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Magazine Stand :: The Missouri Review – Summer 2022

The Missouri Review Summer 2022 issue print literary magazine cover image

Themed “Rescue Me,” the newest issue of The Missouri Review bids a final goodbye to Summer 2002 with new fiction from Caroline Casper, Sam Dunnington, Tim Erwin, Nur Kahn, and Amy Stuber. Essays by Christopher Kempf and Daniel J. Waters. Poetry from Davis McCombs, Kelan Nee, and Rachel Richardson. Also: Curio Cabinet on the marketing of Amelia Earhart, Art Feature on Dodo in Berlin, and a review from Sam Pickering.

Magazine Stand :: Whispering Wind Magazine – #333

Whispering Wind American Indian Past & Present issue #333 cover image

The newest bimonthly print issue of Whispering Wind Magazine: American Indian Past & Present is filled with well-researched and written articles related to history, crafts, and culture as well as information about related national organizations and events. In issue #333, readers can find “Umbilical Amulets: The History and Culture of the Sprite Lake Dakota” by Louis Garcia, “Hairbow Chokers: A Unique Style of Dentalium Choker” by Scott Thompson, “Central Plains Dance Bandolier: An Interesting Variant” by Richard Green, “Crow Hot Dance, 18102” by Allen Chronister, and “Recording the Collection” by Jim Olson. Regular features also include AuctionCorner, Museums & Galleries, BookCorner, Letters, Classified Ads, Curated Ads, and a cartoon by Terry Robinson. Whispering Wind is available in print or digital by subscription. Gift subscriptions are available.

Magazine Stand :: The Lake – November 2022

The Lake online magazine of poetry and reviews logo image

The November issue of The Lake poetry journal is now online featuring works by Bláithín Conneely Allain, Dorothy Baird, Robyn Bolam, L. J. Carber, Mike Cole, Julie Maclean, Lynn Pattison, J. R. Solonche, Sue Spiers, Hannah Stone. The Lake also publishes reviews, and this month’s issue includes commentary on Kathleen Rooney’s Where are the Snows, Oz Hardwick’s Reports Come In, and Jack Little’s Slow Leaving. Readers can also find what The Lake calls One Poem Reviews. These are single poems published from a recent book to help poets get the word out about their work. November poets include Claire Booker, Christina Buckton, Don Narkevic, and Emily Schulten.

Magazine Stand :: ICONOCLAST Celebrates 30 Years

Iconoclast print literary magazine fall 2022 issue cover image

For 30 years, more than 120 issues, ICONOCLAST Magazine has sought out and carefully selected the best new writing and poetry available from among all genres and styles and entertainment levels. Its mission is to provide a serious publishing opportunity for unheralded, unknown but deserving creators, whose work is often overlooked or trampled in the commercial, university, or internet marketplace. Among the writers appearing in ICONOCLAST first or early in their careers are Stephen Graham Jones (multi-genre fiction), Verbena “Ben” Pastor (several Italian bestsellers), Kyle Lung, and Marshall Williams. ICONOCLAST Poets that have won awards include Terrance Hayes, Marge Piercy, Gerald Locklin, Stanley Nelson, A D. Winans, and normal. As an independent, unaffiliated publication, ICONOCLAST has much of value to offer American life and letters. Single copies as well as subscriptions are available.

Magazine Stand :: Creative Nonfiction – Fall 2022

Creative Nonfiction print literary magazine Fall 2022 issue cover image

Creative Nonfiction #78 is themed “Experiments in Voice” and focuses on unconventional narrators and shifting perspectives. What is voice? How do you find yours? How can you change it, rearrange it, play with it? And then, how can you use it to make change in the world? This issue of Creative Nonfiction celebrates writerly playfulness, exploration, and risk-taking, featuring breathless, epistolary, speculative, second-person, and snarky essays. Plus, an interview with Hysterical memoirist Elissa Bassist, close reads of work by Steve Coughlin, Jaquira Díaz, Margo Jefferson, and R. Eric Thomas, micro-essays, and contributions from Sonya Huber, Beth Kephart, Leath Tonino, and Jill Christman among others.

Magazine Stand :: The Main Street Rag – Fall 2022

Main Street Rag print literary journal fall 2022 issue cover image

Hot off the press, the Fall 2022 issue of The Main Street Rag features an interview with author of Songbirds & Stray Dogs and Editor in Chief of Reckon Review Meagan Lucas on “The Business of Publishing.” The issue also includes Fiction by Michael L. Woodruff, Jennifer Anne Moses, David Bradley, Robert Perchan, David Sapp, Siamak Vossoughi, and Poetry by Richard Band, Anemone Beaulier, Jane Blanchard, Matthew J. Spireng, Ace Boggess, Gary Carter, Holly Day, RC deWinter, Joanne Esser, Andrea Potos, Craig Evenson, Gary Finke, Dennis Herrell, Joseph Hutchison, Lloyd Jacobs, Chuck Joy, Jeanne Julian, Robert Lee Kendrick, R.J. Lambert, Kevin LeMaster, Kerry Loughman, John Macker, Ken Massicotte, Gary Mesick, Deni Naffziger, Leslie Hodge, Andrew Oram, T R Poulson, Marjorie Power, Timothy Robbins, Peter McNamara, Russell Rowland, Peter Serchuk, Richard Weaver, Gabriel Welsch, Steven Winn, Francine Witte, Michael Young, and Richard Levine. TMSR is available in single copy as well as by subscription.

Magazine Stand :: AGNI – 96

Agni print literary magazine issue 96 cover image

The newest issue of AGNI continues the celebration of fifty years of publication, opening with William Pierce’s Editor’s Note “On the Fraught Subject of Value.” Co-editor Sven Birkerts and Founding Editor Askold Melnyczuk each contribute their own “Reflections at 50” essay, in addition to Fiction by Caren Beilin, Teju Cole, Jesus De La Torre, Tamas Dobozy, David Hayden, Emmelie Prophète, Ellen Wiese; Essays by Ariirau, George Estreich, Karl Kirchwey, Eileen Myles, Sofia Oumhani Benbahmed, Jessie van Eerden; Poetry by Kristina Andersson Bicher, Hannah Baker Saltmarsh, Michael Bazzett, Cyrus Cassells, Robert Cording, Daniela Danz, Diana Marie Delgado, Matt Donovan, Steven Espada Dawson, Chanda Feldman, Julien Gracq, Heo Nanseolheon, Mark Irwin, Preeti Kaur Rajpal, Wayne Koestenbaum, Janiru Liyanage, Alexa Luborsky, Oksana Maksymchuk, Corey Marks, Carol Muske-Dukes, Nicholas Pierce, Diane Seuss, Natalie Shapero, Elena Shvarts, Nomi Stone, Michael Torres, Tristan Tzara; and a retrospective art featuring images of agni/fire by Gerry Bergstein, Christopher Cozier, Katherine Jackson, Deepa Jayaraman, Wosene Worke Kosrof, Anne Neely, Rosamond Purcell and Anna Schuleit Haber with an essay by Associate Editor Shuchi Saraswat. Many works from the issue can be read in full on the publication’s website.

Magazine Stand :: The Meadow – 2022

The Meadow literary magazine from Truckee Meadows Community College 2022 issue cover image

Hailing from Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, Nevada, The Meadow has established itself as a leading annual literary publication with works being recognized by Utne Read, the Pushcart Prize anthology, The Best American Sports Writing anthology, and the Best American Essay anthology. Co-Editors Lindsay Wilson and Robert Lively have maintained one of the few literary journals in the country that publishes their students alongside experienced writers and artists and involves students in the production as well as board oversight of operations. Add to this: the publication is completely free. Print copies are distributed on campus, in the community, and to contributors, and a complete copy of the publication is available to read online via Flipbook platform. I only just started to read the 2022 edition, and am already taken by the opening poems: “The Ambulance Took Away Another Person Today” by Alice “Lucky” Lacerenza, “filaments” by Robin Gow, “plenty” and “big love” by Kolbe Riney, “Minor Miracles in Time Travel” and “Thirty Thieves and the Thunder Chief” by Patrick Meeds, “A Tooth is a Tree” by Matthew Burnside, and “The Walk” by Merlin Ural Rivera. With 74 contributors, this is the kind of magazine to “carry along” or bookmark to read whenever you can spare a free moment or hunker into and be swept away page after page.

Magazine Stand :: Carve – Fall 2022

Carve print literary magazine fall 2022 issue cover image

The fall issue of Carve means being able to read the winning entries of their annual Raymond Carver Short Story Contest!

First Place
“To Love a Stranger is Certain Death” by Brandon J. Choi

Second Place
“A Rugged Border” by Candice May

Third Place
“Don’t Speak” by Megan Callahan

Editor’s Choice
“Birdsong” by Abby Provenzano
“-K” by Ned Carter Miles

But that’s not all! The issue also includes interviews with each of the winners in a feature aptly titled “What We Talk About,” as well as Carve’s intriguing “Decline/Accept,” in which an author whose work Carve ‘declined’ was accepted elsewhere, giving the author a chance to explain their perspective on the rejection and the process that led to the work’s acceptance. This issue’s author is Steve Fox for his work “Then It Would Be Raining,” which Carve rejected and which went on to win the Whitefish Review Montana Prize for Fiction.

Readers can also enjoy poetry from Katy Aisenberg, William Erickson, Elizabeth Sylvia, Rachel Marie Patterson, and CooXooEii Black, nonfiction from Kimberly Knight, and the forward-looking “One to Watch” – an interview with Mazli Koca by Anna Zumbahlen.

Magazine Stand :: Willow Springs – Fall 2022

Willow Springs print literary magazine Fall 2022 issue cover image

Happy 90th to Willow Springs! Well, 90th ISSUE that is! Included in this installment is a special feature with Albert Godbarth, beginning with several poems and followed by an interview, which is a bit of a unicorn since Goldbarth “is not a fan of interviews. He would rather write poems than speak about them, and he would rather we read the poems than ask about them.” Also included in this issue are works by Hussain Ahmed, Rasha Alduwaisan, Nicole V Basta, Denver Butson, Aran Donovan, Kindall Fredricks, James Grabill, Juliana Gray, Tom Mccauley, Joan Murray, Matthew Nienow, Triin Paja, Amanda Maret Scharf, Emily Schulten, Melissa Studdard, Elizabeth Tannen, Fritz Ward, David Wojciechowski, Gregory Byrd, Anca Fodor, Jason Graff, Julie Innis, Anthony Kelly, and Lauren Osborn. And that beautiful goat on the cover is Heavens Falling by Alexis Trice.