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  • Cleaver Magazine

    Cleaver Magazine - Spring 2020

    The newest issue of Cleaver features a visual narrative by Emily Steinberg; short stories by Catherine Parnell, Andrea Ellis-Perez, and others; flash by Uma Dwivedi, Kim Magowan, and more; and poetry by Marc Harshman, Jackie Craven, and more. Additional art by Serge Lecomte.

  • Brilliant Flash Fiction – March 2020

    Brilliant Flash Fiction

    The March 2020 issue is here with new flash by Cody Pease, Sue Mell, Amy L. Clark, Kara Bernard, Nick LeGrand, Mandira Pattnaik, Quin Yen, and more. Find out more at the Brilliant Flash Fiction website.

  • Find Balance with Leaping Clear

    Leaping Clear - Spring 2020Leaping Clear offers readers poetry, prose, and so much more.

    In the current, Spring 2020 issue, readers can find “Reflections,” by Jon Tho, a light and flowing song on the piano; “Letter to My Mum” by Zangmo Alexander, a video made in response to Alexander’s mother questioning Alexander’s choice to become ordained as a Buddhist nun; mixed media with fabric art by Barbara Parmet; and poetry and prose by writers like Terri Maue, Christien Gholson, Mobi Warren, Stephanie Peek, and others.

    The variety found in this issue is refreshing and keeps readers engaged. Now is a great time to check it out as a bit of an escape from what’s going on in the world around us. With calming music, engaging video, and more than a handful of traditionally written pieces, Leaping Clear gives readers a moment to find balance in their lives.

  • Palette Poetry’s Featured Favorites

    Palette Poetry - FavoritesLooking for some good poetry to read during National Poetry Month? Visit Palette Poetry where Associate Editor Benjamin Bartu has put together a list of “Featured Favorites of 2019.” This list includes links to five different poems published on Palette throughout 2019, and he introduces each piece with a little insight on the editors’ feelings about them.

    The list includes work by Márton Simon translated by Timea Balogh, Logan February, Julia C. Alter, Jaime Zuckerman, and Dorothy Chan. Visit the Palette website to learn more about each piece and then delve in and enjoy.

  • Poetry Offers April 2020 Issue Free During NaPoMo

    Poetry Magazine - April 2020April is here, ringing in National Poetry Month. To celebrate the occasion, Poetry Magazine is currently offering a free download of the April 2020.

    You can find the free issue in the Poetry Magazine App, available through the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon.

    Poets in this issue include Ocean Vuong, Emily Jungmin Yoon, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Gertrude Stein and Bianca Stone, Michael Hoffman, and plenty more. Go snag your free copy and spend the month celebrating the poems and poets you love.

  • Frontier Poetry New Voices Fellow 2020: Dujie Tahat

    Frontier FellowshipFrontier Poetry’s New Voices Fellowship is for uplifting and supporting “emerging poets from traditionally marginalized communities.” Congratulations to the newly announced Fellow for 2020: Dujie Tahat.

    Tahat will receive a $500 grant, editorial guidance, the opportunity to read for Frontier, and publication of his work.

    You can learn more about Tahat, listen to his podcast, and read recent work linked from the Frontier Poetry website.

  • A Speaker Readers Can Root For – Three Poems by Laurinda Lind

    High Desert Journal - Issue 29Magazine Review by Katy Haas

    Three poems by Laurinda Lind can be found in Issue 29 of High Desert Journal: “When I Lived in Soda Springs, Idaho & I Had a Belly at the Bar,” “When I Lived in Soda Springs, Idaho & the Cashier at the Convenience Store Was Friendly to Me,” and “When I Lived in Soda Springs, Idaho & I Had Not Yet Killed a Black Widow Spider.”

    This series of prose poems is strong in its storytelling. They read quickly with sentences that run on as if the speaker can’t wait to get the words out. The speaker is not the only person in these pieces. They all include other people the speaker interacts with, a cast of characters that Lind brings to life for us: her neighbor “who later stole several hundred dollars from me & nearly killed my cat,” the “old guy” who “wanted to buy us beers,” the friendly cashier who was “short & pretty” with “huge green eyes” and later robbed the store she worked at, and the man who calls her and harasses her over the phone.

    There’s an edge to the writing, a take-no-nonsense attitude in every piece. The speaker is a woman who is surviving against the odds in this strange, unfamiliar place with people and animals who make living there difficult. Lind fleshes out a speaker who readers can root for.

  • 2020 VanderMey Nonfiction Prize Winners

    Ruminate - Spring 2020The latest issue of Ruminate features the writers who placed in the 2020 VanderMey Nonfiction Prize.

    First Place
    “Destiny of Cumin” by Jasmine V. Bailey

    Second Place
    “A True Prayer is One That You Do Not Understand” by Kelly J. Beard

    Honorable Mention
    “How To Ruin a Persian Wedding” by Atash Yaghmaian

    Finalists include Avra Aron, Kaimana Farris, Dorothy Neagle, Alexandra Loeb, Sally Pearson, Arielle Schussler, Jamie Smith, Shannon Tsonis, and Shannon Yarbrough.

    Selections were made by Ruminate’s founder, Brianna Van Dyke and says of her first-place selection: “Jasmine V. Bailey’s ‘Destiny of Cumin’ offers a wide-searching exploration of food and slavery and motherhood and becomes an essay about power and love and what it means to live among the contradictions of our own hearts.”

  • Blackout by Burgess

    Willow Springs - Spring 2020Magazine Review by Katy Haas

    I’m a fan of reading and making blackout poetry, and the Spring 2020 issue of Willow Springs offers one piece of blackout by Jackson Burgess. What makes this a little more unique than other pieces of blackout I’ve read in the past is that Burgess blacks out his own poem.

    On one page, readers can find a prose poem called “Medicine,” which details an almost nightmarish account of medical themes exploring a “lifetime trying to learn what another body needs.” On the next page, the prose poem is blacked out leaving only twelve words from the original piece. Dark and creative, I enjoyed the construction and deconstruction of Burgess’s work.

  • 24th Annual Poet Hunt Winners

    MacGuffin - Winter 2020The winners of the 24th Annual Poet Hunt can be found in the Winter 2020 issue of The MacGuffin. Judge Richard Tillinghast introduces his selections and gives some insight about the winner and the two runners-up in the issue.

    “The Sketchbooks of Hiroshige” by Jane Craven

    Honorable Mentions
    “Sonnet from the German Front, 1944” by Jill Reid
    “Aergia in the Overworld” by John Blair

    The 2020 contest opened for submissions today and will run until June 15. Winners receive publication and a $500 grand prize. Visit The MacGuffin’s website to learn more.

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