Magazine Stand :: Bullets into Bells – September 2022

Bullets into Bells Poets and Citizens Respond to Gun Violence anthology book cover image

Since Bullets into Bells: Poets & Citizens Respond to Gun Violence was published in 2017 (Beacon Press), the effort has continued to share poems, essays, music, videos, fiction, and other work on the website. The editors are now committed to publishing one new piece about the scourge of gun violence every week going forward, starting with “Black Marker” by Claire Hsu Accomado and “On Facts, the ABCs, and Lands of the Lost” by Jen Schneider. The publication is open to submissions.

Bullets into Bells anthology was a powerful call to end American gun violence from celebrated poets and those most impacted. Focused intensively on the crisis of gun violence in America, the volume brought together works by poets like Billy Collins, Patricia Smith, Natalie Diaz, Ocean Vuong, Danez Smith, Brenda Hillman, Natasha Threthewey, Robert Hass, Naomi Shihab Nye, Juan Felipe Herrera, Mark Doty, Rita Dove, and Yusef Komunyakaa.

Each poem in the collection is followed by a response from a gun violence prevention activist, political figure, survivor, or concerned individual, including Nobel Peace Prize laureate Jody Williams; Senator Christopher Murphy; Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts; survivors of the Columbine, Sandy Hook, Charleston Emmanuel AME, and Virginia Tech shootings; and Samaria Rice, mother of Tamir, and Lucy McBath, mother of Jordan Davis.

What the anthology began, the website continues by sharing works that speak directly to the heart, providing a continuously persuasive and moving testament to the urgent need for gun control.

Book Review :: We Won’t Be Here Tomorrow by Margaret Killjoy

We Won't Be Here Tomorrow and Other Stories by Margaret Killjoy published by AK Press book cover image

Guest Post by Saga

Suspenseful and thought-provoking, We Won’t Be Here Tomorrow and Other Stories by Margaret Killjoy is a collection that moves skillfully from humor to horror, passing between science fiction and fantasy to depict human strength and determination against forces both supernatural and all too real. Killjoy’s clear, gripping voice comes through as her cast of queer characters face flesh-eating ghouls, murderous time travelers, post-apocalyptic militias — and other, more mundane threats such as law enforcement, fascists, and nature itself. We might not be here tomorrow, they say, but we’ll fight like hell today.

We Won’t Be Here Tomorrow and Other Stories by Margaret Killjoy. AK Press, September 2022

Reviewer bio: Saga is a writer and editor currently working on a publishing master’s degree on the East Coast. Enjoys sci-fi, video games, worldbuilding, and iced tea. Annual National Novel Writing Month survivor and Radon Journal editor.

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New Book :: Talk Smack to a Hurricane

Talk Smack to a Hurricane poetry collection by Lynne Jensen Lampe book cover image

Talk Smack to a Hurricane
Poetry by Lynne Jensen Lampe
IceFloe Press, September 2022

In her first published poetry collection, Lynne Jensen Lampe deals intimately and specifically with the impact of her mother’s mental illness. The poems in Talk Smack to a Hurricane explore their relationship, a bond bruised by absence and shaped by psychiatry. One sequence, eight erasures sourced from a letter the author’s mother wrote the day after giving birth, tells of a new mother happy with life until an inexplicable mental shift sends her from maternity ward to psych ward—for a year, 2400 miles away from her infant and husband. Using vivid imagery, startling sonics, and odd juxtapositions, Lampe explores a tender and volatile mother-daughter relationship that fed love as well as insecurities. Talk Smack to a Hurricane also includes details of 1883 asylum records, lobotomies, even 1960s fashion icons. In examining family heritage, antisemitism, and the quest for identity, the collection also fights both shame and stigma.

Magazine Stand :: Tint Journal – Fall 2022

Tint Journal online literary art magazine Fall 2022 issue cover image

The online literary magazine for non-native English creative writing, Tint Journal Founder and Editor-in-Chief Lisa Schantl introduces the newest issue focusing on the English language and the roles it can play as a mode of expression both literary and political. This eighth issue of Tint Journal was thematically open and drew submissions from a broad range of geographical backgrounds, from South Africa to Germany, from Japan to Cuba, and Ukrain. “Thematically, the issue is just as diverse,” Schantl notes, “and readers will be confronted with big questions like What is home? What does freedom mean? How can peace be found? Mingled with these are texts in the style of magical realism, texts with a focus on semantics and yet other texts that tell of loss, love or nostalgic childhood memories.”

Each text contribution was published with a visual artwork by international artists, curated by Vanesa Erjavec, and a short interview with the author. Many of the texts can also be heard as audio clips, read by the writers themselves.

Authors in Tint Fall ’22: Fiction: Alla Barsukova, Min “Matthew” Choi, M.M. Coelho, Linda Dedkova, Volha Kastsiuk, Daniel Ogba, Sergii Pershyn, Helia S. Rethman. Nonfiction: Aysel K. Basci, Kaori Fujimoto, Viktoriia Grivina, Brinda Gulati, Lázaro Gutiérrez, Fezeka Mkhabela, Bianca-Olivia Nita, Hantian Zhang. Poetry: Pragya Dhiman, Giulia Ottavia Frattini, Natalia Kropp, Chanlee Luu, Constance Mello, Giada Pesce, Akhila Pingali, Sunday T. Saheed, Joris Soeding.
Artists in Tint Fall ’22: Xisha Angelova, Julia Barczewska, Lal Buraans, Nathan Cho, Kate Choi, Alison Cimmet, Trevor Coppersmith, Tamir David, Anastasia Dzyba, Tataru Alexandra Emanuela, Vanesa Erjavec, Vanesa Erjavec, Pedro Gomes, Inga Gurgenidze, Lisa Hopf, Jury Judge, Tamzin Merivale, Sofie Pasheva, Arusyak Pivazyan, Ipung Purnomo, Peter Rieser, Ana Rincon, Val Smets, Ilias Tsagas, Rabail.

All texts from this and past issues can be read free of charge at

New Book :: House of the Nine Devils

House of the Nine Devils fiction by Johannes Urzidil published by Twisted Spoon Press book cover image

House of the Nine Devils: Selected Bohemian Tales
Fiction by Johannes Urzidil
Twisted Spoon Press, November 2022

Collected here and translated into English for the first time
are some of the most renowned Bohemian stories from Prague native Johannes Urzidil, a long-neglected writer whose short fiction herein spans centuries, from the bygone mythical Prague of alchemists to the late Habsburg metropolis where ethnic tensions seethed under a genteel veneer to the terror-filled days of Nazi occupation and a desperate flight to safety. Bearing his trademark wisdom, empathy, and wit, the writing often blurs the border between reportage, memoir, and fiction, such as an encounter with Gavrilo Princip, wasting away in the Terezín prison after his assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, or a WWI soldier trying to evade military police and thus disrupting a night at Café Arco, a favorite haunt of the Prague Circle that included Brod, Kafka, and Werfel, as well as Urzidil, the group’s youngest member and one of the last links to that symbiotic milieu of Prague German-Jewish artists. Translated from the German by David Burnett.

New Book :: The Illuminated Burrow

The Illuminated Burrow fiction by Max Belcher published by Twisted Spoon Press book cover image

The Illuminated Burrow: A Sanatorium Journal
Fiction by Max Belcher
Twisted Spoon Press, November 2022

Max Blecher began writing The Illuminated Burrow in 1937 and continued working on it until his death the following spring, but its full version was only published posthumously in 1971. It was the final “novel” in what can be called a trilogy that includes Adventures in Immediate Irreality and Scarred Hearts, and like those, its imaginative distortion of real experiences is reminiscent of Bruno Schulz as well as the Surrealist autofiction of André Breton and Michel Leiris. Set in the sanatoria where Blecher received treatment for spinal tuberculosis, the ostensible narrator is forced to confront the power and limitations of memory as he attempts to capture the last moments of life as they pass “like ash … through a sieve,” one final effort to reclaim the beauty of days spent straddling the boundary between waking and dreaming, encountering the marvelous both inside and outside the sanatorium’s walls, inside and outside his very body. As his physical powers decline and he becomes permanently bedridden, the narrator’s life migrates to his inner consciousness, an “illuminated burrow” where reality is indistinguishable from fantasy, where the surreal and the mundane seamlessly fuse to enact the fears and fascinations elicited by the vibrant world that is gradually slipping away. Translated from the Romanian by Gabi Reigh with an afterword by Gabriela Glăvan.

Magazine Stand :: The Woven Tale Press – September 2022

The Woven Tale Press literary magazine v 10 n 6 2022 cover image

The newest issue of The Woven Tale Press is available for free reading online once you register, or you can order a print copy via MagCloud. This newest collection features embroidered paitings, photo transfers, installation art, poetry, prose, and more from Jessie Bloom, Stanislav Bojankov, Gray Brokaw, Maddie Hinrichs, Coralie Huon, Jeanne LaCasse, Sydney Lea, Farah Mohammad, Bruce Murphey, Mike Reis, Barbara Schweitzer, and Gina Troisi. The editors promise an eclectic mix of literary and visual arts with an effort to “grow the online presence of noteworthy writers and artists.” Many contributors have links to their own websites as well as art galleries.

New Book :: Tits on the Moon

Tits on the Moon by Dessa book cover image

Tits on the Moon
Poetry by Dessa
Doomtree and Rain Taxi, October 2022

Tits on the Moon features a dozen “stage poems,” many of which Dessa performs at her legendary live shows; they’re funny, weird, and occasionally bittersweet. The collection opens with a short essay on craft (and the importance of having a spare poem around for when the power goes out). Published by Rain Taxi Review of Books in association with Doomtree, Tits on the Moon features a stunning cover pressed with gold foil and structurally embossed, designed by Studio on Fire. “Singer, rapper, and writer Dessa has made a career of bucking genres and defying expectations—her résumé as a musician includes performances at Lollapalooza and Glastonbury, co-compositions for 100-voice choir, performances with the Minnesota Orchestra, and top-200 entries on the Billboard charts.”

New & Noted Lit & Alt Mags – September 2022

NewPages receives many wonderful literary magazine and alternative magazine titles each month to share with our readers. You can read more about some of these titles by clicking on the “New Mag Issues” tag under “Popular Topics.” Find out more about many of these titles with our Guide to Literary Magazines. If you are a publication looking to be listed here or featured on our blog and social media, please contact us!

Allegro Poetry Magazine, Issue 29
American Poetry Review, September/October 2022
Arc Poetry Magazine, Summer 2022
The Baltimore Review, Summer 2022
The Baltimore Review 2022 Annual
Blink-Ink, #49
Bullets into Bells, September 2022
Chestnut Review, Summer 2022
Cholla Needles, 68
Cholla Needles, 69
Communities, Fall 2022
Cutleaf, August 2022
December, Spring/Summer 2022
Fictive Dream, August-September 2022
Gargoyle, 75 [print]
Gargoyle, 76 [CD]

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Magazine Stand :: The Society of Classical Poets – September 2022

The Society of Classical Poets Journal 2022 cover image

The Society of Classical Poets Journal publishes a print annual of poetry, translations, and essays selected from those published on the SCP website between February and January as well as artwork for inclusion in the print copy. Throughout the year, readers can find these works on a rolling basis, making each visit to the website a new reading discovery. Recent works include “Last Place Winner” by Guy Warner; a poem on gun control and other poems by Stephen M. Dickey; “Mid-September Reverie” by Roy E. Peterson; “Athena Emboldens Telemachus: Book 1 of The Odyssey Complete Text,” translated by Mike Solot; “The Salt Spring Island Trolls” by Norma Pain; “Obedience” by Giuseppe Gioachino Belli, Translated by Joseph S. Salemi (with a Long Note); a poem on drug abuse “An American Tragedy” by Phil S. Rogers; “The Beginning of Wisdom” by T.M.A. Day; a poem for those affected by the Mill Fire in Siskiyou County, “In Silence I Sing,” by James A. Tweedie; and “The Adjudication” by Anthony Watts, along with many other poems and essays all free to read online.