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New and forthcoming books from independent publishers and university presses.

  • New Book :: Cancer Voodoo

    Cancer Voodoo poetry by Melissa C. Johnson book cover image

    Cancer Voodoo
    Poetry by Melissa C. Johnson
    Diode Editions, March 2022

    Cancer Voodoo grew out of the experience of Johnson’s mother’s illness and death from lung cancer and her own attempts to come to terms with that loss. “I was trying to write about the experience of watching a parent die, an experience that most people will have, but also about the particulars of my mother’s life and death and her family history. There’s a kind of madness of grief — the way that it unhinges and unmoors — that I’m trying to capture. I’m also trying to get at how illness and death re-arrange and collapse time — how they create a milestone that all other events gather around.” Melissa C. Johnson serves as Associate Vice President and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education at The Pennsylvania State University. She earned a BA in English and Fine Arts from the College of Charleston, an MFA in poetry, and a Ph.D. in twentieth-century British Literature and Women’s Studies from the University of South Carolina.

  • May 2022 eLitPak :: Muddy Backroads: Stories from off the Beaten Path

    Muddy Backroads: Stories from off the Beaten Path May 2022 eLitPak flyer
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    Our editors asked for stories that moved away from the norms of daily life to explore the side roads that take us away from the known. What do the characters do when they step away from what’s seen as normal or usual? What happens when they find themselves in unexpected situations or locations? Visit website.

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  • May 2022 eLitPak :: Two Great Titles from Livingston Press

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    Get your copies of George H. Wolfe’s novel Aftershock, set at the architecture school at the University of Alabama, and Patricia Taylor’s Zero to Ten: Nursing on the Floor which incorporates over forty years of nursing experience as she moves from joy to frustration to devastation. View flyer for more information. Visit website.

    View the full May 2022 eLitPak newsletter.

  • New Book :: Antipodes

    Antipodes stories by Holly Goddard Jones book cover image

    Antipodes: Stories
    Fiction by Holly Goddard Jones
    University of Iowa Press, May 2022

    In this collection of eleven stories, a harried and depressed mother of three young children serves on a committee that watches over the bottomless sinkhole that has appeared in her Kentucky town. During COVID lockdown, a thirty-four-year-old gamer moves back home with his parents and is revisited by his long-forgotten childhood imaginary friend. A politician running for a state congressional seat and a young mother, who share the same set of fears about the future, cross paths but don’t fully understand one another. A woman attends a party at the home of a fellow church parishioner and discovers she is on the receiving end of a sales pitch for a doomsday prepper. These stories and more contemplate our current reality with both frankness and hard-earned hopefulness, realism and fabulism, tackling parenthood, environment, and the absurd-but-unavoidable daily toil of worrying about mundane matters when we’ve entered “an era of unknowability, of persistent strangeness.” Holly Goddard Jones is associate professor in the MFA program in creative writing at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. She is author of Girl Trouble, The Next Time You See Me, and The Salt Line.

  • New Book :: Rotura

    Rotura poetry by José Angel Araguz book cover image

    Poetry by José Angel Araguz
    Black Lawrence Press, March 2022

    Selected out of the Black Lawrence Press open reading period, the shifting speakers and landscapes of Rotura allow the poet to explore the themes of the Latinx experience and life itself; truth, family, longing are searched through language both direct and lyrical. It’s a long journey, but Araguz’s poems travel borders and boundaries creating an essential collection. José Angel Araguz’s most recent collection is An Empty Pot’s Darkness (Airlie Press). He blogs at The Friday Influence. José is an Assistant Professor at Suffolk University where he serves as Editor-in-Chief of Salamander and is also a faculty member of the Solstice Low-Residency MFA Program.

  • New Book :: Inside Outrage

    Inside Outrage poetry by Gary Glauber book cover image

    Inside Outrage
    Poetry by Gary Glauber
    Sheila-Na-Gig Editions, September 2022

    Inside Outrage by Gary Glauber captures wild wisdom and abject love, the amity and misguided memories keeping us whole in this precarious viral existence. These points of refuge and resilience both unmask and protect us, using frustrations to confront rooted fears. In the end, we must own identities, forgive mistakes, and grow older through the salvation of words. In daring to learn the steps and missteps of this odd dance called life, we maneuver through to find where our ‘inside outrage’ happily resides.

  • New Book :: She Has Dreamt Again of Water

    She Has Dreamt Again of Water poetry by Stephanie Niu book cover image

    She Has Dreamt Again of Water
    Poetry by Stephanie Niu
    Diode Editions, March 2022

    In her debut chapbook She Has Dreamt Again of Water, Stephanie Niu imagines the deep sea as sanctuary. Her poems seek solace from generational guilt and a fractured family by diving into dreamscapes where gills grow as easily as wings. Here, the world shimmers with small, stunning miracles: a fish that looks like light, a river delta seen from the moon, a single coyote in the road. In the search for sanctuary, “There is no split, a real self and a dream self / to divide neatly. There are just dreams.” Even upon waking, “she does not weep. She has dreamt again / of water, that place where the river / meets the sea, where long-legged birds / tiptoe through the cordgrass, dipping / their heads to feed.” In these poems, the surreal and unseen suggest the shapes of shared longing. Stephanie Niu is a poet from Marietta, GA. She earned her degrees in symbolic systems and computer science from Stanford University. She is the recipient of a Fulbright Award for work on decolonizing historical narratives of overseas Chinese laborers through digital techniques. She lives in New York City.

  • New Book :: Beyond the Time of Words

    Beyond the Time of Words / Más allá del tiempo de las palabras poetry by Marjorie Agosín book cover image

    Beyond the Time of Words/Más allá del tiempo de las palabras
    Poetry by Marjorie Agosín
    Sixteen Rivers Press, April 2022

    Marjorie Agosín’s bilingual book of poetry, Beyond the Time of Words/Más allá del tiempo de las palabras, was composed during the time of isolation wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic, and in it, she embraces that darkness with profound compassion and humanity. Born in Chile, Agosín came to the United States as a political exile, and her prolific career has been inspired by both political activism and the pursuit of social justice. While bearing witness to our collective grief, these poems also offer reminders of bravery and ultimately hope: They are meant, the poet says, “to cleanse and mend the world.” Marjorie Agosín is a Chilean American poet who writes in Spanish, her native language. She is also a human rights activist and the Andrew Mellon Professor of the Humanities at Wellesley College. Her work has been inspired by the causes of social justice and human rights. In addition to her numerous collections of poetry, Agosín has written young-adult novels, memoirs, and anthologies promoting international women writers.

  • New Book :: Challenging Pregnancy

    Challenging Pregnancy: A Journey Through the Politics and Science of Healthcare in America
Nonfiction by Genevieve Grabman book cover image

    Challenging Pregnancy: A Journey Through the Politics and Science of Healthcare in America
    Nonfiction by Genevieve Grabman
    University of Iowa Press, March 2022

    In Challenging Pregnancy, Genevieve Grabman recounts being pregnant with identical twins whose circulatory systems were connected in a rare condition called twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. Doctors couldn’t “unfuse” the fetuses because one twin also had several other confounding problems: selective intrauterine growth restriction, a two-vessel umbilical cord, a marginal cord insertion, and, possibly, a parasitic triplet. Ultimately, national anti-abortion politics — not medicine or her own choices — determined the outcome of Grabman’s pregnancy. At every juncture, anti-abortion politics limited the care available to her, the doctors and hospitals willing to treat her, the tools doctors could use, and the words her doctors could say. Although she asked for aggressive treatment to save at least one baby, hospital ethics boards blocked all able doctors from helping her. Challenging Pregnancy is about Grabman’s harrowing pregnancy and the science and politics of maternal healthcare in the United States, where every person must self-advocate for the desired outcome of their own pregnancy.

  • New Book :: Jordemoder

    Jordemoder Poems of a Midwife by Ingrid Andersson book cover image

    Jordemoder: Poems of a Midwife
    Poetry by Ingrid Andersson
    Holy Cow! Press, April 2022

    Jordemoder is an age-old Swedish word for midwife. It means earth/land/world mother and reflects Ingrid Andersson’s poetry and practice as a midwife, as well as her background as an immigrant farmer’s daughter. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with degrees in Scandinavian Studies, German literature and anthropology, she worked in countries where access to equitable health care, education, safe and humane environments and food felt more prioritized than in America. Returning to America, she began working as a health care activist and promoting midwifery models of care. As a licensed board-certified nurse midwife, she has caught more than 1000 babies at home. This is Ingrid Andersson’s debut collection of poetry.

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