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  • New Book :: Best of the Sucks

    Best of the Sucks poetry collection edited by Mark Spitz book cover image

    Best of the Sucks: High-Octane Poetix from the Legendary Toad Suck Review
    Edited by Mark Spitz
    MadHat Press, March 2022

    For fans of the legendary Toad Suck Review, and for anyone who missed that boat but would have an appreciation for innovative literature that’s quirky, edgy, and International Avant-Garde, this revival publication is your ticket to get on board. This publication will reestablish Toad Suck Editions as MadHat takes it into the future, so consider this your time to catch up with the class! Digging back to its Exquisite Corpse roots, the transitional period to the inception of Toad Suck, and pummeling chronologically through the issues, works in this collection feature Michael Anania, Antler, Robert Archambeau, Debangana Banerjee, Amiri Baraka, Nicolas Bataille, Elva Maxine Beach, Marck Beggs, Jericho Brown, William Burroughs, Vincent Cellucci, Ha Kiet Chau, Jack Collom, Gillian Conoley, Heather Cox, JJ Cromer, Tim Dardis, Diane di Prima, The Dirty Poet, Allen Ginsberg, Lea Graham, Brenda Mann Hammack, Matthew Henriksen, Jack Hirschman, Tyrone Jaeger, Stacy Kidd, klipschutz, Scotty Lewis, Lyn Lifshin, Gerald Locklin, Sandy Longhorn, James McWilliams, Henri Michaux, Mlle. Akakia-Viala, Craig Paulenich, Gabriel and Marcel Piqueray, Jacques Prévert, Arthur Rimbaud, Ed Sanders, Davis Schneiderman, Norman Shapiro, Chris Shipman, Tim Snediker, Gary Snyder, Mark Spitzer, Daryl Spurlock, Frank Stanford, Mike Topp, Joey Trimble, Anne Waldman, Ken Waldman, Laurie Welch, Lew Welch, and CD Wright.

  • New Book :: News of the Air

    News of the Air fiction by Jill Stukenberg book cover image

    News of the Air
    Fiction by Jill Stukenberg
    Black Lawrence Press, September 2022

    News of the Air by Jill Stukenberg was selected as the winner of the annual Black Lawrence Press Big Moose Prize (Dec 1 – Jan 31). In this novel, Allie Krane is heavily pregnant when she and her husband flee urban life after a rash of eco-terrorism breaks out in their city. They reinvent themselves as the proprietors of a northwoods fishing resort, where they live in relative peace for nearly two decades. That is, until two strange children arrive by canoe. Like the small ecological disasters lapping yearly at their shore, the problems of the modern world may finally have found Allie, her husband, and their troubled cypher of a teenage daughter. This eco-novel of a family, told from three points of view, explores how we remake our lives once we open our hearts to all the news we’ve chosen to ignore.

  • New Book :: The Mothers

    The Mothers poetry by Dorianne Laux and Leila Chatti book cover image

    The Mothers: Poems in Conversation & A Conversation
    Poetry by Dorianne Laux and Lelia Chatti
    Slapering Hol Press, April 2022

    The Mothers by Dorianne Laux and Lelia Chatti comes to readers from one of the oldest chapbook presses in the United States, Slapering Hol Press. This “Conversation Series” published poetry by a well-known woman poet who chooses an emerging woman poet to appear in the same collection with a conversation between them included at the end. Dorianne Laux’s sixth collection, Only As the Day is Long: New and Selected Poems was named a finalist for the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry. Leila Chatti was born in 1990 in Oakland, California. A Tunisian-American dual citizen, she has lived in the United States, Tunisia, and Southern France. She is the author of the debut full-length collection Deluge (Copper Canyon Press, 2020) and currently serves as the Consulting Poetry Editor at the Raleigh Review as well as teaches at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she is the Mendota Lecturer in Poetry. Slapering Hol books are collectible creations of beauty. The book design, typecasting, and cover letterpress printing are by Ed Rayher of Swamp Press in Northfield, Massachusetts, with cover art by Hyde Meissner, and run in a limited, hand-numbered edition.

  • New Book :: A Brilliant Loss

    A Brilliant Loss poetry by Eloise Klein Healy book cover image

    A Brilliant Loss
    Poetry by Eloise Klein Healy
    Red Hen Press, October 2022

    Eloise Klein Healy’s A Brilliant Loss is a poetic journey into the loss of language and the reclaiming of it. Healy had Wernicke’s aphasia in 2013 when she was the first poet laureate of the City of Los Angeles, and the virus hit her the night of her reading with Caroline Kennedy at the Central Library. Also called fluent aphasia, Wernicke’s aphasia affects language and the use of words. Healy’s collection shows that her brain has access to its deepest unconscious, and that place is poetry. Her deepest language is poetry. It’s as if a dancer was denied the ability to walk or run, and could only dance. Healy writes of losing her words and finding big love.

  • New Book :: Dillydoun Prize Anthology Volume 1

    Dillydoun Prize Anthology Volume 1 book cover image

    Dillydoun Prize Anthology Volume 1
    Edited by Amy Burns
    Dillydoun Review, May 2022

    In celebration of the 2021 Dillydoun International Fiction Prize, all the Winners and Honorable Mentions have been published online as well as in print. The first print anthology is now available to purchase. The Dillydoun Prize Anthology Volume 1 includes works from Alejandro de Gutierre, Kerri Schlottman, Chris Whyland, Nora Studholme, Cynthia Singerman, Alexandra Gowling, Rudy Ruiz, Anna Millard, Byron Spooner, Ronald Meek, Les Zig, Ellen Sollinger Walker, and Emma Gilberthorpe. Hosting two competitions this year, the 2022 Dillydoun Flash Fiction Prize closes July 31, 2022, and the 2022 Dillydoun Short Story Prize closes October 2, 2022. Visit The Dillydoun Review website for complete details.

  • New Book :: Tree Lines

    Tree Lines 21st Century American Poems an anthology edited by Jennifer Barber, Jessica Greenbaum, and Fred Marchant book cover image

    Tree Lines: 21st Century American Poems
    Edited by Jennifer Barber, Jessica Greenbaum, and Fred Marchant
    Grayson Books, April 2022

    This important new collection of works by 130 poets reflects contemporary American poets’ heightened awareness of place, close observation of nature, concern for climate, and our psychological, spiritual, and physical need for trees. A portion of the book’s proceeds will be donated to the National Park Service Foundation. The anthology treasure includes poems by Ellen Bass, Jaswinder Bolina, Victoria Chang, Anthony Cody, Toi Derricotte, Camille T. Dungy, Ross Gay, Rachel Hadas, Joy Harjo, Robert Hass, Edward Hirsch, Jane Hirshfield, Major Jackson, Fady Joudah, Yusef Komunyakaa, Ted Kooser, Ada Limón, Esther Lin, Philip, Metres, D. Nurske, Naomi Shihab Nye, Sharon Olds, Linda Pastan, Kay Ryan, Evie Shockley, Vijay Seshadri, Tracy K. Smith, Arthur Sze, Natasha Trethewey, Rosanna Warren, Afaa M. Weaver, and Javier Zamora, among many other great poets of our time.

  • New Book :: What Flies Want

    What Flies Want poetry by Emily Perez book cover image

    What Flies Want
    Poetry by Emily Pérez
    University of Iowa Press, May 2022

    In What Flies Want, disaster looms in domesticity: a family grapples with its members’ mental health, a marriage falters, and a child experiments with self-harm. With its backdrop of school lockdown drills, #MeToo, and increasing political polarization, the collection asks how these private and public tensions are interconnected. The speaker, who grew up in a bicultural family on the U.S./Mexico border, learns she must play a role in a culture that prizes whiteness, patriarchy, and chauvinism. As an adult, she oscillates between performed confidence and obedience. As a wife, she bristles against the expectations of emotional labor. As a mother, she attempts to direct her white male children away from the toxic power they are positioned to inherit, only to find how deeply she is also implicated in these systems. Tangled in a family history of depression, a society fixated on guns, a rocky relationship, and her own desire to ignore and deny the problems she must face, this is a speaker who is by turns defiant, defeated, self-implicating, and hopeful. Winner of the Iowa Poetry Prize. Emily Pérez is author of House of Sugar, House of Stone, and coedited The Long Devotion: Poets Writing Motherhood.

  • New Book :: Live Caught

    Live Caught a novel by R. Cathey Daniels book cover image

    Live Caught
    Fiction by R. Cathey Daniels
    Black Lawrence Press, April 2022

    Live Caught by R. Cathey Daniels is the story of Lenny, who finds himself out of options. He’s lost his arm to his abusive older brothers and lost his bearing within his family. Desperate to escape and determined not to lose hope, Lenny steals a skiff and attempts to ride the Carolina rivers from his family’s farm deep in the western North Carolina mountains all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. When a storm sinks his boat, he is suddenly in the hands of a profanity-slinging priest, whose illegal drug operation provides food and wages for the local parish. Snared within a power struggle between a crooked cop and the priest, Lenny must once again rely on the thinnest shred of hope in his attempt to escape.

  • New Book :: Plagios / Plagiarisms, Vol. 2

    Plagios / Plagiarisms, Vol. 2 poetry by Ulalume González de León book cover image

    Plagios / Plagiarisms, Vol. 2
    Poetry by Ulalume González de León
    Sixteen Rivers Press, April 2022

    Plagios / Plagiarisms is the second of three bilingual volumes which present several short collections of poems Ulalume González de Leόn produced from 1970 to 1975. Through her experimentation with unconventional syntax and borrowed texts, the poet skillfully blends anatomical, scientific, and philosophical vocabulary with richly erotic imagery to question our assumptions about identity and intimacy. Ulalume González de León was born in 1928 in Montevideo, Uruguay, the daughter of two poets, Roberto Ibañez and Sara de Ibañez. She studied literature and philosophy at the Sorbonne in Paris and at the University of Mexico. While living in Mexico in 1948, Ulalume became a naturalized Mexican citizen. She married painter and architect Teodoro González de León, and

  • New Book :: Mother Kingdom

    Mother Kingdom poetry by Andrea Deeken book cover image

    Mother Kingdom
    Poetry by Andrea Deeken
    Slapering Hol Press, April 2022

    Mother Kingdom by Andrea Deeken is the winning collection of the 2021 Slapering Hol Press Chapbook Contest. This annual contest is open to promising new poets whose work has not yet appeared in book or chapbook form. Andrea Deeken was born in rural Missouri and has lived in the Pacific Northwest for most of her adult life. She holds a BA from Drake University and an MS in Writing and Publishing from Portland State University. Slapering Hol books are collectible creations of beauty. The book design, typecasting, and cover letterpress printing are by Ed Rayher of Swamp Press in Northfield, Massachusetts, with cover art by Hyde Meissner, and run in a limited, hand-numbered edition.

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