New Book :: And If the Woods Carry You

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And If the Woods Carry You
Poetry by Erin Rodoni
Southern Humanities Review Press, December 2021
ISBN: 978-1-930508-51-4
Paperback, 80pp; $16.95

Winner of the 2020 Michael Waters Poetry Prize, And If the Woods Carry You takes readers on a journey to the brink of climate catastrophe; a mother grappling with her choice to bring children into an apocalyptic world sends her daughters into the woods of fairy tale as a rite of initiation. The woods carry her fears of extinction— devastating fires, rising seas, and the predatory dangers of girlhood—but also contain the transformative magic of love, interdependence, and renewal. And If the Woods Carry You roots into the wild heart of motherhood, where worry and wonder intertwine.

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