifudin (14), Lily Blue Simmons (15), Mazzy Sleep (9), Alisha N. Wright (15), Avery Yoder-Wells (15), and Cynthia Zhang (14). Cover photo by M-A Murphy.

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