An A+ YA Novel

Guest Post by Manasi Patil

Celeste by Ann Evans is a real page-turner! The main character, Megan Miller, is a teen and is facing sensations of Deja vu.  Along with her are two more side characters who play a really important role in the novel.

The story is written in between time-slips, which many authors fail to manage. But Ann Evans has successfully completed and managed the time-slip writing very well!

This is the first book I‘ve read from this author and I’ll certainly be reading more. The story is exciting and scary, breath-taking in many places as it moves seamlessly between present day and a time in the distant past. The characters are all believable. I particularly liked Jamie. He’s very friendly and helpful. Megan at first, suspects him of—sorry, not going to tell you that; no spoilers!—but eventually their friendship blooms. The writing style is also very clear and I can vote it as an A+. The author’s narrative blends well, and the story is all believable and seems true.

What I would like Evans to improve is the story length. The book is a quick read, and I would have really loved it if the story would have lasted a while longer. Maybe the author could have added scenes about Megan’s prior residence, her description, her sister Ruth’s description, the new residence and school’s description, and a few more scenes. But I highly recommend Celeste to all the readers who are looking out to read in this genre.

Celeste by Ann Evans. Createspace, June 2014.

Reviewer bio: Manasi Patil is a young author with a passion for writing.




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