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  • Magazine Stand :: Collateral – Spring 2022

    Collateral literary magazine spring 2022 cover image

    Collateral Issue 6.2 Spring 2022 features poetry by Jonathan Endurance, Justin Evans, Clare Goulet, Shakiba Hashemi, Lee Peterson, Diana Pinckney, Adrian Potter, Tatiana Retivov, Renée M. Schell, Ingrid L. Taylor, Christina Vega, Pramila Venkateswaran, fiction by Susan McKenna, Burt Rashbaum, Kristen Leigh Schwarz, nonfiction by Genara Necos, and an interview with and portfolio of work by artist and activist Saiyare Refaei. Collateral is an online literary journal run by people who are directly and indirectly impacted by violent conflict and military service with the mission to publish literary and visual art concerned with the impact of violent conflict and military service beyond the combat zone. Collateral also offers free, face-to-face creative writing workshops, readings, panel discussions, and book signings in their communities. In addition, they “strive to directly address the impact of war by facilitating writing opportunities for refugees and military-civilian communities.” Collateral reads submissions year-round with March 1 and September 1 deadlines for issue publication.

  • Magazine Stand :: Allium – Spring 2022

    Allium Spring 2022 literary magazine cover image

    The Spring 2022 issue of Allium, an online journal of poetry and prose from Columbia College Chicago’s Department of English and Creative Writing, features fiction by Babak Movahed, Joshua Beggs, Tinia Montford, Wren Sager, nonfiction, Bethany Jarmul, Poetry, Kitty Donnelly, Kent Leatham, Jen Ashburn, Lee Johnson, Erin Rodoni, and the craft essay, “My Rocky Relationship with An Old Friend,” by Clementina Ojie. Rebecca Fish Ewan, author of Doodling for Writers, is the featured artist. Ewan will be teaching “Visual Hybrid Form” in a five-week online class through Literary Kitchen.

  • Magazine Stand :: The Briar Cliff Review 2022

    The Briar Cliff Review literary magazine 2022

    I have always considered The Briar Cliff Review to be one of the most beautifully constructed print literary journals produced, which causes me a heavy heart to include with this post the fact that Briar Cliff University will be jettisoning many of its general education programs, and with it, this decades-long literary tradition. Our condolences to the staff of Briar Cliff Review for this monumental loss to our community. They will fulfill their commitment with their final publication in 2023, so let us celebrate these final contributors to each remaining issue. Featured in this collection are winners of their 26th annual contest: Anna Round, Nancy Fowler, Patridge Boswell, William V. Roebuck, and Christine Stewart-Nuñez. As always, the remainder of the magazine features a plethora of poems, fiction, nonfiction, art, and book reviews in a handsome full-cover, large format. Cover image: Saga of the Secondaries by Dan Howard.

  • Magazine Stand :: Kenyon Review – May/June 2022

    Kenyon Review literary magazine May June 2022 cover image

    The May/June 2022 issue of Kenyon Review features the annual “Nature’s Nature” poetry portfolio selected by former KR poetry editor David Baker, with work by Elizabeth Arnold, Marilyn Chin, Grant Clauser, Linda Gregerson, Brenda Hillman, Strummer Hoffston, Tricia Knoll, Jesse Nathan, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Maya C. Popa, Paisley Rekdal, Evie Shockley, D. S. Waldman, Rosanna Warren, Corrie Williamson. Also in this issue is drama by Sherod Santos, fiction by Renée Branum, Nolan Capps, David Crouse, Calvin Gimpelevich, Arinze Ifeakandu, Uche Okonkwo, nonfiction by Melissa Seley, and “We Sang Every Morning After Breakfast: A Cento In Memory Of Nancy Zafris” with contribution from over fifty poets, crafted by Cristina Correa. Cover image: Razi Mohammad (16) by Ambreen Butt.

  • Magazine Stand :: Creative Nonfiction – Spring 2022

    Creative Nonfiction literary magazine cover image

    The newest issue of Creative Nonfiction opens with the essay “50 Years of Making Nonfiction Creative” by CNF Founding Editor Lee Gutkind, in which he reflects on the contributions of Thomas Wolfe to the birth of the genre, labeled “The New Journalism.” The issue also includes “CNF’s first examples of ‘pandemic literature’ – essays written since early 2020, stories that incorporate our many individual and collective experience from the past two years.” While many found it a difficult time to record their lives, the editors acknowledge, “Maybe it’s that when everyone’s suffering – though of course we’re not all suffering equally – it seems like there’s almost nothing to say. Our grief feels unexceptional. But there is a lot to say, and isn’t that why we write?” And here to be read are works by Laura Pritchett, Amye Archer, Caroline Hagood, Meg Senuta, Francis Doherty, A. J. Bermudez, Anne Mcgrath, Clare Magneson, Joe Primo, and Amber Taliancich, as well as a selection of “Tiny Truths: 77 Micro-essays of fleeting joys, wistful memories, and passing sadnesses from the past two years” culled from the ongoing #tinytruths posted on Twitter. Cover art by Victoria Villasana.

  • Magazine Stand :: Posit – Issue 30

    Posit Journal issue 30 online literary magazine cover image

    Posit Journal online is celebrating its 30th issue of publishing innovative, aesthetic, accomplished poetry, prose, visual art, and film. As the editors write in the introduction, “Although (to paraphrase David Byrne) we’re not quite sure how we got here, we’re thrilled that we have, thanks to the vivid and continuing engagement of our growing family of contributors and readers.” They invite readers to engage with “poetry and prose by Isaac Akanmu, Tyrone Williams, and Pearl Button that confronts the historical and contemporary poison of racism and colonial appropriation, alongside work by Julie Choffel, Erika Eckart, Vi Khi Nao & Jessica Alexander, Jo O’Lone Hahn, Sam Wein, and Nancy White exploring gender repression and violence – as well as its persistent, sometimes even exuberant defiance “swinging ourselves to wonderment” (Sam Wein, Season of Fanny Packs). The innovative poetics of Kristi Maxwell, Benjamin Landry, and Dennis James Sweeney speak to the state of the planet and even the dubious nature of the future itself, while the visual art of Andrea Burgay, Taraneh Mosadegh and Ana Rendich grapples in a different idiom with the existential challenge of living as moral and emotional beings in a threatened and threatening world.”

  • New & Noted Lit and Alt Mags – May 2022

    NewPages receives many wonderful literary magazine and alternative magazine titles each month to share with our readers. You can read more about some of these titles by clicking on the “New Mag Issues” tag under “Popular Topics.” If you are a publication looking to be listed here or featured on our blog and social media, please contact us!

    About Place, May 2022
    The American Poetry Review, May/June 2022
    The Baltimore Review, Spring 2022
    Black Warrior Review, Fall/Winter 2021
    The Briar Cliff Review, Volume 34
    Camas, Summer 2022
    The Cape Rock, 50
    Coastal Shelf, #6 Winter 2022
    THE COMMON, 23
    Communities, Issue #195
    Concho River Review, Spring/Summer 2022
    Consequence, Issue 14.1
    Court Green, Spring 2022
    Creative Nonfiction, Spring 2022
    Cutleaf, Issue 2.9

  • May 2022 eLitPak :: 2022 Marguerite McGlinn Fiction Contest, First Place: $2,500!

    screenshot of Philadelphia Stories 2022 Marguerite McGlinn Fiction Contest flyer for the NewPages eLitPak
    click image to open PDF

    Our contest this year will be judged by author and critic, Camille Acker. We’re looking for previously unpublished fiction of up to 8,000 words. The deadline is June 15, 2022. First place is $2,500 with an invitation to an awards dinner. Second place $750. Third place $500. The winning stories will be published in the Fall print issue of Philadelphia Stories, with all entrants receiving a complimentary copy. All authors currently residing in the United States are eligible. $15 fee. We can’t wait to read your stories! Visit website.

    View the full May 2022 eLitPak newsletter.

  • Magazine Stand :: Aji Magazine – Spring 2022

    Aji Magazine Spring 2022 online literary journal cover image

    In the Editor’s Welcome to the Spring 2022 issue of Aji Magazine online, Erin O’Neill Armendarez writes, “Among the pages of this issue, you will find writers and artists rushing headlong into what frightens us, diving deep into the mud and the grime to rise again triumphant, if only for a moment. We are honored to be featuring Keith Hamilton Cobb and Mark Hurtubise in this issue, both of whom had the courage to address injustice openly. Likewise, we are honored to be offering readers and viewers an impressive slate of photography, art, poetry, essay, and fiction, exploring the human condition, imagining beyond ourselves into the Other, the unknown.”

    Also featured in this issue are works by John Allen , Alan Bern, Oisin Breen, Gaylord Brewer, Patrick Cahill, Melca Castellanos de ArKell, Nancy Christopherson, Geraldine Connolly, Lucia Coppola, William Crawford, Leslie Dianne, David Dixon, Kelly DuMar, Michael Estabrook, Sara Fall , Phyllis Green, Dan Grote, Nels Hanson, Mark Yale Harris, Paul Hostovsky, Edward Lee, Galen Leonhardy, Aenea Little , Christopher Locke, Elaine Vilar Madruga, Joe Milosch, Ivan de Monbrison, Francis Opila, Karly Page, Simon Perchik, Zack Rogow, David Anthony Sam, Sonya Schneider, Claire Scott, Maragarita Serafimova, Edward Supranowicz, Wally Swist, Zhihua Wang, Sean J. White, and David Williams.

    Submissions for the fall 2022 issue are open until filled, with no submissions being accepted after November 1.

  • May 2022 eLitPak :: Divot Reading Work for Summer Issues

    screenshot of Divot's flyer for the NewPages May 2022 eLitPak

    Divot reads on a rolling basis and is currently reading poetry for our summer issues! Please send us your best work. We would love to read up to 6 poems. Also, check out our Divot Poetry Chapbook Contest ending June 15, 2022. See our submission and contest guidelines. We can’t wait to hear from you! Visit website.

    View the full May 2022 eLitPak newsletter.

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