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Chestnut Review – Winter 2022

The Winter issue is out! With fresh and exciting prose, poetry, and visual art by Jules Chung, Emily Anderson Ula, Elizabeth Lee, Richard Vyse, Dabin Jeong, darius simpson, Anuja Ghimire, Leah Fairbank, Christy O’Callaghan, Robert S. Hillery, Emily Wick, Joy Guo, Luke Wortley, Ernest O. Ògúnyẹmí, Maxine Stoker, Yanita Georgieva, Susanne Swanson Bernard, Tommy Dean, Kolbe Riney, Hikari Miya, Chiwenite Onyekwelu, Cressida Blake Roe, Diana Donovan, Melissa Lomax, Joshua Beggs, Huan He, Mackenzie McGee, and Joshua Effiong.

More info at the Chestnut Review website.

Baltimore Review – Winter 2022

The Winter 2022 issue of Baltimore Review features creative nonfiction by Lucinda Cummings, Patricia Dwyer, Dan Hodgson, and contest winner Daniel Rousseau; fiction by Ross McCleary, Evan Brooke, Nicholas Otte, Mariah Rigg, and contest winner Robin Tung; and poetry by Francine Witte, Sara Henning, Rose Auslander, Stephanie McCarley Dugger, Lisa Suhair Majaj, and contest winner Aekta Khubchandani.

Head on over to Baltimore Review‘s website to read the Winter 2022 issue.

The Adroit Journal – No. 40

In this issue of The Adroit Journal, find poetry by Chen Chen, Eugenia Leigh, David Ehmcke, Sarah Fatimah Mohammed, Melissa Cundieff, Rose Alcalá, Monica Gomery, Gustav Parker Hibbett, Arielle Kaplan, Patrick Donnelly, Mark Kyungsoo Bias, Rick Barot, and more; prose by Kim Fu, Erin Sherry, Alyssa Asquith, Marcus Ong Kah Ho, Daniel Riddle Rodriguez, and Ann-Marie Blanchard; and art by Kathy Morris, Jack Jacques, Claire Hahn, Scarlett Cai, and others.

Plus five interviews that you can learn more about at The Adroit Journal website.

New 5-in-5 Interview at Glass Mountain

Glass Mountain has a new 5-in-5 interview up at their website. This interview series features five questions answered in five minutes by established writers.

Big Poppa E was interviewed this week, and the questions asked were:

  • What work (by someone else) do you wish you had written?
  • If you could tell your young writing self anything, what would it be?
  • Which book have you reread more than any other?
  • What are some common “traps” writers should look out for?
  • If you didn’t write, what would you do for work?

Stop by Glass Mountain‘s website to see Big Poppa E’s answers.

Stories to Savor

Guest Post by Alexandra Grabbe.

Many of the stories in Cara Blue Adams’s debut short story collection appeared in prestigious literary magazines. Readers follow a protagonist named Kate through her early twenties. She attends a New Year’s Eve party with postgrads in Cambridge, MA, socializes with a pushy former roommate, moves west to pursue a job opportunity, muses over the decision to discontinue a relationship with a married man, spends three days at the beach with her mom and sister. Nothing very monumental or out of the ordinary and yet the prose captivates, earning Adams both the John Simmons Award for Short Fiction and an Editor’s Choice pick from the New York Times.

Kate Bishop becomes Everywoman. She experiences heartbreak and joy and the everyday ennui that many readers will recognize from the same period of their lives. The collection begins with a gem in which Adams personifies loss, introducing a recurring theme. Read these stories slowly and savor them like fine wine.  

You Never Get it Back by Cara Blue Adams. University of Iowa Press, 2021.

Reviewer bio: Alexandra Grabbe has worked as an innkeeper, a lyricist, and a relocation consultant in Paris. For her most recent essays and stories, visit Alexandragrabbe.com.

NewPages Book Stand – January 2022

The first Book Stand of 2022 is here! Stop by and learn about this month’s featured titles below.

In Ante body, Marwa Helal explores how the psychological impacts of migration and complex traumas manifest as autoimmune disease as she critiques the ongoing unjust conditions that brought on the global pandemic. 

Mr. Potato Head vs. Freud by Clint McCown, has been called “as entertaining as it is instructive. And boy, is it instructive.”

In Shahriar Mandanipour’s Seasons of Purgatory, the fantastical and the visceral merge in tales of tender desire and collective violence, the boredom and brutality of war, and the clash of modern urban life and rural traditions.

In her latest collection of English-language poems—Traveling With the Ghosts—trilingual poet Stella Vinitchi Radulescu continues to explore the capabilities and limits of language itself as the nexus where thought and physicality meet.

Your Nostalgia is Killing Me by John Weir collects eleven linked stories and questions how a gay white guy from New Jersey lived through fifty years of the twin crises of global AIDS and toxic masculinity in America.

You can learn more about each of these New & Noteworthy books at our websiteClick here to see how to place your book in our New & Noteworthy section.

Take a Journey with The Birdseed

Guest Post by Emma Foster.

Literary journal The Birdseed knows where the best of flash comes from: the sky and sea, the beginning and end of things. In its third issue of volume one, The Birdseed’s flash pieces appear from those mysterious depths in succinct one hundred and fifty words or less each time.

The issue’s five themes, Space, Sea, Myth, Magic, and Death, all examine the unknown, the enigmatic corners of ourselves. Whether ominous with dark exploration like Katie Holloway’s “Reaching for Nana,” or composed of poignant emotion like Lou Faber’s “On the Shelf,” each flash piece leaves the reader with a little something afterwards. The emotional resonance of each either packs a punch or leaves reader’s hearts full, creating beauty and calm among the issue’s heavy, potentially heartbreaking themes.

As someone who loves and writes flash and microfiction, being dropped into a descriptive setting or a complex mind for a few moments never fails to surprise and challenge. The Birdseed’s journey into the places we dare to tread turns up satisfying results.

The Birdseed, December 2021.

Emma Foster’s fiction and poetry has appeared in The Aurora Journal, The Drabble, Sledgehammer Lit, and others. Links: https://fosteryourwriting.com/