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Magazine Stand :: Cleaver – Summer 2022

Cleaver Literary Magazine Summer 2022 issue cover image

The newest issue of Cleaver, the online “cutting-edge art and literary” journal with work from a mix of established and emerging voices features Short Stories by Rebecca Ackermann, Nathan Willis, Mariana Sabino, Lara Markstein, Maggie Mumford, Gemini Wahhaj; Poetry by Mitchell Untch, Sadie Shorr-Parks, Mateo Perez Lara, Mimi Yang, Alex Wells Shapiro, Matt Thomas; Flash Fiction and Nonfiction by Meg Pokrass, Timothy Boudreau, Rosemary Jones, Tess Kelly, Jamie Nielsen, Will Musgrove, Russell Barajas, Francine Witte, Damian Dressick; Creative Nonfiction by Deb Fenwick, Luisa Luo, Peter DeMarco; and “War and Peace 2.0: A Visual Memoir” by Emily Steinberg, Visual Narrative Editor at Cleaver, and “To What Survived” sculpture portfolio by Mario Loprete. This issue’s cover design is by Karen Rile. Cleaver also has daily features an advice column, essays on craft, interviews, comix, and book reviews. The Cleaver Summer Lightning Flash contest is also still open for submissions until August 1.

Magazine Stand :: Carve – Summer 2022

Carve Honest Fiction literary magazine Summer 2022 cover image

The Summer 2022 issue of Carve “Honest Fiction” has a lot to offer readers to fill out the lazy days of summer reading: Fiction from Jason Ferris, Seher Fatema Vora, Patrick J. Zhou, and Susannah Rickards.; Poetry from Dan Wiencek, Sarah Dickenson Snyder, Stacey Forbes, and David Greenspan; “Deline/Accept” with Josh Rolnick; “One to Watch” with Matthew Vollmer by Kira Homsher; Interviews by the editors and reading committee; and Illustrations from Carve‘s resident artist, Justin Burks.

Magazine Stand :: THEMA- Summer 2022

Thema Summer 2022 literary magazine cover image

THEMA is a theme-related journal with three goals: to provide a stimulating forum for established and emerging literary and visual artists; to serve as source material and inspiration for teachers of creative writing; and to provide readers with a unique and entertaining collection of stories, poems, art and photography. The theme for this newest issue is “Watch the birdie!” and it inspired works from Brenda Robert, Anne Dalziel Patton, Patrick Cabello Hansel, Laine M. Harrington, DS Maolalai, Lynda Fox, Peter Venable, Julieanna Blackwell, Robert Ronnow, Margaret Pearce, Kenneth Chamlee, Martins Deep, R. David Bowlus, Pamela Hobart Carter, HB Salzer, Christine Duncan, Larry Lefkowitz, E. P. Fisher, Michele Ivy Davis, Lynda Fox, William L. Ramsey, Brenda Robert, Jeanie Greensfelder, George Michael Brown, and Juliane McAdam. Forthcoming themes include “So, THAT’S why” (deadline November 1, 2022) and “Help from a stranger” (deadline March 1, 2023).

Magazine Stand :: The Shore – Issue 14

The Shore online poetry magazine Summer 2022 issue cover image

The just-released summer issue of The Shore online poetry magazine of cutting, strange, and daring work from new and established poets alike is glistening with powerful work! In it is hot new poetry by Flourish Joshua, Aron Wander, James Kelly Quigley, KJ Li, Meghan Sterling, Alyx Chandler, Derek N Otsuji, Robert Fanning, Siobhan Jean-Charles, Ariel Machell, V. Batyko, Marcy Rae Henry, Hannah Riffell, Anne Taylor, Lily Beaumont, Jennifer Martelli, Lisa Trudeau, Kimberly Kralowec, Laura Vitcova, John MacNeill Miller, Aaron Magloire, Abdulkareem Abdulkareem, Molly Tenenbaum, Joseph Housley, Kayla Rutledge, Samuel Burt, Chris Kingsley, James Owens, Alexandre Ferrere, Urvashi Bahuguna, Amanda Roth, Jory Michelson, Miceala Morano, Seth Leeper, Michael Lauchlan, Summer Smith, Mary Lou Buschi, Jack B Bedell, Adam Gianforaco and Robert Beveridge. It also features amazing art by Roger McChargue.

Magazine Stand :: Writing Disorder – Summer 2022

Writing Disorder online literary magazine Summer 2022 issue cover image

Writing Disorder online literary quarterly is on a mission to showcase new and emerging writers – particularly those in writing programs – as well as established writers. For readers, that means this newest issue offers a great blend of curated Fiction by Jennifer Benningfield, Don Donato, Jane Frances Gilles, Cecilia Kennedy, Steve Levandoski, Ed Peaco, Isabelle Stillman; Poetry by Ali Asadollahi, Christine Horner, Susan Jennifer Polese, RE DRUM cadre, M.A. Schaffner, Glen Vecchione; Nonfiction by Thomas Backer, Paul Garson, Graeme Hunter, Sara Watkins; and Art by Derek Art. Swing by and check it out, free and accessible online.

Magazine Stand :: Off the Coast – Summer 2022

Off the Coast Summer 2022 issue of poetry and art cover image

The biannual online journal of poetry and art, Off the Coast means to provide a space for diverse and marginalized voices. This issue takes its name, “To the Forest Between Trees” from a line in Laura King’s poem “Not the World I Was Born Into,” combined with art by Dylan LaVallee to create the cover. Other works included in this issue come from Diana Donovan, Mary Ann Larkin, Hannah Grady, Elder Gideon, Becky Kennedy, Laura Schulkind, Mike Cohen, Joel Ferdon, Joel Fry, Kathleen Gunton, Simon Perchik, James Miller, Laura Schulkind, Russell Rowland, Margaret B. Ingraham, James Dewey, David McCann, Judith Fox, M. Nasorri Pavone, and a translation from Ivan de Monbrison.

Magazine Stand :: Cutleaf – Issue 2.13

Cutleaf online literary magazine issue 2.13 cover image

The newest issue of Cutleaf online literary journal from EastOver Press is now live In this issue, Robert Fanning attempts to translate distance into love in three poems beginning with “Snow and Roses.” Patricia Foster considers what it means to start a conversation with strangers in “The Boys.” And, in Casey Pycior’s expertly crafted story “O’er the Ramparts,” readers are introduced to a man, Kent, who struggles with everything: job, marriage, parenting. And compounding this struggle are a new neighbor, a video game, and the launching of fireworks. This issue features turn-of-the-century hypnotism posters from The Donaldson Lithographing Co. based in Newport, Kentucky.

Magazine Stand :: Hamilton Arts & Letters – 15.1

Hamilton Arts and Letters literary magazine issue 15.1 cover image

Hamilton Arts & Letters 15.1 is “The Candian Chapbook Issue” guest-edited by Jim Johnston and Shane Neilson, and it is not enough to just name names here, but check out some of these titles to get a much better idea of the content:

“Chapbooks as Living Art: An Interview with Cameron Anstee, Ashley Obscura and Adèle Barclay”; Interviewed by David Ly

“MANIFESTO: Visual Poetry for Women” and “Coda for Women Making Visual Poetries” by Dani Spinosa

“A Perspective on Poetry Chapbooks, 1999-2021” by Jason Dewinetz

“The Alfred Gustav Press: WHEN I MAKE A CHAPBOOK” by David Zieroth

“In Praise of the Mayfly: A Survey of Canadian Micropresses Part 2” by Jim Johnstone

And a section of several videos from the Ontario D/deaf/HoH, Disabled, Mad and Neuroatypical Poetics Festival held in April 2022.

Other contributors to this issue include Jim Johnstone, Shane Neilson, Adam Lawrence, David Zieroth, Dewinetz, Monica Plant, Gillian Dunks, Astra Papachristodoulou, sophie anne edwards, Robert Colman, Tanya Adèle Koehnke, Violet Arenburg, Sarah Cavar, Diane Wiener, Sarah de Leeuw, and George Elliot Clarke.

HA&L is free to read online as well as in print by subscription.

Magazine Stand :: Alaska Quarterly Review – Spring/Summer 2022

Alaska Quarterly Review Spring Summer 2022 literary magazine issue cover image

The Spring/Summer 2022 Alaska Quarterly Review was ‘slightly’ delayed due to what are now typical supply chain issues compounded with a cyber-attack – as in “you can’t make this stuff up,” but nothing, and I mean no thing will stop great literature from getting into the hands of the people! This issue is primed and ready for your beach bag or summer vacay getaway with Stories by Andrew Porter, Mark Jacobs, Molly McNett, Paulette K Fire, Jessi Lewis, Karen Nicoletti, Cary Holladay, William Weitzel; Essays by Heather Lende, Allison Field Bell, Joyce Dehli; Poetry by Patricia Hooper, Michael Waters, Kelli Russel Agodon, Jane Zwart, Laura Foley, Teresa Ott, Chloe Honum, Francesca Bell, W J Herbert, Eloise Klein Healy, Martha Silano, Kate Lebo, Jody Winer, Olena Kalytiak Davis, Anne Coray, Kathleen A Wakefield, Susan O’Dell Underwood, Vivian Faith Prescott, Francine Merasty, Allison Albino, Andrew Koch, Mike Seid, Huan He, Donald Platt, Maria Zoccola, Mercedes Lawry, Didi Jackson, AE Hines, and Jane Hirshfield,

Magazine Stand :: Salamander – Spring/Summer 2022

Salamander Spring Summer 2022 literary magazine cover image

Boasting a twenty-year publication run, Salamander hails from the English Department at Suffolk University in Boston. This newest issue features poetry from over 50 authors, including Akhim Yuseff Cabey, Kelly Weber, Keith Leonard, John Sibley Williams, Robbie Gamble, J.P. White, Jane Zwart, Mag Gabbert, Luiza Flynn-Goodlett, Mel McCuin, Kassy Lee, Eliza Browning, Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick, Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán, Anthony Borruso, Luke Patterson, Alina Stefanescu, Rita Feinstein; Fiction by Bergita Bugarija, Megan Peck Shub, Anita Trimbur, Jade Song, Julialicia Case; and Creative Nonfiction by Rochelle Hurt and aureleo sans. Cover art by Wes Holloway (in addition to a full-color portfolio inside).