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Magazine Stand :: The Main Street Rag – Summer 2022

The Main Street Rag literary magazine Summer 2022 issue cover image

If you’ve ever wondered about what goes on behind the scenes at NewPages, now might be your only chance to find out. The Main Street Rag Summer 2022 Featured Interview is Casey Hill, Founder and Publisher of NewPages in conversation with TMSR‘s editor M. Scott Douglass as he digs into NewPages history and speculates about the future. Also featured in this issue: Essay by Gail Hosking; Fiction by Melissa Benton Barker, Judith T. Lessler, Anthony Mohr, Elaine Fowler Palencia, Timothy Reilly; Poetry by Alan Berecka, Joan Barasovska, Bonnie Bishop, Brenton Booth, Joanne Fay Brown, Deborrah Corr, Stephen Cramer, Mirana Comstock, Douglas K Currier, David Dragone, Matthew Duffus, Brenda Edgar, Frederick Foote, Jane Ann Fuller, Elton Glaser, E. J. Evans, Carol Hamilton, W. Luther Jett, Robert Lee Kendrick, Ulf Kirchdorfer, George Longenecker, Vikram Masson, Richard L. Matta, Jim McGarrah, Jeff McRae, Cecil Morris, Norman Unrau, Robert Parham, Elizabeth R. McCarthy, David E. Poston, Harriet Shenkman, Kevin Ridgeway, Laura Sobbott Ross, Victoria Royster, Andrew Taylor-Troutman, Rodney Torreson, Richard Weaver, John Walser.

Magazine Stand :: Colorado Review – Summer 2022

Colorado Review literary magazine summer 2022 issue cover image

Editor Stephanie G’Schwind welcomes readers to the Summer 2022 issue of Colorado Review with a tribute to summer, “Whether your summer is spent in the company of others or in solitude, sorting your things or tending your garden, in the cloud or on the ground, I hope you discover in these pages something to hang on to, something to keep.” As Poetry Editor Camille T. Dungy expresses what she found, “Something drew me to these poems. . . Something in them called out and slowed me, in the way recognized language perks the ear and makes me stop. What did she say? . . .These poems are points of connection in a divided world. It’s so nice to hear someone else thinks this way too.” Contributors to the collection include Fiction by Angela Sue Winsor, Da-Lin, Joy Guo, Alyson Mosquera Dutemple; Nonfiction by Geoff Wyss, Carolyn Kuebler, Georgia Cloepfil; Poetry by Mirri Glasson-Darling, Chris Ketchum, Laura Donnelly, Martha Silano, Molly Sutton Kiefer, Mary Helen Callier, Emily Koehn, Nicole Callihan, Jennifer Peterson, Emily Adams-Aucoin, Virginia Ottley Craighill, Jodie Hollander, Sage Ravenwood, Meghan Sterling, John Sibley Williams, Luisa Muradyan, Ashley Colley, Landa Wo, Jeffrey Bean, Tyler Kline, Natalie Scenters-Zapico, C. Henry Smith, Jessica Hincapie, Mandy Gutmann-Gonzalez, Andrew Hemmert.

Magazine Stand :: The Georgia Review – Summer 2022

The Georgia Review literary magazine Summer 2022 issue cover image

The Georgia Review’s Summer 2022 issue is now available and opens with commentary from Editor Gerald Maa, who writes, “I see a literary journal as a means by which to make public, momentary space for collectives to continue, start, or transform work they have been or want to be doing. Mourning, and celebrating, a life just passed is collective work, when done at its best.” Maa’s comments come after discussing the untimely passing of April Freely whose work is honored in the feature, “Correspondent Life: April Freely (1982-2021) Poems and Annotations” and includes works by Jennifer S. Cheng and Spring Ulmer.

Included in this issue is new writing from Samuel R. Delany, Alejandro Varela, Pamela Mordecai, Marylyn Tan, Bennett Sims, and many more, as well as a new translation of a poem by Bertolt Brecht, a reconsideration of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and a portfolio of experimental photography by Daisuke Yokota. Maa also shares that the magazine’s online component, GR2, now features “Questions for Contributors” in which writers offer responses to five questions to “give readers a glimpse of what editorial exchange with our editors can look like.” Melanie P. Moore, Lio Rios, Nishanth Injam, and Aryn Kyle take the first plunge.

Magazine Stand :: Kenyon Review – July/August 2022

The Kenyon Review literary magazine July August 2022 issue cover image

The Climate Issue of the Kenyon Review includes a folio called “Angry Mamas,” guest edited by Emily Raboteau, featuring essays, stories, and poems by mothers discussing the climate crisis and environmental justice. The folio contains contributions from writers around the world, including Humera Afridi, Aliyeh Ataei, Camille T. Dungy, Patricia Engel, Genevieve Guenther, Anya Kamenetz, Debora Kuan, Cleyvis Natera, Deborah Paredez, and Sadia Quraeshi Shepard. In the rest of the issue, readers will find climate-themed work by Samuel Amadon, Mary Kuryla, Diane Mehta, Michael Metivier, Genta Nishku, Jane Wong, and many others.

Magazine Stand :: Crazyhorse – Spring 2022

Crazyhorse literary magazine Spring 2022 issue cover image

The newest issue of College of Charleston’s Crazyhorse literary magazine features the winners of their 2022 Crazyhorse Prize in Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry as well as Fiction by Louise Barry, Marian Crotty, Katherine Damm, Stephanie Macias, Hugh Sheehy, Kris Willcox; Essays by Grey Wolfe LaJoie, Rhea Ramakrishnan, Kiyoko Reidy, Brenna Womer; Poetry by Christopher Bakka, Ciaran Berry, Paola Bruni, Marianne Chan, Gregory Dunne, Rasheena Fountain, Daniel Garcia, April Gibson, Aiden Heung, L. A. Johnson, Chi Kyu Lee, Nicole W. Lee, Grace Li, Oksana Maksymchuk, Forester McClatchey, Sarah Fathima Mohammed, Shonté Murray-Daniels, Derek N. Otsuji, Isaac Pickell, Ayesha Shibli, Katie Jean Shinkle, Emma Soberano, Pablo Piñero Stillmann, Grace Wagner, Tianru Wang, NaBeela Washington, Sandra M. Yee. This issue’s cover art is by J.Otto Seibold, California (after the fires).

Magazine Stand :: The Iowa Review – Spring 2022

The Iowa Review literary magazine Spring 2022 issue cover image

The newest issue of The Iowa Review (Spring 2022) includes a Portfolio on Poetic Black Resiliency. In the Introductory Notes (which can be read in full online here), the editors write to answer the question, Why resiliency?

First, resiliency goes beyond these repeated moments that speak to Black advocacy for justice and reiterates the continued insistence to continue, first (this has not always been a given, unfortunately). Resiliency also persists in making this world better as we are determined to thrive. This selection of poems goes beyond a buttoned-up stoicism and presents a diversity of emotions and approaches to methods of living, resiliency, and resolve. I have been astounded by the breadth of ideas, breath through the lines, and depth of emotion by the poets kind enough to contribute, some of whom are long overdue for their debut in TIR. The introspection and circumspection in this section spans a range of feelings: from the very personal to the sweepingly political reality of African-American lives over the last four hundred years.

A Portfolio on Poetic Black Resiliency features works by Tracie Morris, Joanne V. Gabbin, Lois Elaine Griffith, Yona Harvey, Nathaniel Mackey, Shelagh Wilson Patterson, Douglas Kearney, Steve Cannon, Harryette Mullen, Asiya Wadud, Janice A. Lowe, Yolanda Wisher, Delali Ayivor, Duriel E. Harris, Terrance Hayes, Jo Stewart, and Tracie Morris. Also featured in this issue is Poetry by Maria Zoccola, Brian Simoneau, Sara Elkamel, Susan Leslie Moore, Mariano Zaro, translated by Blas Falconer, Alice Turski, Jared Joseph, Kevin Norwood, Daniel Barnum, and Colin Kostelecky; Nonfiction by Steffan Triplett, Liza Cochran, and Julia LoFaso; Fiction by Dessa, Danica Li, Aleyna Rentz, Marian Crotty, Su Tong, translated by Ting Wang, Daisy Hernández, Kirsten Vail Aguilar, and Jackson Saul; and Artwork by Tim Fielder.

Magazine Stand :: Sky Island Journal – Summer 2022

Sky Island Journal online literary magazine Summer 2022 issue cover image

Sky Island Journal’s stunning 21st issue features poetry, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction from contributors around the globe. Accomplished, well-established authors are published—side by side—with fresh, emerging voices. Readers are provided with a powerful, focused literary experience that transports them: one that challenges them intellectually and moves them emotionally. Read works from Amy Marques, Ann Chinnis, Annette Sisson, Arden Stockdell-Giesler, Beth Oast Williams, Carole Greenfield, Cheryl Slover-Linett, Courtney Justus, Cristian Ramirez, Cynthia Singerman, Dan Shields, Deron Eckert, Edilson Afonso Ferreira, Emily Patterson, Erin Henry, Fannie H. Gray, Heather Diamond, Isabel Markowski, John Muro, Julie Benesh, Kathryn De Lancellotti, Katrina Hays, Kiana Mccrackin, Kit Willett, Lisken Van Pelt Dus, Lorrie Ness, Maira Rodriguez, Melody Wilson, Michael Keenan Gutierrez, Michele Lovell, Mizuki Kai, Nancy Beauregard, Olivia Badoi, Philip Cioffari, Robbin Farr, Valerie Nies, Vivian Montgomery, and Wylde J. Parsley,. Always free to access, and always free from advertising, discover what over 100,000 readers in 145 countries already know: the finest new writing is just a click away!

Magazine Stand :: Hippocampus Magazine – July/August 2022

Hippocampus literary magazine logo

Hippocampus Magazine online issue 114 features a variety of creative nonfiction, including “Pulses” by Kathy Davis, “Bathymetry” by Sally Jonson, “Foreign” by Terri Lewis, “Peephole” by Lotus Mae, “Origin Myths” by Susan V. Meyers, “We Had No Woman” by Ronit Plank, “What I Wrote Was Congratulations What I Meant to Say Was” by Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff, “The Dying Room” by Leanne Pierce Schneider, “There Are Girls Like You in Japan” by Mimi Iimuro Van Ausdall, and “De-escalation” by Lauren Woods. Read it online here. Hippocampus will also be hosting HippoCamp 2022: A Conference for Creative Nonfiction Writers – August 12-14, in Lancaster, PA. Find more information here.

Magazine Stand :: Gay & Lesbian Review – July/August 2022

Gay and Lesbian Review July August 2022 cover image

The July/August 2022 issue of Gay & Lesbian Review is focused on “The Lure of the Sea” and includes essays such as “A New England Romance: Harvard Prof F.O. Matthiessen and Artist Russell Cheney in Love,” by Andrew Holleran, “Sex and Gender in Native America” by Vernon Rosario, “Paul Cadmus’ Art of Cruising” by Ignacio Darnaude, “The Sea and Sexual Freedom: From Typee to Bully Budd, Melville Longed for Something Lost at Sea” by Rolando Jorif, “A Dab of Tar on a Sailor’s Posteriors” by William Benemann, and “The Fastest Woman of Her Day: Joe Carstairs Raced Speedboats in the 1920’s – and Often Won” by Martin Duberman. The publication also features reviews of recent publications as well as poetry, guest opinions, and artwork. Most article intros can be read online with subscribers having access to full content.

Magazine Stand :: World Literature Today – July/August 2022

World Literature Today literary magazine July August 2022 issue cover image

The Ukrainian cities of Odesa and Kharkiv take the spotlight in World Literature Today’s latest city issue, in which poets, novelists, playwrights, artists, journalists, editors, photographers, translators, and culture workers offer glimpses into their daily lives since the Russian invasion of February 2022. Other highlights include essays and fiction from Austria, Belarus, Chile, Colombia, Nigeria, South Africa, and the US; poetry from Peru, Portugal, and the US; lively interviews with Ben Okri and Maša Kolanović; recommended reading lists; as well as reviews of new books by Isabel Allende, Elena Ferrante, Mohsin Hamid, and dozens more. With the latest issue, WLT remains an indispensable guide to the best in international literature