2020 Jeff Marks Memorial Poetry Prize Winner and Finalists

The latest issue of december includes the 2020 Jeff Marks Memorial Poetry Prize winner and finalists.

First Place
“River” by Kimani Rose

Honorable Mention
“The Mirrored Room” by Carolyn Foster Segal

“The Chosen” by Partridge Boswell
“An Invitation to an Eclipse Party” by
“Going to Church” by Gibson Fay-LeBlanc
“Ars Poetica With Clickbait” by Rebecca Foust
“Pink Peonies” by Valentina Gnup
“On Midwest Marriage” by Gina Keplinger
“My Daughter Makes Pan Dulces” by Abby E. Murray
“Origin of a Disaster” by Purnama
“House Bill #118” by Molly Bess Rector
“Rupture” by Raisa Tolchinsky

You can view a selection of these at the magazine’s website, or grab yourself a copy to check out all the placing poems.

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