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Stop by the NewPages Magazine Stand to find the latest issues of your favorite online, print, and electronic literary magazines.

  • Magazine Stand :: The Baltimore Review – Spring 2022

    The Baltimore Review online literary magazine spring 2022 issue cover image

    Spring has sprung a new issue of The Baltimore Review with online fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry by Melissa Faustine Chang, Emily Chase, M. Cynthia Cheung, Justin Hunt, David Kim, Kent Kosack, Andrew Kozma, Lara Longo, Cole Meyer, Devon Miller-Duggan, Yehoshua November, Anzhelina Polonskaya, Nicole Rollender, and Zoe Yohn. The Baltimore Review‘s current submission period ends May 31, as does their Summer 2022 Micro Lit Contest for works under 400 words. For more information, check out their submission guidelines.

  • Magazine Stand :: Spoon River Poetry Review – 46.2

    Spoon River Poetry Review Winter 2021 literary magazine cover image

    The Winter 2021 Issue of Spoon River Poetry Review (46.2) is filled with so much wonderful content, including the SRPR Illinois Poet Feature with poetry by Daniel Borzutzky, and an interview of the poet by Carlos Soto-Román; Editors’ Prize winning poem “diary of a dead eel boy” by Dean Gessie, selected by Aimee Nezhukumatathil, as well as runners-up poems by Shannon Pulusan and donia salem harhoor, honorable mention poems by Matthew Brailas, Patricia Gao, and Ani Tuzman, Allie Hoback, and Gabriel Jesiolowski; New poetry by Isaac Willis, Emma DePanise, Nathan Manley, Frank Jameson, Kristin Fogdall, Ann E. Michael, Frank Jamison, Antonia Pozzit translated by Amy Newman, and more; the SRPR Review Essay “Seriousness, Humorously” by Andrew Dorkin, who reviews books by Joan Retallack (BOSCH’D), Morgan Parker (Magical Negro), and Fred Moten (all that beauty); and poignantly beautiful cover art by Jessi Reid-Swiech.

  • Magazine Stand :: Consequence – Spring 2022

    Consequence literary magazine volume 14 cover image

    Consequence Forum is a nonprofit organization addressing the human consequences and realities of war and geopolitical violence through literature, art, and community events. Their newest print edition of Consequence (14.1) features poetry by Aaron Brown, Lorelei Bacht, Sam Cheuk, Ryan Harper, Leo Fernandez Almero, Elisabeth Murawski, Gail Peck, Claudia Serea, John Thampi, Maša Torbica, Angela Voras-Hills, Lynn White, Vidhu Aggarwal, Joseph Cermatori, Chloe Martinez, Rajiv Mohabir, Sam Reichman, Priya Sarukkai Chabria; fiction by D.J. Cockburn, Brecht De Poortere, Joshua Nagle, J.B. Polk; translations by Alexander Dumas, J Kates, Marta Lopez Luaces, Charlotte Gartenberg, Anzhelina Polonskaya, Andrew Wachtel; nonfiction by Dianna Cannizzo, Elaine Little, Pamela Hart, Gerald McCarthy, Michael Riordan; and visual art by Ko Z.

  • Magazine Stand :: Coastal Shelf #6

    Coastal Shelf Winter 2022 #6 online literary magazine cover image

    Billed as their first “annual” issue, Coastal Shelf #6 (Winter 2022) features “more long prose than ever (over 3k words, with a few even over 5k) which includes a mix of non-fiction and fiction, as well as a novel excerpt, and a really strong selection of poetry.” In addition to its “standard” contributions, Coastal Shelf offers two unique features: “Waterlogged Paper” are reprints of works that appeared in print, not online; “Ones That Got Away” are for pieces Coastal Shelf turned down that got accepted elsewhere with links to those publications. Contributors to this issue include poetry by Esther Ra, Alex Aldred, J.B. Hill, Savannah Williams, Cecil Morris, Justin Lacour, Francine Rubin, Andrew Najberg; flash prose by Sofia Spencer, Véronique Béquin, Thomas Kearnes; long prose, by Adrienne Pine, Rachel Carlson, Mac MacDaniel, Sherri H. Hoffman; “Waterlogged Paper” by Marisa P. Clark, Marisa P. Clark, Danny McLaren.

  • Magazine Stand :: New Letters – Winter/Spring 2022

    New Letters literary magazine winter spring 2022 issue cover image

    In the Editor’s Note to this double issue (VOL. 88 NOs. 1&2) of New Letters, Christie Hodgen explores a passage from Chekhov’s “The Lady with the Dog” and concludes, “As writers, we are able to put words to what is hidden; as readers, we experience the often humbling privilege of gaining access to others’ hidden lives – a privilege we almost never experience in the real world.” In this issue, readers have the privilege to enjoy the New Letters Award Series of winning works by R.J. Lambert, Patricia Cleary Miller Award for Poetry; Rachel Coonce, Conger Beasley Jr. Award for Nonfiction; Richard Hermes, Robert Day Award for Fiction; Erin McReynolds, Editor’s Choice Award; and Jesse Lee Kercheval, Editor’s Choice Award. In addition, the issue features fiction by Nicole Hazan, Bradley Bazzle, Andrew Peters, Essay, Jillian Barnet, Chelsea B. DesAutels, P.L. Watts; poetry by Christopher Howell, Gaskin, Alicia Ostriker, Wyatt Townley, Maurya Simon, Jeremy Pulmano, John Blair, Vanesha Pravin; reviews and commentaries by Daniel A Rabuzzi, David Newkirk, Natalie Johansen, Robert Stewart; and a full-color portfolio of painting and collages by Harold Smith, whose work is featured on the cover.

  • Magazine Stand – Concho River Review 36.1

    Concho River Review literary magazine spring/summer 2022 issue cover image

    The Spring/Summer 2022 issue of Concho Review Review features fiction by Marco Etheridge, David Harris, Paul Juhasz, Judy Stanigar, Gemini Wahhaj; poetry by Jonathan Bracker, Matthew Brennan, Nick Conrad, William Virgil Davis, Holly Day, David Denny, Lynn Domina, George Drew, Shawna Ervin, William Heath, Ann Howells, Ken Meisel, Gary Mesick, Elizabeth Rees, John Rutherford, Claire Scott, Matthew J. Spireng, Chuck Taylor, Larry D. Thomas, Barbara Tyler, Matthew Ulland, David Vancil, Maryfrances Wagner, Harold Whit Williams, Neal Zirn; and nonfiction by Janice Airhart, Michael Howarth, Kay Long, Gabriel Carlos Lopez. Cover photograph: UntamedPhotography by Tim L. Vasquez.

  • Magazine Stand :: Court Green – Spring 2022

    Court Green online poetry magazine spring 2022 issue cover image

    Named after Court Green, the property in Devon, England, where Sylvia Plath lived and wrote the Ariel poems, Court Green, the magazine editors say, is like that property in England: “a space where all kinds of poems are welcome, especially those you can’t always find elsewhere: long poems, fun poems, pop poems, poems from archives and unpublished notebooks, playful poems, taboo poems, and artifacts we call ‘poems’ even when they defy all our efforts to label them.” Issue #20 is testament, featuring multiple works by each Jack Skelley, Harryette Mullen, Amy Gerstler, James Shea, Patrick Culliton, Sandra Simonds, Sean Cho A., Kelly R. Samuels, Christopher Citro, Yvonne Amey, Grant Quackenbush, Megan Kaminski, Nick Rossi, CM Burroughs, Ron Koertge, Kathleen Rooney, Brandon Menke, Dan Alter, rob mclennan, Catherine Pierce, August Green, Cameron Martin, John Muellner, Vicki Iorio, and Denise Duhamel and Julie Marie Wade, as well as an interview with rob mclennan by Lisa Fishman, and an interview with Tim Dlugos by journalist Terry Gross for her radio program Fresh Air, produced by WHYY-FM in Philadelphia, on March 29, 1985. All works are available to read online at the Court Green website.

  • Magazine Stand :: Lunch Ticket – Issue 20

    Lunch Ticket Literary Art Magazine winter spring 2022 cover image

    Lunch Ticket Literary and Art Journal Winter/Spring 2022 is online for all to read published by the Antioch MFA in Creative Writing Program and features fiction by J. T. Townley, Poetry, Joanne Durham, Maya Lewis, Abhijit Sarmah, Ellen June Wright; Writing for Young People featuring Dana Blatte; flash prose by Brett Biebel, Jorge Torrente Cabrera, Minna Dubin, Eliot Li, Linda McMullen, Amber Wozniak; interviews with Robin Davidson, Crystal Hana Kim, Locascio Nighthawk, Paisley Rekdal, Sally Wen Mao; creative nonfiction by Julia F. Green, H’Abigail Mlo; the Diana Woods Memorial Award in Creative Nonfiction selections by Diane Forman, JoeAnn Hart, Kristin Marie, Dana Kroos; art by Guilherme Bergamini, Henry Hu, Dana Kroos; and the Gabo Prize for Literature in Translation & Multilingual Texts selections.

  • Magazine Stand :: Heartwood Literary Magazine – Spring 2022

    Heartwood Literary Magazine cover image

    Heartwood Literary Magazine is an alumni-run semi-annual online literary publication in association with the low-residency MFA program at West Virginia Wesleyan College in Buckhannon, West Virginia. The newest issue (#13) features poetry by Oisín Breen, Mary Lucille DeBerry, Pamela Hill Epps, Connie Jordan Green, Gabriel Green, David M. Harris, Peter Leight, Megan Wildhood, and Sara Dovre Wudali; creative nonfiction by Celesté Cosme, Molly Katt, Brina Patel, Amber Pierson, Laura Jackson Roberts, and Michelle Spencer; and fiction by Carl Boon, Melissa Feinman, Matt Gillick, Emily Krauser, and Martin Toman. Heartwood is free to read online here. Heartwood also hosts the annual Heartwood Poetry Prize Contest, open this year from May 15 – June 15, and judged by Bill King, the 2021 Heartwood Poetry Prize Winner.

  • Magazine Stand :: About Place – May 2022

    About Place May 2022 online literary magazine cover image

    In the Preface to the May 2022 issue of online About Place, Editor Allison Adelle Hedge Coke comments on the theme, “‘Navigations: A Place for Peace,’ the Spring 2022 edition of About Place Journal, and a special extended folio & related blogs encourages space for soulful solace and bold action. In navigating preservation, protection, reclamation and restoration of traditional knowledges for the sake of our planet in peril and all of its living counterparts, we were thrilled to receive works deeply attending to the remarkable nature of living within continual, revived and reclaimed pathways of knowing delivering such careful consideration and indomitable strength – endurance for the long-haul.” The issue features works from some one-hundred contributors in thematic groupings: Flourishing, Pathways, Gratitude, Reckonings, and Factual State / Future State.

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