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  • Event :: Environmental Writers Conversation An Online Conversation with Sandra Steingraber and Taylor Brorby promo image invites participants to attend an online conversation between acclaimed environmental writers and activists Sandra Steingraber and Taylor Brorby. In this event, noted environmental author and activist Sandra Steingraber is in conversation with Taylor Brorby about his debut memoir, Boys and Oil: Growing Up Gay in a Fractured Land. This conversation is sponsored by, with Zoom hosting provided by the University of Arizona,
    Monday, June 27, 2022, 5 p.m. PT / 6 MT / 7 CT / 8 ET. Registration is free.

  • Magazine Stand :: The Dillydoun Review – June 2022

    The Dillydoun Review June 2022 literary magazine cover image

    The newest issue of The Dillydoun Review has a genre for everyone, perfect for your summer beach or favorite park bench reading. Just stay in the shade as you enjoy Short Stories by Soidenet Gue, Michael McGuire, Max Talley; Flash Fiction by Atom Cheung, Alice Orr, Kylee Webb; Poetry by Tobi Alfier, Jeffrey Dreiblatt, Jess Levens, Lilian McCarthy, Laura Ann Reed, Patrick Wilcox; Prose Poetry by Glenn Armstrong, Emily Kingery, Preeti Talwai; Nonfiction by Shannon Barbour, Matthew William Jeng-Zhe Seaton; Flash Nonfiction by Amanda Barnett, Giuseppina Iacono Lobo, James Morena, Sarahmarie Specht-Bird, and Guinotte Wise. All free to read online – so head on over today!

  • Magazine Stand :: Arkana – Spring 2022

    Arkana online literary magazine Issue 12 2022 cover image

    Published online biannually out of the Arkansas Writers’ MFA Program at the University of Central Arkansas, Arkana accepts works “from the whole universe at large” and seeks “inclusive art that asks questions, explores mystery, and works to make visible the marginalized, the overlooked, and those whose voices have been silenced.” Fulfilling this expectation, Arkana Issue 12 includes fiction by Zachary Johnson, Andrena Zawinski, and Erin Townsend; creative nonfiction by Melissent Zumwalt and Molly Wadzeck Kraus; poetry by Talya Jankovits, Aliah Jocelyn, Neha Rayamajhi, Lauren Scharhag, Leticia Priebe Rocha, Dante Di Stefano, and Saramanda Swigart; and interviews with Elizabeth Rush and Kai Coggin.

  • Magazine Stand :: Glassworks – Spring 2022

    Glassworks literary magazine spring 2022 issue cover image

    Originally founded in 1779 as “GlassWorks in the Woods,” Glassworks is a publication of the MA in Writing program at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ, publishing both free-access online and print copy for purchase. Glassworks Issue 24 features artwork by Guilherme Bergamini, Rachel Coyne, Elinora Lord, and Leah Oates; fiction by Charlie Beckerman, Marco Etheridge, and Garth Robinson; nonfiction by Cole Brayfield and Cheryl Skory Suma; and poetry by Jared Beloff, Joel Best, Susana H. Case, Jessica de Koninck, Iris A. Law, Sharon Lopez Mooney, Toti O’Brien, Susan Chock Salgy, Kira Stevens, Denise Utt, Austin Veldman, and Cynthia Ventresca. Glassworks’ reading period is August 15 – December 15 for submissions in artwork, fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, flash, and hybrid forms. ​There is no fee to submit through November 30 OR for the first 1,000 submissions, whatever comes first. After that, there is a $2 fee. Don’t delay!

  • Discover Oracle: Fine Arts Review

    Oracle: Fine Arts Review was established in 2003 and is supported by the University of South Alabama Student Government Association, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Departments of English and Visual Arts.

    Run by students, this literary magazine publishes work from national and international writers and artists and is open to submissions every fall. Stop by their listing on NewPages to learn more about them.

  • Magazine Stand :: elsewhere – Issue 22

    elsewhere online literary magazine of short prose issue 22 spring 2022 cover image

    elsewhere online literary magazine of prose publishes works they consider “at the crossroads” with the editors caring “only about the line / no line” and asks writers for short works of flash fiction, prose poetry, and nonfiction that “cross, blur, and/or mutilate genre.” elsewhere further concentrates their efforts by publishing only six writers quarterly, and the newest issue highlights those top six with works—and a few opening lines to tantalize readers—from Benjamin Bartu (“good mercy, we’ve broken it at last!”), Cynthia Marie Hoffman (“The universal sign for choking is a hand clamped to the throat like an animal fastening teeth to its prey.”), Lis Moberly (“I disembowel a deer in the yard.”), Benjamin Niespodziany (“My neighbor bought a white Ferrari and painted it red then again back to white.”), Ken Poyner (“The birds are back.”), and Ren Weber “(I ask my neighbor if I can lean over the fence and take an orange from her tree.”). elsewhere is free to read online.

  • Salamander Magazine Announces New Poetry Award

    Salamander literary magazine logo image

    Salamander literary magazine has announced a new poetry award: Louisa Solano Memorial Emerging Poet Award for work published in the magazine. Funded by the Ellen LaForge Memorial Poetry Fund, the first two awards will actually be given retroactively from Salamander‘s latest two issues (54 and 55). The winner will receive a monetary award, announcement in a future issue, and an e-portfolio of their work provided for free access on Salamander‘s website. Award winners will also have the opportunity to offer a virtual reading with the judge and virtual class visits at Suffolk University, where Salamander is based.

    “Emerging,” the editors explain, “for our purposes, will mean poets who have not published more than one full-length poetry collection at the time of their publication in Salamander. Poets without any previous publication history will also be considered, as will poets who have published chapbooks but not a full-length poetry collection. No other basis will be used to narrow down the possible eligibility. Writers can be of any age, background, location, etc.”

    For more information, stay tuned to the Salamander website.

  • Magazine Stand :: Bending Genres – Issue 27

    Bending Genres online literary magazine logo image

    The newest issue of Bending Genres online literary magazine features fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction they consider “thrilling, oddball, unusual, and stunning.” Filling out the expectations for this spring 2022 issue are works from Travis Dahlke, Lisa Weber, Deanna Baringer, Miriam Gershow, Cole Beauchamp, Michael Beard, Marisa Vargas, Bupinder Bali, Kristin Bonilla, Stuart Watson, Koss Just Koss, Mugdhaa Ranade, Margo Griffin, Dan Higgins, Audrey Carroll, Brad Liening, Adrian Frandle, Jenny Stalter, Adrienne Barrios and Leigh Chadwick, Rod Martinez, Isabelle Doyle, Nicholas Claro, Gary Reddin, R.J. Lambert, Mikki Aronoff, J.A. Pak, Slawka G. Scarso, Rachel Laverdiere, Bobby Miller, and Shane Kowalski. Submissions for Bending Genres are open year-round and the publication is free to read online along with a full archive.

  • Magazine Stand :: Rattle – Issue 76

    Rattle poetry magazine issue 76 cover image

    The Summer 2022 issue of Rattle features a “Tribute to Prisoner Express,” a non-profit program based in Ithaca, New York, which sends books into prisons, allowing prisoners to communicate with each other creatively through a newsletter. Last year, Elizabeth S. Wolf donated her Rattle Chapbook Prize-winning collection, Did You Know?, to the program, and encouraged participants to write chapbooks of their own. The resulting poems were so powerful, that the editors decided they had to share. The issue includes an introduction by Elizabeth, and a conversation with the program’s director, Gary Fine, discussing the profound role expressive writing can play in rehabilitation. In addition to the contributions from thirteen Prison Express participants, this issue also features works from Nicelle Davis, William Virgil Davis, Kristina Erny, Mark Fitzpatrick, David Galloway, Lola Haskins, Emily Ruth Hazel, Alexis V. Jackson, Shawn Jones, Laura Judge, Lynne Knight, Milica Mijatovič, Abby E. Murray, Valerie Nies, Eri Okoye, Kathryn Paulson, Erin Redfern, Mather Schneider, George J. Searles, Maia Siegel, Elizabeth Spenst, Susan Vespoli, Wendy Videlock, and Arhm Choi Wild.

  • New & Noted Lit and Alt Mags – June 2022

    NewPages receives many wonderful literary magazine and alternative magazine titles each month to share with our readers. You can read more about some of these titles by clicking on the “New Mag Issues” tag under “Popular Topics.” If you are a publication looking to be listed here or featured on our blog and social media, please contact us!

    Agni, 95
    Allium, Spring 2022
    Arkana, Issue 12
    Atlanta Review, Spring-Summer 2022
    Bending Genres, Issue 27
    Blink Ink, #48
    Bomb, Summer 2022
    Catamaran, Summer 2022
    Cimarron Review, Winter-Spring 2021
    Collateral, Spring 2022
    Conjunctions, 78
    Dark Matter: Women Witnessing, #14

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