New Title :: To Sleep With Bears

To Sleep With Bears poetry by Steve Nickman published by Word Poetry book cover image

To Sleep With Bears
Poetry by Steve Nickman
Word Poetry, April 2022

Steve Nickman’s poems in his newest collection, To Sleep With Bears, are about praise and amazement, as well as connection and the loss of it. They are about food, childhood, hiding, loneliness, small and large animals, and despair. They are about losing courage and regaining it, our capacity for good and evil, and finally about knowing that we won’t live forever. Steve Nickman is an almost-retired child psychiatrist in Brookline, Massachusetts. In 2006 he joined Barbara Helfgott Hyett’s workshop and learned that much of what his patients had to say was poetry. Working with adopted children has given him insight into the feeling of lost connection. Sample poems are available to read here.

New Book :: Flutter, Kick

Flutter Kick by Anna VQ Ross published by Red Hen Press book cover image

Flutter, Kick
Poetry by Ann V.Q. Ross
Red Hen Press, November 2022

In Flutter, Kick, poet Anna V. Q. Ross plumbs motherhood, migration, childhood, and the cycles of violence and renewal that recur in each. These are poems of math homework and police sirens, where a fox pops out of a fairy tale to dig up the backyard, NPR News spirals the evening carpool into memories of girlhood and trauma, and a city gas leak conjures xenophobic backlash against refugees. In poems of reclamation and warning, Flutter, Kick brings readers to the center of this world—a place where “in those days, we were fast and best, but didn’t know it”—with a compassion learned of anger, memory, and joy.

Contest :: MAYDAY 2022 Creative Nonfiction Prize

Mayday 2022 Creative Nonfiction Prize

Online literary magazine MAYDAY has announced it is accepting entries of essays between 2,000 to 7,500 words for its 2022 Creative Nonfiction Prize. This year’s theme is “disappearance.” The deadline to submit work is October 1. The final judge is Darin Strauss. Learn more about their contest by stopping by the NewPages Classifieds.

New Book :: Fantasy Kit

Fantasy Kit stories by Adam McOmber published by Black Lawrence Press book cover image

Fantasy Kit
Fiction by Adam McOmber
Black Lawrence Press, June 2022

The strange and sometimes horrific stories in Adam McOmber’s Fantasy Kit could easily draw a comparison to the work of Angela Carter or even the master of lyrical horror, Edgar Allen Poe, but they are also entirely unique. Made up of fairy tales, myths, and traveling through mazes of space and time; each of these stories creeps through the mind long after the last page. Adam McOmber is the author of three novels as well as two collections of short fiction. His short fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and journals. He teaches in the MFA Writing Program at Vermont College of Fine Arts where he is also the editor-in-chief of the literary magazine Hunger Mountain.

New Book :: Reflections Through the Convex Mirror of Time

Reflections Through the Convex Mirror of Time by EA Mares book cover image

Reflections Through the Convex Mirror of Time
Poems in Remembrance of the Spanish Civil War
By E.A. Mares
University of New Mexico Press, August 2022

In this poignant bilingual collection, preeminent New Mexican poet E. A. “Tony” Mares posthumously shares his passionate journey into the broken heart and glimmering shadows of the Spanish Civil War, whose shock waves still resonate with the political upheavals of our own times. Mares engages in dialogue with heroes and demons, anarchists and cardinals, and beggars and poets. He takes us through the convex mirror of history to the blood-stained streets of Madrid, Guernica, and Barcelona. He interrogates the assassins of Federico García Lorca for their crimes against poetry and humanity. Throughout the collection, the narrator is participant and commentator, and his language is both lyrical and direct. In addition to Mares’s parallel Spanish and English poems, the book includes a prologue by Enrique Lamadrid, an introduction by Fernando Martín Pescador, and an epilogue by Susana Rivera.

Magazine Stand :: Plume – August 2022

Plume online poetry magazine August 2022 cover image

I enjoy Plume‘s clean and easy-to-navigate online format, with a manageable selection of works that can be easily enjoyed by the time the next monthly issue arrives. There are even a few selections that include audio for a different experience. The August issue (#132) includes Poems by Tania Langlais, R.T. Smith, Rebecca Lehmann, Scott Withiam, Sophie Cabot, Tom Sleigh, Martha Collins, Marianne Boruch, James Pollock, Ellen June Wright, Bruce Beasley, Alice Friman; a section called The Poets and Translators Speak in which each contributor offers notes on their work; a Book Review of Headless John the Baptist Hitchhiking by C.T. Salazar; the Featured Selection, “On Muse Found in a Colonized Body, lovemaking, and activism”: Interview with Yesenia Montilla by Mihaela Moscaliuc; and Essays and Comment: “So I Would Move Among These Things: Maya Deren and The Witch’s Cradle” by Fox Henry Frazier.

New Book :: Creativity: Where Poems Begin

Creativity Where Poems Begin by Mary Mackey published by Marsh Hawk Press book cover image

Creativity: Where Poems Begin
Nonfiction/Poetry by Mary Mackey
Marsh Hawk Press, September 2022

Mary Mackey’s Creativity: Where Poems Begin is a meditation on how the sources of creativity emerged from a vast, wordless reality and became available to a poet. As such, it is not only a memoir; it is an exploration of the power and process of becoming a poet. What is creativity? Where do creative ideas come from? What happens at the exact moment a creative impulse is suddenly transformed into something that can be expressed in words? To describe creativity is extraordinarily difficult because the moment of creation comes from a place where language does not exist and where the categories that determine what we see, hear, taste, and feel are not immediately present. In our daily lives, we tend to live on the surface, unaware of the complexity and richness of what lies below. Poetry creates itself, bubbling up from the depths until it reaches that part of our brains that transforms consciousness into words. Poetry chooses the poet. The poet did not choose it. This book is a journey to that place where all poems begin.

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Magazine Stand :: Paterson Literary Review – Number 50

Paterson Literary Review Number 50 2022 literary magazine cover image

Celebrating 40 years of publishing with Issue 50, Paterson Literary Review was founded by Maria Mazzoitti Gillan in 1979 as a mimeographed publication, now one of the most well-respected resources for poetry in the country. The journal has published many poets, including Allen Ginsberg, William Stafford, Ruth Stone, Sonia Sanchez, Jan Beatty, Laura Boss, Marge Piercy, Martín Espada, David Ray, and Diane di Prima. Holding the post of editor, Gillan invites readers to this newest issue: PLR is dedicated to writing that is accessible and powerful, takes emotional risks, and illuminates what it means to be human.” The nearly 400-page tome features over 200 contributors – enough to last you a full year of enjoyment! Among these great works are the winners of their 2021 Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards: First Place Co-winners Adele Kenny and Marion Paganello, Second Place Winner Arthur Russell, Third Place Winner Charlie W. Brice, and all the honorable mentions and editor’s choice awards. What a phenomenal publication! And you can be a part of it – submissions are open through September 30 and the Ginsberg Award closes February 1, 2023.

New Book :: Fandom, the Next Generation

Fandom, the Next Generation a collection of essays edited by Bridget Kies and Megan Connor book cover image

Fandom, the Next Generation
Essays edited by Bridget Kies and Megan Connor
University of Iowa Press, August 2022

Fandom, the Next Generation is the first collection of essays to offer a close study of fan generations, which are defined not only by fans’ ages but by their entry point into a canon or via their personal politics. Editors Bridget Kies and Megan Connor selected contributors to further the conversation about how generational fandom is influenced by and, in turn, influences technologies, industry practices, and social and political changes. As reboot culture continues, as franchises continue expanding over time, and as new technologies enable easier access to older media, Fandom, the Next Generation offers a necessary investigation into transgenerational fandoms and intergenerational fan relationships.